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Yale Students Worry About 'Grade Inflation'

The proportion of A-range grades soared during the pandemic and the 'COVID effect' persists

(Newser) - Grades at Yale went up sharply during the pandemic and they've barely come down since, faculty members were told at a meeting late last month. Just under 79% of students received A's or A-minuses in the 2022-23 academic year, causing concerns about "grade inflation." The proportion...

Here Are the Best Colleges in America

WalletHub looks at everything from post-grad outcomes and campus experience to the cost factor

(Newser) - Deciding on where to attend college doesn't just come down to academic programs and prestige—it also depends on the cost, and whether students and their parents feel they're getting a decent bang for their buck. WalletHub analyzed more than 850 colleges and universities across the US to...

Here Are the 10 Best Colleges in the US

Princeton University is No. 1, per new 'WSJ'/College Pulse rankings

(Newser) - The Wall Street Journal is out with its annual college rankings , prepared in conjunction this year with College Pulse, and, perhaps unsurprisingly, an Ivy League takes the top spot. Princeton University is No. 1, and the Journal says that instructors, a rigorous curriculum, and ample resources all play a part...

Yale Settles Lawsuit Alleging Mental Health Discrimination

Leave policies will be changed under agreement with student group

(Newser) - Yale University and a student group have announced that they've reached a settlement in a federal lawsuit that accused the Ivy League school of discriminating against students with mental health disabilities, including pressuring them to withdraw. Under the agreement, the AP reports, Yale will modify its policies regarding medical...

US News College Rankings Take Another Hit

Deans of Harvard, Yale law schools cite issues with magazine's methodology, will no longer participate

(Newser) - Harvard and Yale consistently show up in college ranking top 10 lists, but there's one notable list their law schools won't be cooperating with in the future. The heads of those schools at the two elite universities announced Wednesday they'll no longer be willing participants in the...

These Are the Top 10 US Colleges and Universities

MIT tops WalletHub's list

(Newser) - Where to go to college is among the biggest decisions we make, affecting not only our future in general, but also our wallets (or our parents' wallets). WalletHub wanted to see which colleges and universities proved the best-performing options at the lowest cost for undergrads, analyzing the data on 900-plus...

Prosecutors: Ex-Yale Worker Swiped $40M in Electronics

Jamie Petrone pleaded guilty to wire fraud, which could land her in jail for up to 20 years

(Newser) - For nearly a decade, Jamie Petrone had the ability, in her role as an administrator for the Yale School of Medicine, to place orders for computers and other electronics for the school's Department of Emergency Medicine. Prosecutors say that routine administrative task turned into a yearslong scheme that brought...

Here Are America's 10 Best Colleges
This Is the Best
College in America

This Is the Best College in America

MIT is No. 1, at least according to WalletHub

(Newser) - Deciding where to go to college can be a stressful time for high schoolers. For those who are determined to attend the best of the best, WalletHub tries to ease the burden by sifting through all the pros and cons of more than 1,000 higher-ed institutions. The site looked...

Man's Back Surgery Led to Cement Piercing Heart

Man recovering from complication of kyphoplasty surgery: report

(Newser) - A man who visited an emergency room with chest pain and shortness of breath turned out to have a thin, 4-inch-long piece of cement piercing his heart. As USA Today reports, the problem stemmed from a back surgery the 56-year-old had undergone the previous week. Kyphoplasty involves the injecting of...

Yale: Our Viking Treasure Is 'Fake'
'The Vinland Map Is a Fake'

'The Vinland Map Is a Fake'

Analyses suggest storied map was forged in 20th century, isn't an ancient relic

(Newser) - It was once considered the oldest known map depicting North America. But the Vinland Map, credited to early Viking explorers, is not what it initially seemed, according to Yale University, which acquired it in the 1960s. For one thing, the calfskin parchment map of the North American coastline southwest of...

