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Fatal Gender Reveal Stunt Leads to Jail Time

California's Refugio Jimenez Jr. cops to involuntary manslaughter after firefighter died in El Dorado Fire

(Newser) - A man whose family's gender reveal photo shoot sparked a Southern California wildfire that killed a firefighter in 2020 has pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter. The El Dorado Fire erupted on Sept. 5, 2020, when Refugio Jimenez Jr., Angelina Jimenez, and their young children staged a photo shoot for...

Joy During Gender Reveal Turns Into 'Screams of Distress'

Pilot crashes plane, dies in Mexico following reveal; creator of gender reveal parties shares her regret

(Newser) - In a viral video , a plane emitting pink smoke flies low over a couple, announcing they're expecting a baby girl. But as the couple embraces in celebration, disaster strikes. The camera pans away from the couple to the plane, which angles upward, then begins twisting in the air as...

NYC Pigeon May Have Been Dyed Pink for Gender Reveal
Pigeon That Was
Dyed Pink Doesn't Make It

Pigeon That Was Dyed Pink Doesn't Make It

Animal rehab group believes toxins in pink dye killed 'Flamingo'

(Newser) - A pink pigeon found in Manhattan last week has died, apparently from the toxins in the dye that was used on it. "We don't know why this bird was dyed pink, although many of our followers have speculated that it was for a gender reveal party," Catherine...

Couple Didn't Get the Memo on Over-the-Top Gender Reveals

Now they're under fire after Brazilian waterfall was dyed blue, possibly causing environmental damage

(Newser) - In the latest gender reveal celebration gone awry , a couple is being accused of possibly causing environmental damage after an entire waterfall was dyed in their honor. The Washington Post reports the incident took place Sunday in the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso, where the 59-foot Cachoeira Queima-Pe waterfall plunges...

Couple Charged in Fire Sparked by Gender Reveal

Massive blaze killed California firefighter

(Newser) - A couple whose gender reveal ceremony sparked a southern California wildfire that killed a firefighter last year were charged with involuntary manslaughter, authorities announced Tuesday. The couple pleaded not guilty Monday to charges involving the El Dorado Fire, San Bernardino County District Attorney Jason Anderson announced at a news conference...

NH Man Charged After Huge Gender Reveal Blast

Explosion was felt 20 miles away

(Newser) - The charge of disorderly conduct can cover many things—including a gender reveal stunt that shook houses more than 20 miles away. New Hampshire man Anthony Spinelli was charged Monday in connection with the explosion last month in a quarry near the Massachusetts border, the Union-Leader reports. Nobody was injured...

Gender Reveal Blast Was Felt in 2 States

Police say NH family mixed blue chalk with explosive

(Newser) - Some people in towns near the New Hampshire-Massachusetts border thought there had been an earthquake Tuesday night. It turned out to have been a massive explosion at a gender reveal party. Unlike other recent gender reveal events—including one that killed an expectant father in upstate New York—nobody was...

They Shouted 'It's a Girl!' Then Came Awful Screams

Plane crash kills 2 during gender reveal stunt

(Newser) - Gender reveal stunts that end in tragedy aren't just an American thing. Authorities say a pilot and co-pilot died Tuesday when a stunt went wrong off the coast of Cancun, Mexico, the Washington Post reports. Video shows the small plane release a pink cloud as family members on a...

Exploding Gender Reveal Device Kills Father-to-Be

Police in New York state say Christopher Pekny, 28, was building it for a party

(Newser) - An expectant father was killed when a device he was building for a gender reveal party exploded, police in New York said Monday, per the AP . Christopher Pekny, 28, was assembling a device for his child's gender reveal party in the Catskills town of Liberty when it exploded just...

Out of a Gender Reveal Gone Wrong, a New Tragedy

Firefighter has died near Pinezanita, Calif., in blaze sparked by party

(Newser) - On Thursday night, police and firefighters began searching for a missing elite "Hotshot" firefighter near Pinezanita, Calif., which has been engulfed in flames from a blaze started during a gender reveal party, reports KTLA . By Friday morning, sad news had emerged, per CNN . "USDA Forest Service officials on...

Gender Reveal Party Started 7K-Acre Wildfire: Cal Fire
Gender Reveal Party Has
Now Burned Through 7K Acres
the rundown

Gender Reveal Party Has Now Burned Through 7K Acres

Cal Fire blames a 'smoke generating pyrotechnic device'

(Newser) - It's perhaps time for expectant parents of a certain ilk to understand that not everyone at the local fire department cares about the gender of your coming bundle of joy. In the latest gender reveal party gone horribly, horribly wrong, Cal Fire— which is more than a little busy...

Gender Reveal Party Sparks 10-Acre Wildfire

Chief says a brush fire can hurt response to medical calls

(Newser) - First responders in Florida weren't looking for another emergency, but that's what they got last weekend when a gender reveal party turned into a fast-moving,10-acre brush fire. Crews first were told fireworks might have been the cause, CNN reports. "We were informed that it was caused...

Katy Perry Reveals Baby's Gender, on Orlando Bloom's Face

Singer, 'American Idol' judge says she's having a girl

(Newser) - A month ago, Katy Perry dropped the major news that she's pregnant with her first child. Now, an update: It's a girl. The 35-year-old singer made what People calls "a very messy reveal" Friday on Instagram, along with a photo of her 43-year-old fiance, Orlando Bloom, his...

NTSB: Latest Gender Reveal Led to Plane Crash

Texas aircraft stalled after releasing 350 gallons of pink water

(Newser) - Gender reveals have led to a car fire , a wildfire , even a death in Iowa . Now, per the New York Post , one has apparently spurred a plane crash. National Transportation Safety Board records show that the accident, which happened Sept. 7 in Turkey, Texas, took place after the pilot—IDed...

Inadvertent Pipe Bomb Killed Woman at Gender Reveal Party

Shrapnel struck victim in the head

(Newser) - Family members planning a memorable way to make a gender reveal announcement at an Iowa party —and on social media—inadvertently built a pipe bomb that killed Pamela Kreimeyer. Marion County Sheriff's Office issued the results of its investigation Monday into the death, the Des Moines Register reports....

Woman Killed After Gender Reveal Party Goes Wrong

Police say Iowa woman was hit by flying debris

(Newser) - An Iowa woman is dead after a gender reveal party went very wrong. The Marion County Sheriff's Office says they received a 911 call around 4pm Saturday stating that somebody had been badly injured in an explosion at a home in Knoxville, around 40 miles southeast of Des Moines,...

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