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Behind KFC's Marketing Meltdown

How does a TV ad blitz and an Oprah endorsement result in a brand nightmare?

(Newser) - How to engineer a marketing disaster: Make offer, rescind offer, turn away hungry customers. Kentucky Fried Chicken’s grilled-chicken promotion was to be the largest launch in the chain’s history but turned out to be a promotional nightmare, Advertising Age reports in a look at how a massive TV...

US Benefits From China Stimulus

Construction in China boosts US business, from steel to fried chicken

(Newser) - While Americans await the fruits of their $787 billion bailout, China is moving ahead with public-works projects at a staggering pace, pumping up its own economy as well as America’s, the Wall Street Journal reports. US industrial-equipment makers, struggling with effectively zero domestic growth, are back near record levels...

PETA Fumes at KFC Offer of Statue to Cubs

(Newser) - The recent recovery of a statue of KFC’s Col. Sanders from a Japanese river is said to have ended a curse on a baseball team there. Which gave the company a clever idea: offer the effigy to the notably hexed Chicago Cubs, Deadspin reports. PETA strenuously objects. “If...

Col. Sanders Gives Hope to Baseball Fans

Recovery of statue from river may lift 'curse' on Japanese team

(Newser) - A statue of KFC founder Colonel Sanders tossed into a river in Osaka, Japan, over 2 decades ago has been recovered, possibly ending the "curse" that's widely believed to be shadowing the Hanshin Tigers baseball team, the Mainichi Daily News reports. Jubilant fans tore the mascot from its...

PETA Protests McCruel Chicken Slaughter

Group boycotts fast food chains that use shocked poultry

(Newser) - After years of KFC boycotts, PETA will once again picket McDonald's in a bid to trigger a change in the way chickens are slaughtered in the US. American farms usually shock chickens before beheading them, a method the animal rights group calls inhumane. PETA prefers the European method, which involves...

China Loses Taste for Fast Food
 China Loses Taste for Fast Food 

China Loses Taste for Fast Food

Chinese revert to cheaper, healthier options amid recession

(Newser) - The dollar menu thrives when times are tough in the US, but in China—where Western fast food is no bargain—the American chains are facing tough competition. Price is the main sticking point, but not the only one. "It's fast food," one diner in Shanghai told...

PETA Flays Burger King With Parody Perfume

Parody perfume launched to douse 'Flame'

(Newser) - If PETA had its way, right away, burger joints would close their doors forever, but the never-warm-and-fuzzy relationship reached a flashpoint last week when Burger King launched a meat-scented cologne called Flame. Now PETA is adding fuel to the fire with a parody fragrance called "Gore by Murder King,...

Top-Secret KFC Recipe Flies the Coop for a Day

Col. Sanders' heavily guarded paper moves for security upgrade

(Newser) - Usually guarded like Fort Knox, KFC’s 68-year-old recipe is being whisked away from company headquarters today while its vault gets a top-secret security upgrade, the AP reports. The yellowed document —handwritten and signed by Colonel Sanders himself —is stored with vials of the 11 herbs and spices....

50 Cent Sues Taco Bell for Big Change

$4M lawsuit says 'endorsement' was a bad rap

(Newser) - Rapper 50 Cent is suing Taco Bell for $4 million over a guerrilla ad campaign, reports E! Online. The fast food giant wrote Fiddy, suggesting he change his name to 79, 89, or 99 Cent for a price promotion. By releasing the letter to the media, he claims Taco Bell...

Tasty Morsels on Fried Chicken
 Tasty Morsels on Fried Chicken 

Tasty Morsels on Fried Chicken

Daily Green presents some lesser-known facts about poultry

(Newser) - You might be well acquainted with the Colonel and his famous fried chicken, but beneath the crunchy skin lie some lesser-known facts. The Daily Green sides its poultry with a six-pack of trivia.
  1. It's a place: After toying around with the name "Ptarmigan," one town's handful of residents

Chinese McDonald's Aim at KFC
Chinese McDonald's
Aim at KFC

Chinese McDonald's Aim at KFC

Golden arches play catch-up in a country that prefers chicken

(Newser) - You can visit Ronald McDonald at 800 restaurants across China, but the Colonel will feed you at a whopping 1,940 KFC locations. So McDonald's is starting the engine on a new campaign to overcome the Chinese cultural bias for poultry over beef: Unable to compete in sheer number of...

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