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Texas Immigration Law Back on Hold Already

Federal appeals court blocked law hours after SCOTUS allowed it to take effect

(Newser) - Hours after the Supreme Court allowed Texas' controversial new immigration law to take effect, it's already back on hold. Some of the high court justices wrote an opinion indicating the 5th US Circuit Court of Appeals—which earlier stayed a ruling striking down the Texas law, leading the federal...

Justice Department Moves to Block Texas' Controversial Border Law

DoJ argues law is unconstitutional

(Newser) - The Justice Department on Wednesday sued Texas over a new law that would allow police to arrest migrants who enter the US illegally, taking Republican Gov. Greg Abbott to court again over his escalating response to border crossers arriving from Mexico, the AP reports. In addition to allowing police anywhere...

'Acute' Need at Border Spurs a Big Biden Reversal

Administration waives 26 federal laws to clear way for new wall construction in Texas

(Newser) - Three years ago, Joe Biden vowed that, if elected, he'd never erect a single new section of border wall between the United States and Mexico. Now, President Biden has rethought that, due to an "acute" need to keep illegal immigration at bay. The AP reports the commander in...

Body of Soldier Who Drowned Trying to Rescue Migrants Found

Bishop Evans was a 'hero who risked his life in service of Texas and America'

(Newser) - The body of a National Guard soldier who drowned while trying to rescue two struggling migrants from the Rio Grande was recovered Monday morning, authorities say. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said Specialist Bishop E. Evans, a 22-year-old Texas Guardsman from Arlington, was a "hero who risked his life in...

For Customs and Border Patrol, Another Tragedy

A Guatemalan 8-year-old boy is dead

(Newser) - US immigration authorities say an 8-year-old boy from Guatemala has died in government custody, the second immigrant child to die in detention this month, the AP reports. US Customs and Border Protection say the boy died shortly after midnight Tuesday. CBP says the boy showed "signs of potential illness"...

Ex-Mexican Prez Not Impressed With Trump's Border Wall Plan

Mexico will not be paying for any 'stupid,' 'useless' wall

(Newser) - Donald Trump isn't the only one who can throw around words like "stupid," "useless," "crazy," and "ignorant." Trump, of course, has claimed during his presidential campaign that not only will he get a border wall built if he's elected, but...

Man Tasered at US Border Crossing Dies

He attacked officers, 4 received 'moderate injuries'

(Newser) - A man who struggled with US Customs and Border Protection agents at the San Ysidro, Calif., crossing on Christmas Eve died after being Tasered. The 40-year-old came into the US from Mexico via the pedestrian walkway around 7pm, the Los Angeles Times reports, but agents soon discovered an outstanding felony...

US Border Fence Extending 300 Feet Into Pacific

$4.3M, 18-foot fence to extend into Imperial Beach waters

(Newser) - For some people, "from sea to shining sea" just isn't good enough, not when it comes to keeping illegals out of America the beautiful. The Great Wall of America is getting a $4.3 million upgrade at its westernmost point, at scenic Imperial Beach, where an 18-foot-high steel...

Arizona: Please Donate to Help Build Border Fence

Gov. Jan Brewer signed bill launching the plan

(Newser) - If the federal government won't complete Arizona's border fence, then gosh darn it, the state is going to do it itself. Arizona lawmakers have a plan that would get the fence built using online donations and 50-cents-an-hour prison labor, and Gov. Jan Brewer recently signed a bill setting...

Aussie Anti-Porn Rule Has Honeymooners Baring All

Confused pair shows border officials nude shots

(Newser) - A controversial new rule requiring people entering Australia to declare any illegal porn they're carrying has confused many—especially one couple returning from their honeymoon. When border guards told them they had to hand over "anything explicit," they sheepishly showed them iPhone photos they had taken of themselves...

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer's a Cowboy; Obama's a Pansy
Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer's a Cowboy; Obama's a Pansy
chuck norris

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer's a Cowboy; Obama's a Pansy

Chuck Norris himself tackles illegal immigration

(Newser) - Who better to talk about securing our borders than Walker, Texas Ranger? In an essay for World Net Daily , Walker—er, Chuck Norris—calls Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer a “lone ranger” and says he agrees with Sarah Palin that President Obama " lacks 'the cojones' to deal with illegal...

US Troops Headed to Mexican Border

National Guard presence to be especially strong in Arizona

(Newser) - National Guard troops are headed to the Mexican border next month to beef up security along the border fence. As part of President Obama's new border plan, the 1,200 troops will spend a year in California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas, where they'll help border patrol agents monitor and...

Arizona to Prez: Do Your Job, Secure the Border

Guv fires back after Obama scolding

(Newser) - Did President Obama's slam against Arizona's immigration law make the governor quake in her boots? Hardly. "Do your job. Secure the border," Gov. Jan Brewer shot back at the president in a speech to a Republican group. Brewer pledged to "defend this law against every assault, including...

Napolitano: The Border Is More Secure Than Ever

And crime is down in border states, too

(Newser) - Janet Napolitano pushed back against immigration alarmists yesterday, even as she touted the the White House's latest efforts to secure the border. The Obama administration will deploy an unmanned aerial drone in Texas, and allow local police communities to temporarily “deploy” to assist the National Guard along the border,...

Calderon: US Appetite Drives Drug Trade

Mexican prez again slams Arizona law before joint session

(Newser) - Mexican President Felipe Calderon took his opposition to Arizona's new immigration law to Congress today: "It is a law that not only ignores a reality that cannot be erased by decree but also introduced a terrible idea using racial profiling," he told a joint session. Speaking in English,...

Fingerprint Surgery Fools Japanese Immigration

Woman has fingerprints swapped to dodge biometric border control

(Newser) - An illegal immigrant slipped past Japan's biometric security system by having surgery to swap her fingerprints, according to Japanese authorities. The Chinese woman, deported after overstaying her visa last year, had skin patches on thumbs and index fingers removed and regrafted onto the opposite hands, the BBC reports.

Militants Again Flow From Syria to Iraq

Border security troubled by funding cuts

(Newser) - For years, the threat of fighters entering Iraq through Syria seemed to have faded—but recent attacks show the al-Qaeda in Iraq pipeline is pumping again, the Washington Post reports. Soon after Iraqi elections, the number of militants entering via Syria had dropped to just a few, said an official....

Obama Seeks $27B to Clamp Down on Border

Budget focuses on halting flow of guns, illegal immigrants

(Newser) - In the budget he’ll hand to Congress tomorrow, President Obama is seeking $27 billion for border and transportation security as he focuses on immigration enforcement and battling the flow of US arms to Mexico. The 8% increase over this year’s budget allows for an expansion of border teams,...

Border Patrol Destroys Foliage With Chemicals

Killing plants will cut hiding places for immigrants, smugglers

(Newser) - In an effort to keep smugglers and illegal immigrants from hiding in heavy vegetation as they attempt to cross the Mexican border, the US Border Patrol is looking to Agent Orange for inspiration. One plan for cutting down on possible hiding places on riverbanks is to use an herbicide that...

N. Korea Clamps Down on Border

Major setback to years of economic, tourist ties between Koreas

(Newser) - North Korea today made good on its threat to restrict border crossings from South Korea, severely hampering trade and ending tourism with its neighbor. The move, blocking large numbers of South Koreans and reducing border-crossing hours, is a protest against South Korea's new hardline president that negates years of hard-fought...

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