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'Sad, Devastating Outcome' After Girl Snatched by Croc

Police in Northern Australia find remains of 12-year-old attacked in creek

(Newser) - Police on Thursday found the remains of a 12-year-old girl, two days after she was snatched by a crocodile while swimming in a creek in remote northern Australia. The remains were found in the river system near where the girl vanished at the Indigenous community of Palumpa, southwest of the...

As Croc Attacked Woman, Her Twin Sprang Into Action

UK's Georgia Laurie will receive King's Gallantry Medal for saving her twin sister in Mexican river

(Newser) - A UK woman will receive a special honor from King Charles III for saving her twin sister from a crocodile attack a few years ago during a trip to Mexico. CBS News reports that the King's Gallantry Medal , conferred to civilians "for acts of exemplary bravery," will...

Rare Crocodile Attack Takes Place in Florida

Man capsized his sailboat before the attack took place

(Newser) - A 68-year-old man fell off a sailboat at a marina in the Florida Everglades and was bitten by a crocodile as he tried to swim to shore, the AP reports. The rare crocodile bite occurred Sunday afternoon at the Flamingo Marina in Everglades National Park and left the man, who...

Man Uses Unusual Method to Fend Off Crocodile Attack

Australian farmer survives mauling after biting his predator on the eyelid

(Newser) - "Hey, whatever works" is an Australian cattle farmer's apparent M.O. when it comes to fighting off crocodile attacks. ABC Australia reports that Colin Deveraux, in his mid-60s, was set to be released from the Northern Territory's Royal Darwin Hospital this week after spending almost a month...

The Rain Came Down Hard. Then Came the Crocodiles

Chinese town of Maoming overrun with floods, dozens of escaped reptiles during heavy storms

(Newser) - Heavy rain that started over the weekend in the Guangxi region of China has triggered landslides that are so far responsible for at least seven deaths. In Maoming, however, located in the nation's southeast Guangdong province, residents have an entirely different problem brought about by the rain: dozens of...

Crocodiles Perk Up When They Hear a Human Baby Cry
Crocodiles Perk Up When
They Hear a Human Baby Cry
new study

Crocodiles Perk Up When They Hear a Human Baby Cry

It could mean lunch is near, but the responses also were sometimes protective

(Newser) - Scientists have discovered that crocodiles become very interested when they hear a human baby wailing. The grim reality is that in most cases, the crocs quickly investigate the source of the cries because they think a meal is at hand, reports the New York Times . That is, the cries are...

Croc's Virgin Birth Suggests Dinos Were Also Capable
Virgin Birth Is a First
for This Species

Virgin Birth Is a First for This Species

Parthenogenesis found in crocodile suggests that dinosaurs may have been capable as well

(Newser) - A crocodile has for the first time been found capable of a virgin birth—a finding that suggests the species' dinosaur cousins were capable of the same feat. An 18-year-old female crocodile who'd been isolated from other crocodiles since the age of 2 laid 14 eggs at a Costa...

Snorkeler Was 'Simply in Wrong Place, at Wrong Time'

Marcus McGowan managed to pry crocodile's jaws off his head in waters off north coast of Australia

(Newser) - A snorkeling adventure at a swanky Queensland resort led to a most terrifying crocodile encounter for one Australian man. The BBC and Guardian report that 51-year-old Marcus McGowan was in the water with his wife and friends on Saturday near the Sir Charles Hardy Islands, about 17 miles from the...

They Killed the Crocodile, Found Body Parts Inside

Kevin Darmody vanished while fishing on Saturday

(Newser) - A man fishing with Kevin Darmody in northern Queensland, Australia, on Saturday didn't see what happened to his friend, but he heard a yell. "I raced down… but there was no sign of him, just his [flip-flops] on the bank," John Peiti said of the 65-year-old. Police...

911 Call Was for Unresponsive Man. Cops Found a Lot More

Police find dead body, but also 200 snakes, a crocodile, and a toddler in Pennsylvania home

(Newser) - Police in Pennsylvania's Beaver County made quite a find this week while responding to a call about an unconscious man. The Beaver County Times reports that when officers arrived at the rental residence in Aliquippa, they didn't find an unconscious man, but a dead one—a 23-year-old whose...

