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Biden Reunites With Pope in &#39;Unusually Long&#39; Meeting
Biden: Pope Says I Should
Keep Taking Communion

Biden: Pope Says I Should Keep Taking Communion

Says pontiff called him a 'good Catholic'

(Newser) - Update: This file has been updated to include more details on the visit, including the president's comments on communion and abortion. President Biden said Pope Francis told him Friday that he should continue to receive Communion, as the world's two most prominent Roman Catholics ran overtime in private...

Behold, Facebook Is Building a &#39;Metaverse&#39;
Behold, Facebook Is
Building a 'Metaverse'

Behold, Facebook Is Building a 'Metaverse'

Company touts concept of a massive shared virtual world, but critics have some questions

(Newser) - In his 1992 sci-fi novel, Snow Crash , Neal Stephenson mentions a concept called the "Metaverse," a giant, shared virtual world combining augmented reality with virtual reality, where users appear as avatars and access this new world via special goggles. Facebook is now ready to bring that idea to...

Antisemitic Graffiti Now Covers Auschwitz

9 barracks vandalized Tuesday with English, German slurs

(Newser) - Antisemitic terms and other phrases denying the Holocaust appeared Tuesday on at least nine buildings at the site of the former Nazi German death camp Auschwitz, where at least 1.1 million prisoners died during the Holocaust, 90% of whom were Jews. The spray-painted graffiti was written in English and...

One Charger for All Devices? Europe May Make It a Law
In a Shot at Apple, Europe
Plans New Law on Chargers
the rundown

In a Shot at Apple, Europe Plans New Law on Chargers

Legislation would require that phones, etc., use universal charger, a USB-C

(Newser) - Anyone who's fought with a tangle of wires hunting for the right charger may find themselves cheering a proposed law in Europe: It would require that all phones, tablets, and all other such electronic devices use the same type of charger—a USB-C, reports the BBC . Apple is already...

Here, Women Under 25 Will Get Birth Control for Free

French health minister says it's 'unbearable that women cannot protect themselves'

(Newser) - Women under 25 in France will soon get birth control—including the pill, IUDs, contraceptive patches, and other methods—for free. President Emmanuel Macron's government said Thursday that it would expand an existing program offering free contraception to women under 18 beginning next year as affordability is proving an...

Sicily May Have Just Broken Temp Record for All of Europe

But the 48.8C temp must still be confirmed

(Newser) - Sicily reached a difficult-to-imagine 48.8 degrees Celsius (119.85 Fahrenheit) Wednesday, in what may be a record high temperature for all of Europe. The World Meteorological Organization must still confirm the temperature, which would break the previous record of 48 degrees Celsius set in Athens in 1977, the Guardian...

Europe to Welcome Back US Tourists
Europe to Welcome
Back US Tourists

Europe to Welcome Back US Tourists

Ban on nonessential travel to lift Friday, with conditions set by individual countries

(Newser) - Good news for those planning a summer vacation in Europe: The European Union will add the United States to its safe travel list on Friday, lifting a ban on nonessential travelers that has been in place through much of the coronavirus pandemic, according to reports. Nonessential travel from the UK...

Journalist Arrested After Plane Forced Down in Belarus

EU leaders speak out against the action, which was ordered by the country's authoritarian leader

(Newser) - Belarus forced down an airliner carrying a dissident who co-founded a media outlet popular with the political opposition, the New York Times reports. Roman Protasevich, the journalist and activist, was traveling from Athens to Vilnius, Lithuania, where he was living in exile. But the Ryanair flight with about 170 passengers...

Vaccinated Americans, Europe Has Good News

Tourists will likely be able to return to the EU soon if they've gotten their shots

(Newser) - More than a year after the European Union shut down most nonessential travel from other countries, the president of the European Commission said vaccinated American tourists will likely be able to start visiting the EU again in the foreseeable future. "All 27 member states will accept, unconditionally, all those...

