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These Are the Best, Worst States for Summer Road Trips

Texas ranks No. 1, per WalletHub

(Newser) - Summertime, and the drivin' is easy—or at least it is in Texas, the No. 1 city on WalletHub's list of the best states for a summer road trip. The site looked at all 50 nifty to see which ones have the potential to draw out your inner Kerouac,...

First Witness in Hunter Biden Trial: Erika Jensen

Prosecutor opens by saying 'no one is above the law' no matter 'what your name is'

(Newser) - With a jury now seated , Hunter Biden's trial on three felony firearms charges got underway Tuesday in Delaware with first lady Jill Biden again in attendance, along with his sister, Ashley Biden, and wife, Melissa Cohen Biden. A look:
  • The prosecution: NBC News reports that prosecutor Derek Hines told

In Court to Support Hunter Biden: the First Lady

Jury selection begins Monday in his federal gun case

(Newser) - Hunter Biden arrived at court in Wilmington, Delaware, on Monday for jury selection in a federal gun case against him , and he will have a high-profile backer in attendance. First lady Jill Biden arrived shortly after, entering the courthouse in support of her son, per the AP .
  • President Biden is

Louisiana, You're No. 1 (But You May Not Like Why)

State earns the dubious honor of having the most aggressive drivers, per ConsumerAffairs

(Newser) - "What the heck is making Montana drivers so unnecessarily angry?" That's the question posed by Jalopnik after viewing ConsumerAffairs' latest ranking of states where drivers are, shall we say, a little hot behind the wheel. Montana comes in third on that list, which ConsumerAffairs culled by looking at...

Delaware Passes Bill to Cancel GOP Primary

Donald Trump was the only remaining candidate

(Newser) - Delaware's Republican presidential primary is over before it even began. State lawmakers suspended the rules in the House and Senate this week to quickly pass legislation amending Delaware election law and allowing the scheduled April 2 primary to be called off, the AP reports. Democratic Gov. John Carney quickly...

Ladies, These States May Be Worth Looking Into

Massachusetts tops WalletHub's list of best states for women; Oklahoma comes in last

(Newser) - What better way to mark Women's History Month than to tag the places in the US where women have the best chances at career opportunities and a better standard of living? WalletHub looked at all 50 states, using more than two dozen metrics in two main categories to create...

Musk Makes a Move After Judge Voids $55B Pay Package

Neuralink is now officially headquartered in Nevada instead of Delaware

(Newser) - Neuralink, Elon Musk's brain implant company, has shifted its legal corporate home from Delaware to Nevada—after his major Tesla pay package hit a wall in a Delaware court. Court records in both states show Neuralink, though it has its physical headquarters in Fremont, California, became a Nevada company...

Retiring Soon? Consider These States

Florida comes in first in WalletHub's rankings; Kentucky is last

(Newser) - Whether you're nearing retirement age or simply planning way ahead, where you ultimately stick out your golden years can make a big difference in how you live those years, and how much it affects your pocketbook. WalletHub looked at all 50 states, using nearly four dozen metrics in three...

In Quest for Racial Equality, This State Is No. 1

Hawaii tops WalletHub's rankings, with the District of Columbia coming in last

(Newser) - Martin Luther King Jr. Day is set for Monday, and in advance, WalletHub has taken a peek at which states have made the most advances in the quest for racial equality. The site looked at the racial integration and racial progress made in all 50 states and DC, using nearly...

Car Plows Into SUV in Biden Motorcade
Driver Who Ran Into
Biden's Motorcade Is Charged

Driver Who Ran Into Biden's Motorcade Is Charged

President, first lady unharmed in incident Secret Service says was unintentional

(Newser) - A Delaware driver who crashed into a Secret Service vehicle that was part of President Biden's motorcade has been charged with DUI, reports the New York Times . A rep for the Wilmington Police Department says James Cooper's sedan struck the SUV as Biden was speaking to reporters after...

Here Are the Chubbiest States in America

And the least chubbiest

(Newser) - "Being overweight is becoming the new normal in America." So says WalletHub in its list of the chubbiest and slimmest states in the nation. The site took a look at obesity and overweight prevalence, health consequences, and food and fitness, and cross-referenced them across 31 health metrics. (Note:...

Drivers in This State Are the Most Confrontational

Arizona tops Forbes Advisor's list of those with the most road rage

(Newser) - Road rage: Most of us have dealt with it, in one form or another. Those different forms—cutting people off, not letting others change lanes, honking the horn, and flipping the bird, just to name a few—are what Forbes Advisor included in its attempt to determine which states have...

She Could Be US' First Trans Congresswoman

Sarah McBride, a Delaware state senator, is launching campaign for seat as a US rep

(Newser) - Sarah McBride won her race for Delaware state senator in 2020 with 70% of the vote, becoming the nation's first transgender state senator. In her reelection race, no one bothered to oppose her. The 32-year-old is hoping to translate that popularity into yet another first for a trans lawmaker:...

Four-Term Democratic Senator Is Retiring
Is Retiring

Fourth Democratic Senator Is Retiring

Delaware's Tom Carper won't run again, opens way for another Black female senator

(Newser) - Another longtime Democratic senator is retiring, the fourth in this election cycle. Tom Carper of Delaware announced his decision on Monday, reports Politico . The 76-year-old, who serves as chairman of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, first won the seat in 2000, per the Delaware News Journal . He...

22nd State Legalizes Recreational Marijuana

Delaware's governor decides against vetoing legislation a second time

(Newser) - Delaware's Democratic governor is not in favor of legalizing marijuana for recreational use—but he has decided to stop standing in the way. Gov. John Carney said Friday that he would allow two legalization bills to become law without his signature, the News Journal reports. Possessing up to 1...

Looking for Big Tips? These States Deliver

Delaware tops the list of Toast's quarterly 'Restaurant Trends Report'

(Newser) - Online eatery platform Toast is out with its quarterly "Restaurant Trends Report," for Q4 of last year, and among such stats as delivery orders during the Super Bowl, the site examined the state of tipping nationwide. Toast looked at average tips across the US and found that Cleveland...

Jackson Writes First SCOTUS Ruling
Justice Has a First

Newest SCOTUS Justice Has a First

Jackson writes her first majority opinion in unanimous decision on Delaware and MoneyGram

(Newser) - The newest Supreme Court justice has written her first majority opinion. Ketanji Brown Jackson authored the ruling in a case involving a dispute between Delaware and other states regarding MoneyGram, the second-biggest money transfer company in the world. The company is incorporated in Delaware, and the state kept hundreds of...

Biden Lawyer: No Classified Docs Found in Beach House Search

But FBI removed materials for further review

(Newser) - Bob Bauer, President Biden's personal lawyer, says the FBI searched the president's Delaware beach house for more than three hours Wednesday and did not find any documents with classified markings—but agents "took for further review some materials and handwritten notes that appear to relate to his...

In Another Spot, Biden Aides Find More Classified Docs

Search began after first batch was found in November

(Newser) - Aides to President Biden have found more out-of-place classified documents, somewhere other than the office where the first batch was discovered. They've been looking for such files since documents were spotted in November in an office Biden once kept at the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement...

This Is the Most Giving State in America

Congrats to Utah, according to WalletHub's ranking of the most, least charitable states

(Newser) - If you're in a position to be philanthropic, whether that means donating your money or your time, where you live can make a difference in terms of enthusiasm from fellow locals—which in turn might inspire even more of your own altruism. WalletHub looked at 19 metrics across all...

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