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Another Milestone After Collapse of Baltimore Bridge

Shipping channel has fully reopened

(Newser) - The main shipping channel into Baltimore's port has fully reopened to its original depth and width following the March 26 collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge, which killed six people and blocked most maritime traffic into the harbor. Officials announced the full reopening in a news release Monday...

Collapse of Baltimore Bridge Hits a Milestone

Container ship Dali is refloated, escorted by tugboats back to Baltimore for repairs

(Newser) - The recovery from the deadly Baltimore bridge collapse reached a significant milestone this week as the ill-fated container ship Dali was slowly escorted back to port, its damaged bow still covered with smashed shipping containers, fallen steel trusses, and mangled concrete. The AP reports that the vessel, refloated at high...

Barge Slams Into Texas Bridge
Oil Spill Estimate Is a Relief

Oil Spill Estimate Is a Relief

Barge hit Pelican Island Bridge in Texas, cutting island off from Galveston

(Newser) - The Coast Guard on Thursday gave a preliminary estimate that up to 2,000 gallons of oil spilled into Galveston Bay when a barge crashed into a Texas bridge the day before. "We're pretty confident there was much less oil introduced to the water than we initially estimated,...

Body of Bridge Collapse Victim Found in Truck

One worker still missing after Baltimore disaster

(Newser) - The body of a fifth person killed in the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse has been recovered, leaving one worker still missing. Police said the body of 49-year-old welder Miguel Luna was recovered from a truck after the vehicle was found by a Unified Command salvage team, CNN reports. Maryland...

Baltimore: Ship's Owners Were Negligent, Need to Pay Up

City files court papers to hold Grace Ocean and Synergy Marine fully liable in bridge collapse

(Newser) - The owner and manager of the massive container ship that took down the Francis Scott Key Bridge last month should be held fully liable for the deadly collapse, according to court papers filed Monday on behalf of Baltimore's mayor and City Council. The two companies filed a petition soon...

Body of 4th Worker Recovered After Key Bridge Collapse

2 more workers remain missing weeks after tragedy

(Newser) - The body of a fourth construction worker killed in the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse in Baltimore was recovered Sunday. Six workers who were repairing potholes on the bridge were killed when a cargo ship crashed into it in the early morning hours of March 26, almost immediately causing its...

FBI Opens Criminal Inquiry Into Bridge Collapse

Investigators looking into whether ship left Baltimore port with known systems problems

(Newser) - The FBI and the Coast Guard have opened a criminal investigation into the deadly collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, report the Washington Post and CNN . On Monday morning, federal agents boarded the container ship that struck the bridge pillar last month. "The FBI is present...

Containers Are Being Removed From Ship That Collapsed Bridge

It's an important step toward reopening the shipping lane

(Newser) - Salvage crews on Sunday began removing containers from the deck of the cargo ship that crashed into and collapsed the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, an important step toward the full reopening of one of the nation's main shipping lanes, the AP reports. The removal of the containers...

More Than a Week After Bridge Collapse, a 3rd Body

Divers in Baltimore recovered remains on Friday of 38-year-old Maynor Yasir Suazo-Sandoval

(Newser) - A third body has been found at the site of the March 26 collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore. Authorities announced Friday evening that salvage divers recovered a third body from the water, identified as 38-year-old Maynor Yasir Suazo-Sandoval, one of the missing workers. His body was...

Workers on Bridge Discussed Ship 30 Seconds Before It Hit

But their conversation appeared unconcerned

(Newser) - In the moments before the cargo ship Dali rammed into the Francis Scott Key Bridge and sent it crumbling into the water, a flurry of urgent warnings crackled over radios and enabled police to block traffic from getting on the span, likely saving lives. But those warnings seemingly didn't...

Who's Going to Pay for Baltimore Bridge? It Could Get Sticky
1851 Law May Limit
Ship Owner's Bridge Liability
the rundown

1851 Law May Limit Ship Owner's Bridge Liability

Cost could be $4B, and figuring out who will pay for all of it will be complicated

(Newser) - The devastating collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore early Tuesday, which left six construction workers dead or presumed dead and injured two others, is going to be expensive. The shipping insurance payout could break the current record for a marine loss, reports. That record is...

