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Cops Find Drugs, Cash, Gun in Raid on ... Daycare?

1 kilo cocaine, 1K Oxy pills, wads of cash stashed at daycare center

(Newser) - Of all the places in the Bronx to find a stash of drugs, guns, and weapons, "Fun World Childcare" doesn't sound like the most likely candidate. But a raid on the building that houses the daycare center last week turned up more than just teddy bears and juice...

Sisters Post Bail, Accused of Over-Swaddling Infants

Bay Area women face felony child abuse charges at day care

(Newser) - Two sisters who run a day care in California have posted a total of $680,000 bail on charges that they endangered the lives of infants under their care, reports NBC Bay Area . The case is drawing national attention for the unusual nature of the charges—Nazila and Lida Sharaf...

Woman Gets 80 Years for Daycare Fire That Killed 4

Jessica Tata sentenced in death of one child, still faces more charges

(Newser) - A Texas woman was sentenced to 80 years today for her felony murder conviction in the death of one of four children killed in a fire at her home day care in Houston. Jessica Tata, 24, was convicted last week in connection with the death of 16-month-old Elias Castillo. Authorities...

China Cops: Man With Ax Kills 3 Kids at Day Care

Another 13 are injured in assault

(Newser) - A man with an ax attacked children at a day-care center in southwestern China today, killing three and injuring 13 others. The official Xinhua News Agency said the man in Guangxi province burst into the center this afternoon and attacked the children. A police officer in Pingnan county says the...

Daycare Now Costs More Than College

 Daycare Now 
 Costs More 
 Than College 
study says

Daycare Now Costs More Than College

Sending an infant to a center often breaks the bank for parents

(Newser) - It's entirely possible your children won't even remember the most expensive institution you ever enroll them in. On average, sending an infant to daycare is now more expensive than attending a state college, according to a new study from ChildCare Aware of America. Massachusetts residents, for instance, can...

Mercury Spill Shuts Down Ohio Daycare

30 kids had to get decontamination showers

(Newser) - All ended well, but a show-and-tell presentation on mercury turned out to be way more informative than planned for 30 preschoolers. A worker at a Toledo daycare brought in a vintage blood-pressure monitor with mercury inside to show the kids, explains the Toledo Blade . It got left on the floor,...

Fourth Child Dies After Day Care Fire in Houston

Police investigate whether operator had gone shopping beforehand

(Newser) - A fourth child died today after a day care fire in Houston last week, as police investigate whether the woman who operated it out of her home left the kids unsupervised while she went shopping, reports KTRK-TV. Three other toddlers were injured, and two of them remain hospitalized. "There's...

Grandparents Urged to Go on Strike in Spain

Union wants to prove a point about child care

(Newser) - A Spanish workers' union is calling on grandparents to strike from caring for their grandchildren, the Guardian reports. UGT wants to highlight how many working families get necessary child care in the absence of government help—by getting grandma and grandpa to watch the kids. "We want grandparents to...

Good Day Care Linked to Good Grades Later

4½-year-olds in 'high-quality' care perform better as teens

(Newser) - Kids who spend a lot of time in high-quality child care perform better academically than those who don't, even as much as 10 years later. Researchers looked at 1,364 youngsters, analyzing their academic records in the context of the kind and amount of child care they received. Previous studies...

Day-Care Kids Take Bigger Risks
 Day-Care Kids Take Bigger Risks

Day-Care Kids Take Bigger Risks

New fuel for mommy wars

(Newser) - Teenagers who spent long hours in day-care as toddlers are more likely to take risks and act impulsively than peers who spent those years at home, finds the largest and longest study of child-care in America. The findings—sure to stir controversy among parents and policy makers—found that teens...

Tiger Woods Apologizes to Daycare

Woods and Nordegren sorry for paparazzi attention

(Newser) - Tiger Woods did a little more apologizing today, this time to the parents of the other kids at the daycare his daughter attends. Woods and Elin Nordegren released a letter offering a “personal apology” for the media scrutiny now surrounding the school, reports Florida's WFTV . “We hope that...

Home Daycare Turns Kids Into Couch Potatoes

Child-care centers do far better at restricting boob tube time

(Newser) - Children in home-based daycare watch far more TV than kids in formal child-care centers, with preschoolers averaging as much as 3.4 hours a day. The numbers in a new survey haven't changed much from stats recorded in previous years, which the researchers say they find "disconcerting, given the...

Chicago Day-Care Home Used for Dogfights

Cops make arrests after raids in Maywood, Ill

(Newser) - Chicago police raided an Illinois day-care center that apparently doubled as a brutal dogfighting operation. Ten children were being watched at the private home at the time of the raid. A swing set used by the kids was only 10 feet from a bloody garage where a “vicious” pit...

Brit Nursery Schools Ban Cuddlies on Swine Flu Fears

(Newser) - Teddy bears have been given their marching orders from British nursery schools and day care centers as the government seeks to stop the spread of swine flu, the Guardian reports. New guidelines say soft toys should be removed since they are hard to clean properly, and the sharing of pencils...

Mexico Busts 7 Officials in Daycare Fire

Officials accused of negligence in blaze that killed 47 children

(Newser) - Mexico has charged seven officials with negligent homicide in a fire that killed 47 babies and toddlers in a daycare center earlier this month, the Wall Street Journal reports. The officials in Sonora state were responsible for the storage of tires, cars, and paperwork in a warehouse in the same...

Mob Attacks Teacher in Baby Porn Case

(Newser) - Shouting parents pounded on and hurled bottles at a van carrying a British daycare teacher charged with distributing child porn, reports the Guardian. Photos found in Vanessa George's home showed children as young as infants being sexually assaulted, according to law enforcement authorities. Parents lined up for hours to confront...

Brit Nursery Teacher Busted in Pedophile Internet Ring

Cops found photos of naked kids in her home

(Newser) - A British daycare teacher has been busted for suspected involvement in an Internet pedophile ring after photos of naked children were found in her home, reports the Telegraph. A police spokesman said the pictures were "at the top end of the scale." Officials are attempting to identify the...

Mexico Day Care Fire Kills 29
 Mexico Day Care Fire Kills 29 

Mexico Day Care Fire Kills 29

(Newser) - A fast-moving fire killed 29 children in a day care center in northern Mexico yesterday despite the desperate attempts of firefighters who punched through walls to rescue babies, toddlers and others trapped inside. At least 25 children and five employees were hospitalized after the fire at ABC day care in...

Working Moms Look to Michelle
Working Moms
Look to Michelle

Working Moms Look to Michelle

Women hope mom-in-chief will use bully pulpit to push family issues

(Newser) - Working moms are waiting for their own stimulus package—maternity leave, affordable childcare, flexible work arrangements—and they’re looking to Michelle Obama to push it through, Reuters reports. The new first lady began discussing these issues during her husband’s presidential campaign. “She's saying: ‘I’m here,...

Belgian Daycare Suspect Admits Guilt to Lawyer

De Gelder had history of depression; cops rule out Ledger tie

(Newser) - Belgian murder suspect Kim De Gelder has admitted guilt in the slaying of two infants and a daycare worker, the Telegraph reports. “He understands that he did something inhuman. I think that he feels regrets,” the 20-year-old’s lawyer said. “But it would be going too far...

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