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Manchin, at No Labels Event, Won't Rule Out Third-Party 2024 Bid

If he does run, senator says, he won't be a 'spoiler'

(Newser) - Joe Manchin, speaking at an event for the No Labels nonprofit Monday in New Hampshire, offered up the latest fodder for the will-he-or-won't-he discussion around the senator and the 2024 presidential race. No Labels, which is starting to worry Democrats who think it could hand the election to Donald...

Huntsman's Brother Sues Mormon Church for Fraud

James Huntsman wants $5M in donations returned

(Newser) - The son of a billionaire industrialist and brother of a former Utah governor and US ambassador is suing the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for fraud. James Huntsman, brother of Jon Huntsman , claims the Mormon church spent members' tithes on commercial purposes, rather than charity. This allegation was...

There's Just One Conservative Voice Left on the View

Abby Huntsman's last day on the show is Friday

(Newser) - Abby Huntsman is exiting The View, leaving Meghan McCain as the sole conservative voice on the ABC News' daytime talk show. "This is always such a hard thing to do… but today I’m saying goodbye," Huntsman, who's been on the show a year and a half...

Jon Huntsman Resigns, Will Move Back to Utah

US ambassador to Russia will exit the job Oct. 3

(Newser) - Jon Huntsman on Tuesday announced that he'll resign his position as US ambassador to Russia effective Oct. 3—the month when he's set to move back to Utah, reports the Salt Lake Tribune . The Hill reports the news comes as no surprise: Huntsman had reportedly committed to taking...

Fox News Host Accidentally Calls Trump 'Dictator'

Abby Huntsman called Trump and Kim Jong Un summit a meeting of 'two dictators'

(Newser) - A Fox News host has accidentally referred to the highly anticipated summit between President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un as a meeting of "two dictators."Regardless of what happens in that meeting between the two dictators, what we are seeing right now, this is history,...

Trump's Russia Ambassador Pick: Jon Huntsman

White House official reveals news before formal announcement

(Newser) - A White House official says former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. is President Donald Trump's choice to be the next US ambassador to Russia, the AP reports. Huntsman will be nominated for the diplomatic post as senior members of Trump's administration face questions about their contacts with the...

Conway: Search for SecState Expanding
Search for

Conway: Search for SecState Expanding

And might add Jon Huntsman to the list

(Newser) - Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani, Bob Corker, and David Petraeus: Donald Trump's shortlist for secretary of state is evidently not as short as previously thought, reports Politico . "It is true that he’s broadened the search," said Kellyanne Conway, who's made no secret of her personal contempt...

Obama Camp Was Serious About Biden-Clinton Switch

Plus other 2012 revelations, like who leaked Mitt Romney's tax info

(Newser) - The sequel to Game Change is here, or, at least, in the hands of the New York Times . Journos Mark Halperin and John Heilemann take us inside the 2012 race with Double Down, and the Times shares a few juicy reveals.
  • Obama's camp seriously considered losing Biden and replacing

This Guy Is the Second Coming of Jon Huntsman

Matt Lewis isn't impressed by liberals' new favorite Republican

(Newser) - A few years back, liberals thought Republicans were insane for not nominating Jon Huntsman. Now, they have a new "unsolicited prescription for the GOP's ills," observes Matt Lewis at The Week : Chris Christie. Liberals everywhere are writing that Christie's high approval rating in a blue state...

Huntsman: Why the Right Should Back Gay Marriage

Jon Huntsman: Civil equality is a conservative value

(Newser) - Conservatives have fallen out of step with the present moment on a range of issues, Jon Huntsman writes in the American Conservative : "The marketplace of ideas will render us irrelevant, and soon, if we are not honest about our time and place in history." And that means more...

Huntsman, Manchin Launch 'No Labels' War on Partisanship

Group aims for cross-aisle discussion, congressional reform

(Newser) - Joe Manchin and Jon Huntsman are reaching across the aisle in a push to trip up partisan politics. They're the leaders of "No Labels," an alliance formed in 2010 that is now seeking congressional reforms to fight the partisan divide in DC. Around a dozen congressmembers are...

