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Condoleezza Rice Urges Bold Shift on Ukraine
Condoleezza Rice Urges
Bold Shift on Ukraine

Condoleezza Rice Urges Bold Shift on Ukraine

She and Robert Gates call for 'dramatic increase' in US military aid and equipment

(Newser) - By nearly all accounts, Russia's war in Ukraine is not going Vladimir Putin's way. But two former diplomatic heavyweights for the US warn that it probably won't last. In their Washington Post op-ed, former secretary of state Condoleezza Rice and former defense chief Robert Gates note that...

George W. Bush Wrote In His 2020 Alternative to Trump
George W. Bush Wrote In
His 2020 Alternative to Trump
the rundown

George W. Bush Wrote In His 2020 Alternative to Trump

Former president chose Condoleezza Rice

(Newser) - George W. Bush has kept a relatively low political profile since leaving office, but he keeps making headlines while on a media blitz to promote his latest book of paintings. While not calling out former President Trump by name, Bush has made clear that he doesn't like the direction...

NFL Team Mulls Condi Rice for Head Coach: Report

Or so says an anonymous league source

(Newser) - The Cleveland Browns next head coach could be ... Condoleezza Rice? So says ESPN in a somewhat vague report about the Browns wanting to interview her for the position. Browns GM John Dorsey said last week he might hire a woman for the job, and spoke well of the former secretary...

Moore: If You Don't Believe in My Character, Don't Vote for Me
Roy Moore Lashes Out
in Final Campaign Rally

Roy Moore Lashes Out in Final Campaign Rally

'One of our attorneys is a Jew,' his wife says

(Newser) - "If you don't believe in my character, don't vote for me," Roy Moore said at a campaign rally on the eve of Tuesday's Senate election in Alabama, once again lashing out at the women who've accused him of sexual misconduct. BuzzFeed describes the rally...

Tillerson Wasn't Trump's Idea. The Source May Surprise

Robert Gates, Condoleezza Rice suggested him: reports

(Newser) - Donald Trump's pick for secretary of state wasn't exactly his—at least not initially. Just two weeks ago, Trump was torn in trying to choose from one of four leading contenders: Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney, Bob Corker, or David Petreaus. Then the name of Rex Tillerson surfaced. The...

Bush's Secretaries of State Also Have Email Problems

Colin Powell used personal email account

(Newser) - A welcome development for the Hillary Clinton campaign: Investigators reviewing the sending of classified State Department information have discovered that at least a dozen classified emails were sent to personal accounts linked to George W. Bush's secretaries of state, the New York Times reports. According to a letter between...

Report: Detailed Warnings About 9/11 Were Ignored

'I think they were mentally stuck'

(Newser) - “It was very evident that we were going to be struck, we were gonna be struck hard, and lots of Americans were going to die,” former CIA counterterrorism chief Cofer Black recalls about the months before 9/11. Politico has an exclusive look from Chris Whipple into how the...

Save the NFL: Hire Condi Rice to Run It

The league she loves needs her more than ever, writes Jonathan Capehart

(Newser) - The NFL is a mess, with its reputation in the tank and its players unable to stay off the police blotter. Commissioner Roger Goodell bears a good deal of the responsibility, thanks to his inept leadership in recent years, writes Jonathan Capehart in the Washington Post . The awful Ray Rice...

Snowden: NSA Snoops Shared Sexy Photos

Inside agency, 'anything goes,' he says

(Newser) - Military personnel working on National Security Agency surveillance programs saw stumbling across explicit photos as one of the "fringe benefits of surveillance positions," Edward Snowden reveals in a wide-ranging interview with the Guardian . They may find, "for example, an intimate nude photo of someone in a sexually...

Commencement Speaker Blasts 'Immature' Students

He slams students for forcing original speaker to cancel

(Newser) - This year's commencement speaker at Pennsylvania's Haverford College used his speech to blast students for causing the original speaker to cancel. Dozens of students and three professors had protested the choice of former UC Berkeley chancellor Robert Birgeneau over his handling of an Occupy protest in 2011, the...

