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GOP Senators End Walkout in Oregon
GOP Senators End
Walkout in Oregon 

GOP Senators End Walkout in Oregon

Democrats give up this time on climate change bill

(Newser) - Some Republican lawmakers returned to the Oregon Senate on Saturday, ending a walkout over a carbon-emissions bill they said would harm their rural constituents. Nine of the 12 minority Republicans returned to Salem, the AP reports, after Senate President Peter Courtney said the majority Democrats lacked the votes to pass...

California Extends Climate Policy to 2030

Cap-and-trade will continue, in victory for Jerry Brown

(Newser) - California lawmakers voted Monday to extend a climate change initiative that Gov. Jerry Brown holds up as a model for states and nations looking to lower carbon emissions. Brown's signature will add another decade of life to the state's cap-and-trade program, bolstering the Democratic governor's quest to...

California OKs Cap-and-Trade
 California OKs Cap-and-Trade 

California OKs Cap-and-Trade

Other states are watching to see how well program works

(Newser) - California became the first state in the nation to adopt its own cap-and-trade system yesterday, as its Air Resources Board voted unanimously to approve the regulations. The vote came after a grueling eight-hour meeting filled with the opinions of angry union members, disapproving industry representatives, and miscellaneous plan supporters, the...

Ezra Klein: Obama's a Republican
 Obama's Real Secret: 
 He's a Republican 
Ezra Klein

Obama's Real Secret: He's a Republican

Ezra Klein thinks we should look at his policies, not his birth certificate

(Newser) - Don’t listen to Donald Trump. Barack Obama is not a Socialist Kenyan Muslim. The truth is far more startling: He’s a moderate Republican from the 1990s, writes Ezra Klein of the Washington Post . Obama’s major policy ideas—mandate-based health care reform, cap-and-trade, and raising taxes to reduce...

California Approves Cap-and-Trade System

3 years in the making; first of its size in the nation

(Newser) - While climate legislation flounders in Congress, California is taking the lead: Air regulators there voted yesterday to cap industrial greenhouse gas emissions and instate the first carbon-trading program of its size in the US, the Los Angeles Times reports. “Most political people said we should do as little as...

As Earth Bakes, Blame Cowards Like McCain
As Earth Bakes, Blame Cowards Like McCain
Paul Krugman

As Earth Bakes, Blame Cowards Like McCain

Oil and coal money, gutless lawmakers killed climate bill

(Newser) - Climate change legislation looks dead, and Paul Krugman knows what killed it. “It wasn’t the science, the scientists, or the economics,” he writes in the New York Times . It was “the usual suspects: greed and cowardice.” A carbon limitation would put at most a tiny...

Harry Reid Delays Climate Change Bill

Will pursue more modest legislation on energy

(Newser) - Harry Reid has decided to put sweeping climate change legislation on the back burner, and instead bring a more limited package of oil spill response measures to the floor next week, senior Democratic aides tell the Hill . Aides insist that Reid hasn’t given up on passing the legislation this...

Obama Will Use Gulf Spill to Push Energy Bill

Public hungry for action, aides conclude

(Newser) - Barack Obama will call for a clean energy bill in his Oval Office address on the oil spill tomorrow, as part of a renewed push for the once all-but-abandoned legislation. The White House believes that the spill has whetted the public’s appetite for energy reform, top aides tell Politico...

Spill leaves energy bill in trouble - Jeanne Cummings and Manu Raju -

 Oil Spill Dooms 
 Climate Bill 

Oil Spill Dooms Climate Bill

Expanded drilling suddenly unpalatable for Dems

(Newser) - Energy reform advocates scrambled yesterday to rescue the bill that's been slogging its way through the Senate, but the Gulf oil spill appears to be the final, ironic nail in its coffin, Politico reports. Republicans will only vote for the bill if it includes an expansion of oil drilling, something...

Five More Lindsey Grahams, and We Have an Energy Bill
 Five More Lindsey Grahams, 
 and We Have an Energy Bill 
Thomas Friedman

Five More Lindsey Grahams, and We Have an Energy Bill

GOP senator says party will lose country's youth if it doesn't green up

(Newser) - There's more to the GOP energy policy than just "Drill, baby, drill"—or at least there will be if Lindsey Graham has anything to do with it. The South Carolina Republican is teaming with Joe Lieberman and John Kerry to push hefty carbon-cutting legislation, and he tells Thomas...

