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Anti-Trump Super PAC Says It Lost Big Bucks in Cybertheft

Lincoln Project says 'hackers' stole $35K

(Newser) - The Lincoln Project is already hard at work blasting out ads for the November election and covering Donald Trump's legal problems , making no bones about its mission to make sure the most recent ex-president doesn't get to the Oval Office again. But the anti-Trump PAC also has its...

Lincoln Project Co-Founder Tells 'My Truth,' Steps Down

Steve Schmidt resigns from the group's board amid John Weaver scandal, message postings

(Newser) - The Lincoln Project, beset by a slew of scandals in recent weeks, has just taken a new hit. Axios reports that co-founder Steve Schmidt is resigning from the anti-Trump PAC's board as another co-founder, GOP operative John Weaver, faces accusations that he groomed and sexually solicited nearly two dozen...

2 Stories
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