After Protests, Condoleezza Rice Cancels Rutgers Address

She was supposed to give the commencement speech later this month

(Newser) - Rutgers needs a new commencement speaker in a hurry. Condoleezza Rice announced today that she is withdrawing from the May 18 ceremony after students and faculty protested her selection, reports the National Review . "Commencement should be a time of joyous celebration for the graduates and their families," said...

Condoleezza Rice: Ukraine Must Be Our 'Wake-Up Call'

US has to lead again, instead of looking 'exhausted and disinterested'

(Newser) - Vladimir Putin hates how the Cold War ended, and he's trying to "turn back the clock" as far he can, writes former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in the Washington Post . Which is why it's essential that the US toughen up, she argues. Rice offers a mix...

Once Again, Obama and Clinton Are Most Admired
Once Again, Obama and Clinton Are Most Admired
survey says

Once Again, Obama and Clinton Are Most Admired

Gallup poll results also include Conn. teachers, US troops

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton is the most admired woman in America for the 16th time since 1993, and President Obama is the most admired man for the fifth consecutive year, according to a new USA Today / Gallup poll. But it wasn't just familiar names for 2012: For the first time,...

Stewart: McCain's Crusade Against Susan Rice Is BS

'Daily Show' host: Remember all the talk of WMDs?

(Newser) - John McCain and Lindsey Graham are very "troubled" by the idea of Susan Rice as secretary of state, but Jon Stewart on last night's Daily Show wasn't having any of their self-righteous anger, considering they're the very pair that helped march us into unnecessary war in...

Condi Rocks Convention

 Condi Rocks 

Condi Rocks Convention

Recalls childhood in 'Jim Crow Birmingham'

(Newser) - After a command performance by Ann Romney the previous night, another woman stole much of the thunder last night at the Republican National Convention. Condoleezza Rice wooed the GOP crowd with a straight-forward view of American strength and opportunity—one that aimed in part to defend Mitt Romney's wealth...

Tonight's RNC Stars: Paul Ryan, Rand Paul

 RNC Stars: 
 Paul Ryan, 
 Rand Paul 

Tonight's RNC Stars: Paul Ryan, Rand Paul

John McCain, Condoleezza Rice to speak as well

(Newser) - Tonight is Paul Ryan's turn to shine at the Republican National Convention. The VP candidate will deliver his keynote speech at 10pm, and while he'd like to use it to talk policy, the Romney team has convinced him to focus on his immigrant family and small-town values instead,...

Augusta National Adds 1st Women

Condoleezza Rice, Darla Moore become first female members

(Newser) - For the first time in its 80-year history, Augusta National Golf Club has female members. The home of the Masters, under increasing criticism the last decade because of its all-male membership, invited former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and South Carolina financier Darla Moore to become the first women in...

First Round of RNC Speakers Announced

Haley, Rice, Martinez among Tampa speakers

(Newser) - The first round of speakers for the Republican National Convention has been announced, and it includes plenty of women—but none of them named Palin. Speakers at the Tampa convention will include South Carolina's Nikki Haley and New Mexico's Susana Martinez, the first female governors of their states,...

Condi Could Save This Dull Election
 Condi Could 
 Save This 
 Dull Election 

peggy noonan

Condi Could Save This Dull Election

In a crucial year, neither candidate has inspired: Peggy Noonan

(Newser) - We're in the middle of "a crisis election like 1932 or 1980," yet supporters of both candidates can't seem to muster much enthusiasm. We need to inject some inspiration and excitement into this race, and Condoleezza Rice could be just the person to do it, writes...

Drudge: Condi Tops Mitt's VP List

Despite Rice saying no, speculation swirls about her candidacy

(Newser) - She's given some pretty emphatic denials , but Condoleezza Rice has still emerged as Mitt Romney's No. 1 choice for vice president, according to the Drudge Report . Despite her repeated statements that elected office is not for her, Rice wowed the conservative establishment with her speech at a Romney...

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