Replace John Boehner With ... Jon Huntsman?
Replace John Boehner
With ... Jon Huntsman?

Replace John Boehner With ... Jon Huntsman?

Next speaker should come from outside the House: Norman Ornstein

(Newser) - With John Boehner's Plan B budget bill bounced , the House speaker's chances of getting reelected on Jan. 3 are dwindling rapidly . Conservatives Republicans firmly control their party, but they lack the votes to push through legislation or compromise with Democrats, so it's time for unconventional alternatives, writes...

Beloved College Hoops Coach Rick Majerus Dies at 64

Had struggled with heart problems for years

(Newser) - Rick Majerus, the jovial basketball coach who led Utah to the 1998 NCAA final and had only one losing season in 25 years with four schools, died yesterday. He was 64. Jon Huntsman, the coach's longtime friend, confirmed in a statement that Majerus died of heart failure in a...

Huntsman Compares GOP to China
 In Slam, Huntsman 
 Compares GOP to China 

In Slam, Huntsman Compares GOP to China

He pans own party for hardline attitudes

(Newser) - Are Jon Huntsman's days as a Republican numbered? The former presidential candidate and ambassador to China slammed his own party in an interview yesterday, comparing it to Communist China, Politico reports. Huntsman said he was disappointed by the GOP's decision to disinvite him from a fundraiser last month...

Colbert: I Blew Huntsman Out of GOP Race

Plus, host explains why God should endorse him

(Newser) - Sure, pundits came up with a million reasons Jon Huntsman exited the GOP presidential race yesterday, but Stephen Colbert knows the truth. After all, Huntsman dropped out right after Colbert announced he was forming an exploratory committee , the Comedy Central host pointed out last night. "Folks, do you see...

Departing Huntsman Scolds Rivals

Admits there's a 'gap' between him and Romney

(Newser) - Jon Huntsman ended his run for president the same way he began it : by decrying negative campaigning. In a speech announcing the suspension of his campaign today , Huntsman scolded his rivals for the tone of the race. "Our common goal is to restore bold and principled leadership to the...

Jon Huntsman Quitting and No One Cares
 No One Cares 
 That Huntsman 
 Is Quitting 


No One Cares That Huntsman Is Quitting

Was his whole campaign just a run-up to 2016?

(Newser) - Jon Huntsman is dropping out of the presidential race today—but does anyone care? "The only people really depressed about Jon Huntsman’s exit from the race are people who wouldn’t in their wildest dreams have voted for him—or any Republican candidate, for that matter," writes...

Why Huntsman Is Dropping Out, Endorsing Romney

He doesn't want to get in Mitt's way in SC, officials explain

(Newser) - Jon Huntsman will officially drop out of the presidential race and endorse Mitt Romney at 11am today in South Carolina—but why? Just last Tuesday, Huntsman was suggesting that Romney was "pretty much unelectable" after his statement about liking to fire people . Politico explains:
  • Huntsman "didn’t want

Jon Huntsman to Drop Out of GOP Race

Will make announcement tomorrow, endorse Mitt Romney: campaign officials

(Newser) - Jon Huntsman will withdraw from the race for the Republican presidential nomination tomorrow. Campaign officials tell the AP that Huntsman will endorse Mitt Romney at an event in South Carolina in the morning. The former Utah governor placed third in last week's New Hampshire primary despite devoting much of...

Romney's Lead Vanishing in South Carolina
Romney's Lead Vanishing
in South Carolina
Poll numbers

Romney's Lead Vanishing in South Carolina

Gingrich nipping at his heels in new poll

(Newser) - Could South Carolina be Mitt Romney's first stumbling block? A new Insider Advantage poll has Romney falling to 23% in the state, an insignificant two points ahead of Newt Gingrich's 21%. Rick Santorum is well behind them with 14%, followed by Ron Paul with 13%, Jon Huntsman with...

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