FAA Can't Identify NYC's 'UFO' Lights

Silver Mylar balloons, says one spoilsport
By John Johnson,  Newser Staff
Posted Oct 14, 2010 2:37 PM CDT

Those weird lights that caused a sensation in the sky over New York City yesterday remain an official mystery today, reports ABC News. "We are not able to make an identification of what the objects were," says an FAA spokeswoman. "We know they weren't aircraft or helicopters. We wouldn't be able to say if they were balloons or something else."

The sightings prompted scores of calls to the NYPD and the FAA. "It looked like a jellyfish made of lights that just hovered in the sky like it wanted to be seen," one New Yorker tells the Post. "I was half expecting the aliens to beam down and introduce themselves." No big mystery, one author on the paranormal tells ABC. "These are actually identical to clips I've seen of silver Mylar balloons that we investigated in Buffalo, NY, several years back." (Click here for another theory.)

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