Europe's Days-Old 'Super League' Craters

Backlash was almost universal; teams withdraw en masse

(Newser) - It was announced Sunday that a lavishly-funded soccer league made up of major, celebrated teams from across Europe was about to launch. Days later, the European Super League looks to be crumbling in front of team supporters' thankful eyes. After all, "many called it the death of soccer,"...

First Signee Quits Domestic Violence Pact

Human rights group calls Turkey's decision 'devastating' to global efforts

(Newser) - A nation already dealing with shocking cases of violence against women was stunned Saturday when Turkey's president withdrew from an international treaty to protect women. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan issued the decree early in the day, and protesters immediately took to the streets of Istanbul, the BBC reports. An...

Vaccine Brand Is Tough Sell in Europe

Experts say comparisons of the products' efficacy can be misleading

(Newser) - Many Europeans are desperate for a coronavirus vaccine. But not just any vaccine. As AstraZeneca shots are rolling out to European Union nations this month, joining the Pfizer and Moderna doses already available, some people are balking at being offered a vaccine that they perceive—fairly or not—as second-best....

Europeans Make the Best of Heavy Snow, Floodwaters

Even lower temperatures are expected next

(Newser) - Severe weather in Europe, ranging from floods in France to heavy snow in Germany, has caused disruption and damage—but also magnificent backdrops to behold or play in on a Sunday. Floodwaters devastated many vineyards and orchards in southwestern France, the AP reports, while the Seine River overflowed its banks...

EU Nations Act to Limit Spread of New Virus Strain

Flights from UK are cut as governments await answers

(Newser) - Several European Union nations on Sunday banned flights from the UK, and Germany was considering limiting such flights to make sure that a new strain of coronavirus sweeping across southern England does not establish a strong foothold on the continent. The Netherlands banned flights from the UK for at least...

New Research Takes 'Odious' View of History

The Odeuropa project gives European history a good whiff

(Newser) - Ever said, "Oh, that smells nasty?" Then you were part of history. Case in point: A team of scientists and historians is embarking on a plan to catalogue the smells of Europe over time and see what they say about society, the New York Times reports. The new $3....

Italy Puts 'Economic Engine' Under Lockdown

Premier Giuseppe Conte says, 'United, we can do it'

(Newser) - Four Italian regions are being put under "red-zone" lockdown, with severe limits imposed on the circumstances under which people can leave home, Premier Giuseppe Conte announced on Wednesday night, the AP reports. What he called "very stringent" restrictions begin on Friday for Lombardy, Piedmont, and Valle d'Aosta...

Europe Now Outpacing US in COVID Cases
New Curfew in Paris
Is a Troubling Sign in Europe
the rundown

New Curfew in Paris Is a Troubling Sign in Europe

Continent is now outpacing the US in cases

(Newser) - A feared uptick in COVID cases with the start of fall seems to have begun in earnest in Europe, with the continent now averaging more than 100,000 new infections a day over the last week, reports the New York Times . This is Europe's highest total yet, notes NPR...

A Black Student's Death is Getting Even Uglier

More evidence emerges in the case of Sanda Dia

(Newser) - A black student's death during a hazing ritual in Belgium has raised painful issues of racism, elitism, colonialism—and people who might be getting away with manslaughter, the New York Times reports. Sanda Dia was 20 when he died trying to enter a nearly all-white fraternity at the Catholic...

Europe Doesn't Quite Get US Response to Virus

Italy reconsiders its envy of the American model

(Newser) - The US failure to contain the spread of the coronavirus has been met with astonishment and alarm in Europe, as the world's most powerful country edges closer to a global record of 5 million confirmed infections. Perhaps nowhere outside the US is America's bungled virus response viewed with...

World&#39;s Deadliest Virus Found in Viking Remains
Vikings Had Early Version
of the 'Deadliest Virus'
new study

Vikings Had Early Version of the 'Deadliest Virus'

Turns out smallpox dates back at least 1,400 years

(Newser) - Those Vikings just keep making history. Not only did they settle North America and have female warriors , they apparently suffered from an early kind of smallpox—the disease the killed off hundreds of millions of people in the 20th century, the New York Times reports. The now-extinct strain turned up...

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