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New WaPo Publisher Was Part of 'Operation Save Big Dog'

Sources say Will Lewis, allies tried to save Boris Johnson's premiership; Jeff Bezos also weighs in

(Newser) - Commotion at the Washington Post over its new publisher continues. Sources now say that Will Lewis suggested to former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and other bigwigs at 10 Downing Street that they "clean up" their phones as those officials were investigated for the "Partygate" scandal during...

Jon Stewart Skewers Trump Conviction Coverage in 5 Points
Jon Stewart Skewers Trump
Conviction Coverage in 5 Points

Jon Stewart Skewers Trump Conviction Coverage in 5 Points

Host blasts the left, the right, and the media

(Newser) - It was a one-two punch from Jon Stewart on Monday as the Daily Show host offered his typically skewering take on media coverage of former President Trump's fraud conviction. He also hit out at the left, the right, and, occasionally, both at the same time. The major points and...

Israel Gets Into Scuffle With the AP, Shuts Down Live Video

Says news org is violating foreign media law by giving images to Al Jazeera, confiscates equipment

(Newser) - Israeli officials seized a camera and broadcasting equipment belonging to the AP in southern Israel on Tuesday, accusing the news organization of violating a new media law by providing images to Al Jazeera. The Qatari satellite channel is among thousands of clients that receive live video feeds from the AP...

Right-Wing Blog Heads for Chapter 11

Founder of Gateway Pundit blames 'progressive liberal lawfare attacks' but vows to keep publishing

(Newser) - A popular far-right blog has filed for bankruptcy, though its founder vows to continue publishing. The Washington Post reports that the Gateway Pundit, run by Jim Hoft, is seeking Chapter 11 protections after a series of lawsuits accusing the site of promoting conspiracy theories on the 2020 election, school shootings,...

Jon Stewart Has Beef With Coverage of Trump Trial

'What the f--- are we doing?'

(Newser) - The media may think it's learned from its outsized coverage of Donald Trump, but nope, not according to Jon Stewart, who spent Monday's Daily Show blasting coverage of the former president's hush money trial in New York. "It's a trial. It's boring, mostly,"...

World Press Photo of Year Comes From Gaza

No faces, but plenty of pain in the image from Mohammed Salem of Reuters

(Newser) - Reuters photographer Mohammed Salem captured this year's prestigious World Press Photo of the Year award Thursday with a depiction of loss and sorrow in Gaza, a heartrending photo of a Palestinian woman cradling the body of her young niece. The photograph, taken in Khan Younis just days after Salem'...

Suspended Editor Uri Berliner Resigns From NPR

He says he's being 'disparaged' by CEO Katherine Maher

(Newser) - NPR senior business editor Uri Berliner has resigned a day after NPR announced it had suspended him as a formal punishment for the scathing critique he penned about his employer . NPR had said Berliner received the formal rebuke because he had not received the required approval to write for another...

BuzzFeed Selling Off Complex, Laying Off Workers

Remaining workforce will be reduced by 16%, company announces

(Newser) - The latest layoff news comes from BuzzFeed, which is planning to reduce its workforce by 16%, which amounts to dozens of employees being let go, per the Guardian . The reduction will apply to the media group's remaining workers, as the company also just sold off Complex, a publisher it...

SNL Comedian 'Will Turn Up the Heat' at WHCA Dinner

Colin Jost is the headliner at April's roast

(Newser) - Colin Jost, the co-anchor of "Weekend Update" on Saturday Night Live, will get a chance in April to roast leading political and media figures as the featured entertainer at the annual dinner of the White House Correspondents' Association. "His smart brand of comedy and keen observation will turn...

Vladimir Putin Sits Down With Tucker Carlson
Vladimir Putin Sits Down
With Tucker Carlson
the rundown

Vladimir Putin Sits Down With Tucker Carlson

Journalists deride former Fox News host, who vows to 'inform' the American public

(Newser) - Tucker Carlson has become the first figure in the Western news media to formally interview Vladimir Putin since the Russian president launched his war on Ukraine two years ago. The former Fox News host turned online commentator announced Tuesday that he was in Moscow for the interview, which would shed...