Prosecutors: Crocodiles Fed on Murdered Botanists

Rod and Rachel Saunders were killed in 2018

(Newser) - Well-respected British botanists who were searching for rare Gladioli flower seeds in South Africa met a gruesome fate, having been killed and dumped in crocodile-infested waters, a South African court heard on Tuesday. Rod and Rachel Saunders, ages 74 and 63, respectively, filmed a segment for BBC Gardeners' World in...

This Crocodile Got Its Brave but Good Samaritan

Reptile stuck in tire since 2016 is freed

(Newser) - Update: A crocodile that has been cursed with a tire around its neck since 2016 is finally free, thanks to a 34-year-old Indonesian man named Tili. He used chicken bait and nylon ropes to wrangle the animal on Monday with the help of dozens of locals who helped cut the...

His Odds of Surviving Were 'About Zero,' Yet He Did

Aussie man fends off crocodile with a pocketknife

(Newser) - An Australian senior's day of fishing last week was marred by a crocodile attack, and authorities say it's amazing he's alive. AFP reports the 60-year-old Queensland man headed to a river on his property in the far reaches of the Cape York Peninsula and found a bull...

Woman Fights Off Crocodile That Attacked Twin Sister

'Super-badass' British woman punched it repeatedly

(Newser) - A British woman's twin sister saved her from becoming a crocodile's dinner in Mexico Sunday. Relatives say 28-year-old twins Georgia and Melissa Laurie were swimming at night in bioluminescent waters in a lagoon in Oaxaca when the crocodile attacked Melissa, the Guardian reports. Georgia heard her sister cry...

Officials on the Hunt For Escaped Crocodiles
Crocodiles Flee
Breeding Facility

Crocodiles Flee Breeding Facility

Officials are not sure how many are on the loose

(Newser) - Police and conservation officers were searching Friday for an unknown number of young crocodiles that escaped earlier in the week from a large breeding farm in South Africa, the AP reports. The crocodiles are suspected to have entered the nearby Breede River after escaping Wednesday morning near the town of...

The Crocodile Clamped Down on His Head. He Fought Back

Man managed to pry creature's jaws off his noggin during a swim in Cairns, Australia

(Newser) - A swim last week in a local lake known for its lurking crocodiles could have ended badly for an Aussie man. Instead, he's now recovering from just minor injuries after one of the reptiles attacked him and he was able to fight it off. First responders tell the Guardian...

He Defied Lockdown to Go Fishing. A Croc Got Him

Man didn't heed 2-week shutdown in Rwanda

(Newser) - Here's an incentive to stay home: A Rwandan man who breached a nationwide lockdown to go fishing was subsequently killed by a crocodile. The man was fishing in the Nyabarongo River Wednesday morning when the crocodile attacked, Alice Kayitesi, mayor of the southern Kamonyi district, tells the BBC . Kayitesi...

Castro's Crocodile Bites Arm 'on the Wrong Side of the Glass'

Victim was giving a speech at a Stockholm aquarium

(Newser) - One of Fidel Castro's crocodiles bit a man who, police said, "had his arm on the wrong side of the security glass" at a Stockholm aquarium. The victim, who is in his 70s, had climbed up to make a speech next to the crocodile enclosure during a private...

Surgical Plate in Croc's Stomach Is 'a Mystery'

Australian croc farm owner hopes to 'solve a cold case'

(Newser) - What was a crocodile doing with a metal plate in its stomach? "It's a mystery" that, if unraveled, might just solve a cold case, according to crocodile keepers in Australia. "Imagine our surprise when we opened up the gut on this large croc and found what looks...

Surprise Find About Crocodile Teeth
Surprise Find About
Crocodile Teeth
new study

Surprise Find About Crocodile Teeth

They reveal that some extinct ones were vegetarian

(Newser) - A vegetarian crocodile? It seems odd, but a new study suggests some ancient crocs subsisted on plants instead of meat at least three different times over the eons, reports New Scientist . The revelation comes in a study out of the University of Utah as detailed in Current Biology . Researchers studied...

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