Climate Change: The Time Is Now
 Climate Change: 
 The Time Is Now 

Climate Change: The Time Is Now

It's as politically inconvenient as ever, but Senate must pass true cap

(Newser) - Wouldn't it be great if you woke up this morning, opened the newspaper, and read all about how climate-change deniers were right all along? Al Gore thinks so, but instead, you'll find his op-ed piece in the Times, warning that while climate deniers might've gotten a chuckle over leaked emails,...

Cap-and-Trade Gets 'Radical' Overhaul in Senate

Kerry, Lieberman, and Graham are crafting an alternative

(Newser) - So long, cap-and-trade. The idea is all but dead in the Senate, with Joe Lieberman, John Kerry, and Lindsey Graham working on what the Washington Post calls a "radical, behind-the-scenes overhaul" of the bill to curb greenhouse gases. It's expected to be unveiled next month. Though cap-and-trade has passed...

GOP Challengers Target Democrats' 'War on Coal'
GOP Challengers Target
Democrats' 'War on Coal'

GOP Challengers Target Democrats' 'War on Coal'

In coal-country, Republicans turn election into vote on Obama policies

(Newser) - Republicans are latching on to the idea of a Democrat-led “war on coal,” hoping to woo anxious residents of coal-country states like West Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio by presenting their rivals as hostile to the industry—and it's working, and could lead to the Election Day demise of...

Meghan McCain: I Passed the Ridiculous GOP Purity Test what makes me such a radical?

(Newser) - After George Washington University's College Republican group dissed for her pro-gay-marriage stance, saying her views don't align with the GOP, Meghan McCain decided to take her party's "ridiculous" purity test. McCain wanted to see "just how radical I am from the 'pure ones'"—and with a bit...

Big Mistakes of Obama's First Year
 Big Mistakes 
 of Obama's 
 First Year 

Big Mistakes of Obama's First Year

President's miscalculations include scale, momentum

(Newser) - Scott Brown’s Senate victory in Massachusetts is the final nail in the coffin of the Obama administration’s first-year political strategy, John F. Harris and Carol E. Lee write for Politico . The miscalculations cover “three major counts":
  • Believing 2008 was a game-changer: The Obama team thought the "

Senate Dems Cry 'Uncle' on Cap and Trade

Nervous moderates ask White House not to push climate bill

(Newser) - At least half a dozen Senate Democrats have asked the White House to back off on its push for cap-and-trade climate legislation, afraid another bruising partisan battle like health care could wreck their 2010 reelection prospects. “Climate change in an election year has very poor prospects,” says Kent...

Health Care Acrimony Could Kill Climate Bill

Dems need support of Republicans, who aren't feeling friendly

(Newser) - Key GOP senators are warning that the bitter health care battle could spill over into the climate change bill, delaying it or scuttling it outright. Normally clubby senators are nursing wounds and blaming Democrats for the fiercely partisan wrangling. “It makes it hard to do anything because of the...

Palin to Obama: Boycott 'Politicized' Copenhagen

Climategate emails prove how flawed summit is

(Newser) - Contending that the so-called “Climategate” emails prove how politicized and flawed the ongoing summit is, Sarah Palin urges President Obama to boycott the Copenhagen gathering. “The agenda-driven policies being pushed in Copenhagen won’t change the weather,” she writes in the Washington Post , “but they would...

Carbon-Tax Foes Must Think the End Is Nigh
Carbon-Tax Foes Must Think the End Is Nigh
Thomas Friedman

Carbon-Tax Foes Must Think the End Is Nigh

How else to explain them being OK with the exploding population?

(Newser) - Opponents of cap-and-trade legislation must believe that a massive plague will wipe out 2.5 billion people sometime between now and 2050. Otherwise, their stance makes no sense, writes Thomas Friedman of the New York Times . Even if you don’t believe climate change is real—and Friedman does—you...

Senate Delays Climate Bill
 Senate Delays Climate Bill 

Senate Delays Climate Bill

Cap-and-trade won't be debated at least until spring

(Newser) - Senate Democrats have announced that they won't be debating a major climate bill until sometime in the spring. The delay, which reduces America's bargaining power at next month's Copenhagen conference, reflects weakening support for the controversial "cap-and-trade" bill as unemployment remains high, the Wall Street Journal notes. The bill...

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