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Dems Use Nukes to Lure GOP to Climate Bill

Plants, drilling offered as sweetener for cap-and-trade

(Newser) - The climate change bill up for Senate committee debate tomorrow doesn't stand a chance unless its Democratic backers can sweet talk some of their GOP colleagues, the Washington Post reports. The legislation focuses on a cap-and-trade system where companies could buy and sell emissions permits as needed. But Republican support...

Fewer Americans Believe in Global Warming
 Fewer Americans 
 Believe in Global Warming 

Fewer Americans Believe in Global Warming

Those seeing evidence of it dropped from 71%-57% in 18 months

(Newser) - The percentage of Americans who think there’s serious evidence of global warming has dropped precipitously in the past 18 months—from 71% to 57%, the Pew Research Center finds. Numbers were down across the political spectrum—Democrat, independent, Republican—but the drop was most pronounced among independents, to 53%...

Obama Tries to Hobble Chamber of Commerce

Conservative business group now 'radioactive' in Washington

(Newser) - The Obama administration is deliberately freezing out a US Chamber of Commerce seemingly chilly to its entire agenda. White House officials have pointedly ignored the Chamber, speaking instead directly with the CEOs of its member companies. “We prefer the approach where the actual people who are on the front...

Big Business to 'Swarm' DC to Back Climate Bill

Bucking conventional wisdom, eBay, Gap, others push for action

(Newser) - More than 150 business leaders plan to “swarm” Capitol Hill over the next two days in support of climate change legislation. Hailing from such disparate companies as eBay, the Gap, and PG&E, the executives say having a law in place would give them confidence in their long-term planning,...

Nike Ditches Chamber Board Over Climate Change

Says chamber hasn't represented 'diversity of views' of its members

(Newser) - Nike is bolting from the US Chamber of Commerce’s board of directors over the business lobby's dogged opposition to climate change legislation, a stance it “fundamentally disagrees” with, and which fails to represent "the diversity of perspective held by the board of directors.” But the swoosh...

Krugman: Get Ready for Climate Lies
 Krugman: Get Ready 
 for Climate Lies 

Krugman: Get Ready for Climate Lies

Curbing emissions won't actually cost much

(Newser) - If you liked the health care debate, you’re going to love the upcoming battle over climate change, says Paul Krugman. The House has already passed a decent bill, but the Senate battle will bring out “the usual suspects.” Some will keep insisting that global warming isn’t...

Climate Groups Look to Avoid Health Care Repeat

But administration reluctant to push climate legislation this year

(Newser) - Environmental groups are struggling to convince Democrats that the fight for cap-and-trade legislation won’t be as damaging as the one over health care, and to keep them from punting on the issue, Politico reports. Climate supporters say they have a grass-roots network in place that health care reformers didn’...

Industry Ponies Up for Climate Change Fight

Environmentalists appear ill-prepared as issue heads to Senate

(Newser) - When the oil and coal lobbies came to Athens, Ohio, they held rallies full of screaming supporters, sponsored free lunches and free concerts, and gave away T-shirts praising coal power. When the environmentalists came to Athens, they held a sedate panel discussion and handed out stickers. Environmentalists seem ill-equipped for...

John Kerry: Palin Misses Point on Cap and Trade
John Kerry: Palin Misses Point on Cap and Trade

John Kerry: Palin Misses Point on Cap and Trade

(Newser) - John Kerry takes Sarah Palin to task for missing the big picture in her essay today against President Obama's cap-and-trade proposal. Palin, he writes in the Huffington Post, manages to criticize legislation to curb climate change without acknowledging the dangers of climate change itself. "It's like complaining about the...

Palin: Scrap Cap and Trade; It's Still Drill, Baby, Drill

(Newser) - President Obama's cap-and-trade energy plan is actually a "cap-and-tax" plan that is an "enormous threat to our economy," Sarah Palin writes in the Washington Post. In an op-ed piece she predicts will disappoint "the chattering class," who prefer "personality-driven political gossip," she says...