Day After Mass Layoffs, a Suit Against the Messenger

'Business malpractice and human cruelty at an epic scale,' media veteran says of news site's shuttering

(Newser) - Just a day after finding out they were getting laid off en masse, staffers at the Messenger are suing. Politico reports that a class-action complaint was filed Thursday on behalf of ex-producer Pilar Belendez-Desha "and all others similary situated," claiming that Belendez-Desha and the 300 or so other...

Site Closure Caps a Gloomy January for Media
Another News Site Goes Bust

Another News Site Goes Bust

The Messenger shuts down less than a year after launch with big ambitions

(Newser) - Add another media casualty to the new year: The digital news site the Messenger abruptly went belly-up on Wednesday, after less than a year in business, reports the New York Times . The site founded by Jimmy Finkelstein, who previously owned the Hill and The Hollywood Reporter, launched in May with...

It's Been a Brutal Stretch for the Media Industry
It's Been a Brutal Stretch
for the Media Industry
the rundown

It's Been a Brutal Stretch for the Media Industry

Massive cuts at 'Los Angeles Times' are just one part of the picture

(Newser) - The Los Angeles Times laid off 20% of its workforce this week, a devastating blow to its newsroom, and it's only the latest such move by mainstream outlets in the last week or two as the industry reels:
  • Business Insider said Thursday it will cut 8% of its staff,

New Government Gives Newscast a Makeover

Poland's prime minister promised to remove propaganda

(Newser) - Viewers in Poland watched a remolded main evening newscast on state television Thursday, after the country's new, pro-European Union government took control of state media to free it from the control and propaganda of the previous right-wing rulers. Prime Minister Donald Tusk, whose Cabinet took office last week, has...

Sports Illustrated Accused of Using Fake Writers
Sports Illustrated Accused
of Using Fake Writers

Sports Illustrated Accused of Using Fake Writers

'Futurism' says magazine is publishing AI-generated stories under bogus names

(Newser) - Sports Illustrated writer Drew Ortiz seems like a nice enough chap. "Drew has spent much of his life outdoors, and is excited to guide you through his never-ending list of the best products to keep you from falling to the perils of nature," reads his bio (since deleted...

For This Trial, Trump Actually Agrees With the Media

Former president joins push of news groups to have federal election interference trial televised

(Newser) - Donald Trump is pushing for his federal election interference trial in Washington to be televised, joining media outlets that say the American public should be able to watch the historic case unfold. The Justice Department is opposing the effort to broadcast the trial, scheduled to begin in March, and notes...

News Headlines Are Disappearing on X

It's part of an effort to keep users scrolling, rather than clicking away

(Newser) - News outlets have another reason to dislike X . Headlines on news stories shared on the platform formerly known as Twitter are disappearing as part of owner Elon Musk's push to keep users from visiting external sites. Previously, when a link to a news article was shared, the lead image...

CNN Has Landed on Its CEO
CNN Has Landed on Its CEO

CNN Has Landed on Its CEO

Former 'New York Times' CEO Mark Thompson will join network in October

(Newser) - CNN has landed on its turnaround solution: Mark Thompson has been selected as the new CEO of the network, which he'll officially join on Oct. 9. It's a position he held from 2012 to 2020 at the New York Times, having made major strides in building its robust...

Laid-Off National Geographic Writers Say No More Are Left

Departing staffers say they are the last ones

(Newser) - National Geographic, one of the most read magazines in the country, no longer has a single staff writer on its payroll, according to staffers who were given the sendoff Wednesday. The magazine said farewell to 19 staffers—including writers Michael Greshko, Doug Main, Nina Strochlic, Craig Welch, and Debra Adams...

Liz Truss Didn't Find Lettuce Joke Amusing

UK news media covers people over policy, former prime minister says

(Newser) - Liz Truss said Monday that she didn't find the running gag about a head of lettuce lasting longer than her 44-day reign as UK prime minister funny, and she seemed to not appreciate being asked about it, either. The Daily Star, a British tabloid, had bought a head of...

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