Tuition for Yale Drama School Is Now $0

David Geffen's $150M donation makes education free

(Newser) - Meryl Streep will now be able to say, "It wasn't like that when I was in school" without being melodramatic. Yale Drama School announced Wednesday that it will no longer charge tuition, after receiving a $150 million donation from David Geffen. The free education begins this fall and...

Inside the Downfall of 'Tiger Mom' and Husband
How 'Tiger Mom' and Her
Husband Fell From Grace

How 'Tiger Mom' and Her Husband Fell From Grace

Inside Amy Chua and Jed Rubenfeld's downfall in the world of Yale Law

(Newser) - Amy Chua, aka the "tiger mom" from her controversial book, Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother , used to sit atop the Yale Law School social stratosphere alongside her husband and fellow Yale professor, Jed Rubenfeld. Known as "Chubenfeld," the couple was also famous for being quite connected...

MIT Researcher Is Person of Interest in Yale Student's Death

Kevin Jiang was fatally shot Saturday night

(Newser) - Police in New Haven, Conn., on Wednesday identified an MIT researcher as a person of interest in the fatal shooting of Yale grad student Kevin Jiang on Saturday night. They are seeking Qinxuan Pan, 29, a resident of Massachusetts, and they warn the public he should be considered armed and...

Cops: Slain Yale Student May Have Been 'Targeted'

Police investigating death of Kevin Jiang

(Newser) - Police say road rage may be to blame for the murder of a Yale grad student near the campus. Chicago native Kevin Jiang, who studied at the Yale School of the Environment, was shot to death Saturday night a few blocks from campus in New Haven, Conn., reports ABC News...

Yale Professor Suspended for 2 Years After Probe

Jed Rubenfeld suspended after allegations of unwanted touching

(Newser) - A professor at Yale Law School known for helping students land coveted clerkships has been suspended for two years following a sexual harassment investigation. Jed Rubenfeld, a faculty member for 30 years, faced allegations that he verbally harassed female students and tried to kiss or touch them without their consent,...

Feds: Yale Discriminates Against White, Asian Applicants

Justice Department makes allegations similar to the ones it leveled against Harvard

(Newser) - A Justice Department investigation has found Yale University is illegally discriminating against Asian American and white applicants, in violation of federal civil rights law, officials said Thursday. Yale denied the allegation, calling it “meritless” and “hasty.” The findings detailed in a letter to the college’s attorneys...

At 'The Game,' Protesters Chant 'OK, Boomer'

Crowd of mostly students disrupts annual Yale-Harvard showdown, 20-30 arrested

(Newser) - Protesters in the colors of both Harvard and Yale staged a sit-in at midfield of Yale Bowl during halftime of the 136th edition of the annual football rivalry known as The Game. Most walked off after about an hour, reports the AP , and 20-30 who remained were arrested. A few...

Protests and Questions Follow Shooting by Police Near Yale

Black Lives Matter calls another demonstration

(Newser) - Nightly protests followed the police shooting of a woman in a car near Yale's campus, and another demonstration is planned for Sunday. Stephanie Washington, 22, was hospitalized after being shot by an officer from Yale and a second from the town of Hamden, NBC reports. They had stopped the...

Breakthrough Study Blurs Line Between Life and Death
Scientists Make History
With Work on Dead Brains
new study

Scientists Make History With Work on Dead Brains

Yale scientists breathed some life into them

(Newser) - Scientists say they've managed to revive cellular activity in a group of dead brains—a development that could lead to new health treatments and even blur our notions of life and death, the New York Times reports. The Yale University team obtained freshly decapitated pig heads from a slaughterhouse,...

Yale Cancels Offer to Student Over Admissions Scandal

University is also conducting a wider inquiry

(Newser) - Yale has withdrawn its offer to a student after an internal review prompted by the college admissions scandal. A university spokesman says the university has found the process to be tainted for that unnamed student and one other who was not offered a spot, the Yale Daily News reports. He...

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