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Widower Will Get $860K After Wife Is Killed on Wedding Night

Aric Hutchinson sued local bars in South Carolina visited by the driver in fatal crash

(Newser) - A man whose bride was killed by a woman suspected of drunk driving on their wedding night will receive more than $860,000 in a lawsuit settlement, reports the South Carolina Post and Courier . Aric Hutchinson sued three local bars in Folly Beach, as well as Progressive auto insurance and...

Wedding Guest Sues Over 'Severe' Marijuana Injury

Caterer Joycelyn Bryant is accused of conspiring with bride Danya Svoboda to drug the meal

(Newser) - A wedding guest is seeking more than $30,000 from the event's caterer, accused of secretly drugging the food . Authorities arrested Joycelyn Bryant of Joycelyn's Southern Kitchen, along with the bride who'd hired her, following the Feb. 19 wedding reception in Longwood, Florida, where guests had complained...

Bride Draws the Line With Her Wedding: 'No Murderers'

The unidentified Aussie refused to invite meat-eaters

(Newser) - An Australian bride's line when it came to wedding invitations—"No murderers"—apparently didn't go over well on Facebook. According to Australia's News Network , the unidentified vegan banned meat-eating family members from her wedding and got slammed for it: "When your 'family' tries...

Bride, Groom Spend Wedding Night in Handcuffs

After brawl breaks out at bar

(Newser) - Not the most auspicious beginning to newlywed life: A Canadian bride and groom were led away from their post-wedding party in handcuffs Saturday. Witnesses say nine or so wedding party members entered an Edmonton bar around 10pm and were obviously drunk. And then: "You know in the old Western...

Bride Allegedly Pulls Gun From Dress, Opens Fire

So much for wedded bliss

(Newser) - "She pulled out of her wedding dress a 9mm pistol, pointed it at her new husband's head, and pulled the trigger." That's how a police officer sums up what could go down in history as the worst bridezilla moment ever. Authorities were called to a motel...

Bride-to-Be Invites Homeless to Her Canceled Wedding

She turned a $30K disappointment into an act of charity

(Newser) - A young bride-to-be in Indiana turned what was supposed to be her fantasy wedding over the weekend into an act of charity. Sarah Cummins, a 25-year-old pharmacy student at Purdue University, was set to marry Logan Araujo at the Ritz Charles event venue in Carmel on Saturday, but after the...

Have Thumb, Will Marry, Says Hitchhiking Bride

Angelique Arsenault didn't let her limo's flat tire ruin her big day

(Newser) - "For richer and for poorer, through broken-down cars and in health" is how Angelique Arsenault could have rewritten her vows after a pre-wedding roadblock in New Hampshire. The AP reports Arsenault was in her limo with her bridal party on Saturday, on her way to say "I do"...

Paramedic Bride Helps Out at Accident Scene, Pic Goes Viral

Woman rushed from her wedding when she heard dad, grandparents were in crash

(Newser) - A post-wedding car crash, a concerned bride, and her photographer mom all came together in Tennessee to create a picture you won't see in too many wedding albums: a woman in her wedding dress helping out at the scene of an accident. The now-viral photo—posted on the Montgomery...

Wife: Groom Died on Way to Get Bottle of Moonshine

Driver of pickup faces prison time over wedding day accident

(Newser) - A newlywed whose husband was killed in a car crash just hours after their wedding tells WBNS that it happened because of a bottle moonshine. Ruth Bloomberg says that friend Tim Tebbe was driving the couple to get his wedding present for them, the aforementioned moonshine. At some point, Tebbe...

Ohio Groom Killed in Crash Just Hours After Wedding

New wife Ruth Driskill in critical condition

(Newser) - On Sunday, Andrew Bloomfield married his bride. "Three hours later or so," the Ohio 27-year-old was dead and his new wife hospitalized. Bloomfield, wife Ruth Driskill, and friends Elizabeth Shelton and Timothy Tebbe had driven to Tebbe's house and, per the AP , were en route back to...

Married Women, Fight for Your First Name
Married Women, Fight
for Your First Name

Married Women, Fight for Your First Name

Don't give in to antiquated formalities: Catherine Rampell

(Newser) - As she prepared for her upcoming wedding, Catherine Rampell allowed herself one "unyielding, Bridezillian demand"—she insisted that her invitations use women's first names. That is, she didn't want them going out to "Mr. and Mrs. John Doe" as tradition for some reason still dictates,...

Brides in India Ditch New Husbands for Lack of Toilets

At least 6 return home because new residences had none

(Newser) - At least six newlywed brides in India have left their husbands because their new homes lacked a toilet, reports the Times of India . The six returned to their parents' homes in protest and vow not to go back until their in-laws get proper plumbing. The newspaper describes the women's...

Newly Engaged Women Getting $1,200 'Hand Lifts'

Yes, this is a thing

(Newser) - So you just got engaged, and you want to show your fancy new ring off to the world ... but what to do about the sad state of your hands? That's apparently the thought process that goes through some women's minds, because, as the Daily Dot reports, "hand...

Man Who Died in Cliff Fall Was Told Not to Marry Wife

Groomsman says he, others talked to Cody Lee Johnson

(Newser) - A person close to Jordan Linn Graham—the newlywed accused of pushing her husband of eight days off a cliff and to his death in July— says Graham was vocal about not really wanting to get married. And friends of the groom now say they were vocal, too. A member...

'Bride-Napping': A Wedding Craze With an Edge

Romanians love new custom of stealing her from the groom

(Newser) - Bride-napping sounds like a serious crime—except that Romanians like doing it every week as a means of spicing up ordinary weddings, the AP reports. Typically the wedding party will be in full swing when friends of the bride abduct her, take her to a popular tourist spot, and demand...

Bride Drowns at Park in Wedding Dress

Her dress got soaked during photo shoot in Canada

(Newser) - A mind-boggling tragedy in Quebec: A new bride who decided to have additional photos taken in her wedding dress ended up drowning during the shoot, reports the Canadian Press . She was standing near a waterfalls with her feet in the water when her dress started to get saturated, say police....

South Korean Men Must Take Marriage Classes

... at least when marrying a foreign bride

(Newser) - Men in South Korea who wish to marry a foreign woman are now required to enroll in courses designed to teach them how to be a good husband to a non-Korean bride, reports the Christian Science Monitor . The mandatory lessons come on the heels of a surge in failed marriages...

Bride Arrested After Reception Brawl

Angela Davito faces assault charges after, ahem, memorable wedding

(Newser) - When you're being carted off to jail while half your guests are wiping pepper spray out of their eyes, it's safe to say your wedding reception could have gone better. Such is the tale of 28-year-old Angela Davito: Police were called to her wedding reception Saturday after a large brawl...

Bride Fakes Cancer to Get Free Wedding

Says her fiance turned husband turned ex

(Newser) - The story seemed like a heartbreaking one with a fairytale twist—a 23-year-old woman from New York was dying from leukemia, but dozens of strangers chipped in to pay for her dream wedding. Except Jessica Vega never had cancer, says now-ex-husband Michael O'Connell. He says Vega scammed him along with...

Prettiest Celebrity Brides Ever
 Prettiest Celebrity Brides Ever 

Prettiest Celebrity Brides Ever

From Elizabeth Taylor to Ivanka Trump, the finest wedding finery

(Newser) - June is the traditional month for weddings, but a gorgeous bridal ensemble is timeless. From Elizabeth Taylor (in 1950 ... and 1964, and 1975) to Ivanka Trump (in 2009), InStyle picks the best-dressed celebrity brides. To see more selections, including Marilyn Monroe in a brown suit, click here .

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