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On Immigration Reform, Obama Skips Specifics
On Immigration Reform, Obama Skips Specifics

On Immigration Reform, Obama Skips Specifics

(Newser) - Lackluster support for immigration reform has forced President Obama to be purposefully vague about a timeline for legislation, Michael Muskal writes in the Los Angeles Times. “I’m committed to passing comprehensive immigration reform,” Obama told Latino leaders today. But his “vague language on timing for immigration...

Sotomayor the First Latino on Supreme Court? Not Exactly

Answer centers on whether Portuguese Cardozo was 'Hispanic'

(Newser) - Sonia Sotomayor is indeed the first Latino to be nominated for a Supreme Court post—if you don’t count Benjamin Cardozo, a justice serving in the 1930s who was born to parents claiming Portuguese descent. But, some ask, did that make him Latino? The answer, Antonio Olivo explains in...

For Hispanics, Sotomayor Cause for Cheers, Musing

Some call her 'Jackie Robinson'; others, no 'superhero'

(Newser) - For many Hispanics watching yesterday as one of their own was nominated for the nation's highest court, it was what one New York assemblyman calls “a Jackie Robinson moment" long overdue such a sizable voting bloc. For others, though, Sonia Sotomayor's Hispanic background doesn’t necessarily make her a...

Latino Disconnect Worries GOP
 Latino Disconnect Worries GOP 

Latino Disconnect Worries GOP

But little action taken to staunch the flow

(Newser) - The Republican Party is facing falling Latino support, but little is being done to reverse the trend, Politico reports. Some Latinos have been disillusioned by Republican rhetoric on illegal immigration, attacks some heard as swipes at Hispanics themselves. “If we don’t figure out a way to open our...

Minority Car Dealers Stand to Lose Big in Closures

(Newser) - African-American and Latino car dealers will likely take a big hit in the dealership closures announced by Chrysler and planned at GM, the Wall Street Journal reports. The minority dealerships, located mainly in urban areas, have faced stiff competition as business has moved increasingly to suburbia. “We're more vulnerable,...

US Immigration Slows, Delaying Minorities' Rise

Won't form majority until 2050s; security, economy take toll

(Newser) - Immigration laws and the recession have slowed the growth of America’s immigrant populations, delaying the date when minorities will become the majority by as much as 10 years, the AP reports. Estimates had pointed to 2042, but it now could be another decade as growth slowed from 4% in...

Hispanic Groups Urge Obama to Pick Latino for High Court

Caucus says Hispanics underrepresented in federal courts

(Newser) - Even before David Souter’s retirement plans became public, leaders of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus sent President Obama a letter asking him to fill any Supreme Court vacancy with a Latino justice, the Hill reports. Wednesday’s missive praises Obama for appointing Hispanics to key positions—including two Cabinet posts—...

Latino Population Surges in Post-Katrina New Orleans

Rebuilding effort attracts immigrant workers to NOLA

(Newser) - The promise of jobs in New Orleans' ongoing reconstruction has drawn thousands of Spanish-speaking immigrant laborers to the city in one of the quickest demographic shifts America has seen, the AP reports. The Hispanic population has increased from 15,000 to 50,000 since the storm, accounting for 15.2%...

Cesar Chavez Blvd.? Dallas Does U-Turn on Renaming

Poll for new street name ditched after Hispanic hero wins

(Newser) - The Latino community in Dallas is fuming after the city’s about-face on a street name, the Wall Street Journal reports. Officials held a poll to find a new name for the spruced-up Industrial Boulevard, only to declare the results non-binding when the winner by a long shot was Cesar...

Prop 8 Reveals Churches' Fear of Strong Women
Prop 8 Reveals Churches' Fear of Strong Women

Prop 8 Reveals Churches' Fear of Strong Women

Religions fear the crumbling of 'male authority:' Rodriguez

(Newser) - Churches led the charge against Proposition 8 and gay marriage because of their insecurities over the breakdown of heterosexual families and the consequent rise of independent women, says gay author and devout Catholic Richard Rodriguez. Gays are scapegoats because they—like feminists—threaten "an alternative to the traditional male-structured...