Goldman Engineered 'Every Market Manipulation' Post-Depression

(Newser) - The recession has been good to Goldman Sachs: The world’s most powerful investment bank snatched $10 billion in TARP funds, reclaimed $13 billion from AIG, watched archrival Lehman Brothers disintegrate, and found alumni spearheading Washington’s economic rescue effort. But this isn’t new, Matt Taibbi writes in a...

The Climate Change Bill Is Awful—Now Pass It

'Pathetic' Waxman-Markey at least puts a price on carbon: Friedman

(Newser) - Waxman-Markey is a "pathetic" and "appalling" bill that totally fails to respond to the urgency of climate change—and it should be passed by the Senate and signed into law straight away, writes Thomas Friedman. For the New York Times columnist, the flawed legislation has one great...

Dems Put Pragmatism Before Policy
Dems Put Pragmatism Before Policy

Dems Put Pragmatism Before Policy

Desperate to pass bills, Congress quick to forgo ideals: Brooks

(Newser) - The Democrats learned lasting lessons from the Clinton health care battle: Let Congress, not the White House, write the bills; don’t try to fight the corporations; and avoid failure at all costs. As a consequence, writes David Brooks in the New York Times. the party has taken a “...

Climate Bill Doesn't Go Far Enough
 Climate Bill Doesn't 
 Go Far Enough 

Climate Bill Doesn't Go Far Enough

(Newser) - The Waxman-Markey climate change bill isn’t as bad for business as its detractors claim, and “that’s the problem,” Bryan Walsh writes in Time. Because of concessions to coal and farm states that depend on the carbon economy, the bill is watered down and seeks to achieve...

Greedy Farmers Battle Climate Bill That Benefits Them

Demand government cash to take action

(Newser) - Farmers are among those facing the highest risk from global warming—storms, droughts and swarms of insect pests are coming their way—yet “true to form,” they’re not interested in backing a bill to fight it without reaping even more government cash, sputters Steven Pearlstein in the...

Cap-and-Trade Bill 'Biggest Tax in US History'

(Newser) - The cap-and-trade climate legislation that could come up for a House vote tomorrow makes no economic sense and “is likely to be the biggest tax in American history,” write the editors of the Wall Street Journal. Democrats are defending the bill with an incomplete Congressional Budget Office estimate...

Gore Throws Weight Behind Climate Bill

Former VP dials Congressional Dems to rally support

(Newser) - With controversial cap-and-trade climate legislation now in committee, former vice president Al Gore has mobilized his lobbying organization and grass-roots movement behind the bill, even calling some wavering Democrats personally, Politico reports. While some groups feel the measure is too soft on polluting industries, the Nobel Prize winner supports its...

Climate Change May Usher GOP Into Ice Age
Climate Change May Usher GOP Into Ice Age

Climate Change May Usher GOP Into Ice Age

Republican Party ignores young voters' top concern—at its peril

(Newser) - By steadfastly opposing action on climate change, the GOP is signing its own death warrant, writes David S. Bernstein in the Boston Phoenix. The so-called “Millennial” generation—those born in 1980-2000—is 100 million strong, and doesn’t share Republicans' blasé attitude toward the environment. Says a Harvard analyst,...

Cap-and-Trade Could Help —Not Hurtthe Economy

Fighting climate change can be profitable: Krugman

(Newser) - Now that Washington finally has the political will to combat climate change, opponents of environmentalism are pushing a new line: limiting emissions would do further damage to a battered economy. For Paul Krugman, those claims are "junk economics" to go with climate change deniers' "junk science." A...

EPA's Carbon Ruling Puts Heat on Congress
 EPA's Carbon Ruling 
 Puts Heat on Congress 

EPA's Carbon Ruling Puts Heat on Congress

(Newser) - By issuing its long-awaited “endangerment finding” on carbon yesterday, the EPA is essentially putting a gun to Congress’ head, writes Bryan Walsh in Time. Capitol Hill is loathe to regulate carbon emissions, with Republicans and coal-state Democrats worried about the economic fallout. But by ruling that carbon is dangerous,...

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