Worker: Shift Change Saved Me From Bridge Collapse
He Should've
Been on the
Bridge, but
Changed Shift

He Should've Been on the Bridge, but Changed Shift

Moises Diaz mourns co-workers who died during collapse of Baltimore's Key Bridge

(Newser) - The bodies of two Brawner Builders construction workers have been pulled from the waters of Maryland's Patapsco River following the collapse of Baltimore's Francis Scott Key Bridge on Tuesday, and four more are presumed dead; the search for them has been suspended. Now, another of the company's...

Utah Lawmaker Turns Bridge Collapse Into DEI Debate

Gubernatorial candidate Phil Lyman criticizes port of Baltimore commissioner, who offers DEI consulting

(Newser) - A GOP lawmaker running for governor of Utah blamed the deadly collapse of Baltimore's Francis Scott Key Bridge on efforts to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion. In an apparent effort "to boost his gubernatorial campaign," Utah Rep. Phil Lyman took to X on Tuesday to attack Port...

Coast Guard Ends Search for Bridge Collapse Survivors

6 presumed dead in Baltimore disaster

(Newser) - This story has been updated with new details. Six people believed to have fallen in the water in the Baltimore bridge collapse early Tuesday are presumed dead, officials say. The Coast Guard said Tuesday evening that search and rescue efforts have been suspended and the effort will become a recovery...

Ship's Mayday Call May Have Saved Lives
Ship's Mayday Call
May Have Saved Lives
the rundown

Ship's Mayday Call May Have Saved Lives

Cargo ship Dali apparently lost power before striking bridge pillar in Baltimore

(Newser) - Six people remain missing in the waters below Baltimore's 1.6-mile-long Francis Scott Key Bridge, which collapsed early Tuesday when a cargo ship apparently lost power and slammed into one of its pillars. Two people have been rescued from the Patapsco River while a search continues for the others....

Baltimore Rescuers Scrambling After Major Bridge Collapse

Fire officials say at least 7 people appear to have gone into the water

(Newser) - Rescuers in Baltimore were looking for at least seven people in the Patapsco River after the Francis Scott Bridge collapsed in Baltimore early Tuesday. A cargo ship struck the bridge about 1:30am, sending cars and at least one tractor-trailer into the water, reports the Baltimore Sun .
  • Rescues: Two people

Baltimore Bridge Collapses After Ship Strikes It

Vehicles on Francis Scott Key Bridge went into water, details are still developing

(Newser) - A portion of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore collapsed after a large boat collided with it early Tuesday, and multiple vehicles fell into the water. Authorities were trying to rescue at least seven people, the AP reports. A large vessel crashed into the bridge, catching on fire before...

Cargo Ship Crashes Into Bridge, Killing 2

Crash destroyed section of bridge in Guangzhou

(Newser) - Two people are dead after a massive container ship crashed into a bridge south of the city of Guangzhou in southern China early Thursday, causing a section of the bridge to come crashing down along with vehicles. Three people are missing, and two have been rescued. One person from the...

Freight Cars Fall Into River as Bridge Collapses

Petroleum products are leaking, Montana officials say

(Newser) - A bridge that crosses Yellowstone River in Montana collapsed Saturday morning, causing portions of a freight train that was traveling over it to fall into the water below. No crew members were injured, KSVI reports. Numerous tank cars were partially submerged in the river, and railroad crews were at the...

Section of I-95 Collapses After Tanker Burns Below
Tanker Fire Brings Down
I-95 Bridge

Tanker Fire Brings Down I-95 Bridge

Fuel runoff reaches Delaware River

(Newser) - An elevated section of I-95 in Philadelphia collapsed Sunday after a tanker truck carrying gasoline caught fire below it. The interstate was closed in both directions while crews battled the fire, CNN reports. "It looked like we had a lot of heat and heavy fire underneath the underpass,"...

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