Latinos Want Prominent Role in Obama Government

Key to Democrat's victory, they hope to 'catch up' in administration

(Newser) - Latinos are calling for strong representation in Barack Obama’s Cabinet after Hispanics played what they consider to be a major role in his victory, Politico reports. Before the election, Hillary Clinton and her top Latino backers asked for two or three Hispanics in the Cabinet in exchange for a...

Latinos Hold Trump in Obama's Nev. Strategy

Dem hopes new, young voters in Reno, Las Vegas can buck GOP trend

(Newser) - Barack Obama is gambling that Latino voters in Nevada’s big cities—Reno and Las Vegas—can deliver the state’s five electoral votes, Dan Hoyle writes in Salon. Economic woes, immigration crackdown, and the costly Iraq war are the draws in Reno, where Latinos make up 12% of voters....

Clyburn Is the Perfect Ally for Obama

Dem whip brings consensus-building record to campaign

(Newser) - Jim Clyburn is exactly the kind of ally Obama needs. A pioneer in his own right, the first Southern-raised black majority whip has a strong record of building consensus among blacks, whites, Hispanics, and people of all faiths. He's the action to complement Obama's lofty words, reports Politico—and holds...

Miami Needs to Study Spanish
Miami Needs to Study Spanish

Miami Needs to Study Spanish

International financial hub finds Latinos' language skills lagging

(Newser) - Miami's role as an international city—the "financial hub of Latin America," as one businessman calls it—is threatened by its residents' declining Spanish skills, the Miami Herald reports. Many descendants of the Cuban entrepreneurs and businessmen who flooded South Florida in the '60s and '70s speak only...

Clinton Ignores Code She Sets for Obama
Clinton Ignores Code She Sets for Obama

Clinton Ignores Code She Sets for Obama

Hopeful refused to blast racist, but wants rival to slam Farrakhan

(Newser) - Pot, meet kettle: Hillary Clinton recently insisted that Barack Obama “reject and denounce” Louis Farrakhan’s endorsement, but did not apply the same standards to herself, writes Colbert King in the Washington Post. When a Latina in Texas said Hispanics won't vote for Obama because “he happens to...

More Americans Cut Church Ties
More Americans Cut Church Ties

More Americans Cut Church Ties

50% have switched denomination, and 16% have no affiliation

(Newser) - Americans are swapping  religious affiliations at an accelerating rate, with 50% choosing  a different denomination than the one they were raised in, and 16%—double the number 20 years ago—saying the have no ties to a particular church, a new survey of religious life finds. That doesn't mean they're...

Poll Sees Texas Dead Heat, Slight Clinton Lead in Ohio

Races close ahead of March 4 primaries

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are running neck and neck in Texas, while Clinton holds a significant but tenuous lead in Ohio, according to a Washington Post-ABC News Poll. Heading into the crucial March 4 primaries, Clinton leads Obama 48% to 47% in Texas, and 50% to 43% in Ohio...

US Latino Population to Triple by 2050

Immigration will drive America's growth to 438 million: study

(Newser) - America's Latino population will triple and whites will become a minority by mid-century, a new study says. The US population will also soar from 303 million to 438 million, mostly due to immigration. Whites, now two-thirds of Americans, are projected to sink to 47%, down from 85% in 1960.

Dems Do Their Math on Feb. 5 Primary States

Candidates pay heed to delegates, not just overall state wins

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton is all but ceding Saturday's South Carolina primary to Barack Obama, just one variation of the political calculus Democratic presidential candidates are using ahead of Super Tuesday primaries February 5, the Washington Post reports. Clinton will spotlight states with personal history—Arkansas and New York—and two with...

Democrats Rush to Silver State
Democrats Rush to Silver State

Democrats Rush to Silver State

Nevada's Jan. 19 caucus being recast as Obama-Clinton tiebreaker

(Newser) - With the Democratic race tied at a victory apiece for Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, a new front-runner will be crowned in Nevada's Jan. 19 caucus—and both campaigns are charging in. Health care, the foreclosure crisis and the environment are big issues; both teams are running Spanish-language radio spots...

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