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Amanda Knox Returns to Italian Courtroom
Amanda Knox
Reconvicted in Italy

Amanda Knox Reconvicted in Italy

'I am very sorry that I was not strong enough to resist the pressure of police,' she told the court

(Newser) - An Italian court reconvicted Amanda Knox of slander on Wednesday, even after she was exonerated in the brutal 2007 murder of her British roommate while the two were exchange students in Italy. The court found Knox had wrongly accused an innocent man, the Congolese owner of the bar where she...

Amanda Knox Says She Will Return to Italy

She says she needs to face her fears to heal

(Newser) - Nobody could blame Amanda Knox if she decided never to return to Italy: After going to Perugia as an exchange student in 2007, her roommate was gruesomely killed and she spent the next eight years fighting murder charges. But Knox, who spent nearly four years in Italian prisons, says she...

House in Amanda Knox Case Up for Sale

Property in Perugia on market for $625K

(Newser) - It has 10 rooms, a strong rental history, and a terrace that overlooks a picturesque valley in Perugia, Italy. But those aren't the reasons the real estate listing for this house is drawing so much attention, reports the Daily Beast . It happens to be the home where Meredith Kercher...

Amanda Knox Still 'Loves' Italy

She'll head back as tourist, and to testify at parents' slander trial

(Newser) - Amanda Knox spent fours years in an Italian prison before her murder conviction was tossed out, but now she's ready to head back to Italy. She still "loves Italy," and will likely travel there as a tourist, her attorney tells ABC News . She's also planning to...

Amanda Knox's Italian Lover Breaks Silence

Raffaele Sollecito says their ordeal was '4 years in a circle of hell'

(Newser) - Amanda Knox's Italian ex-boyfriend has spoken out for the first time since their murder convictions were overturned , saying "we need each other," and that they talk every day and he cannot wait to see her again, reports the Daily Mail . "We spent four years in a...

So You Think Knox Had a Guilty Face?

People can't read expressions after all: Ian Leslie

(Newser) - We've all wondered about those photos of Amanda Knox smirking and glancing mischievously in court—and we were all dead wrong to do so, writes Ian Leslie in the Guardian . Study after study have shown that people believe they can read each other's facial expressions while revealing little...

Amanda Knox Judge: She Could Have Killed Meredith

Judge who oversaw appeal says Knox 'could be responsible'

(Newser) - One of the two judges who oversaw the Amanda Knox appeal has spoken out, and his comments are hardly a resounding confirmation of her innocence. In remarks the Telegraph describes as "surprisingly frank," Claudio Pratillo Hellmann said in a TV interview yesterday that Knox and then-boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito...

In Knox Verdict, a Victory for Reality
 In Knox Verdict, 
 a Victory for Reality 

In Knox Verdict, a Victory for Reality

Case 'was always too far-fetched'

(Newser) - Amanda Knox has been freed and while the case may continue to be hotly debated in the Italian press, commentators in the US and Britain are overwhelmingly of the opinion that justice has been done.
  • The Knox case, "was a textbook example of our never-ending fascination with the supposed

Amanda Knox Leaves Prison After Verdict in Kercher Murder Trial
 Knox Leaves Prison 

Knox Leaves Prison

Mercedes carries her away 90 minutes after verdict

(Newser) - Amanda Knox left prison today, a free woman for the first time in four years, after an Italian appeals court threw out the young American's murder conviction in the sexual assault and stabbing death of her British roommate. About 90 minutes after the verdict was handed down, a black...

Amanda Knox Freed: American Student's Murder Conviction Overturned in Italy
 Italy Court Frees Amanda Knox 

Italy Court Frees Amanda Knox

Murder conviction overturned, she and Sollecito walk free

(Newser) - Amanda Knox's four-year quest to prove her innocence in the murder of Meredith Kercher has come to its dramatic conclusion, with an Italian appeals court today overturning her 26-year prison sentence. Knox appeared extremely emotional while awaiting the verdict, and broke down completely as a judge announced it, reports...

Knox Plans Final 'Plea for Her Life'

'It's going to be a heartfelt statement': father

(Newser) - While Amanda Knox plans a final plea for her life tomorrow, her father says he's not worried that her words may work against her in an Italian courtroom. "I really don't think so," Curt Knox said on Today (see the video in our media gallery). "...

Knox a 'Satanic She-Devil,' Court Told

Lawyer for man she accused testifies to her two-faced nature

(Newser) - As closing arguments continue in Amanda Knox’s murder-conviction appeal, the court heard today that the American student may look like an angel but is actually a "she-devil." Knox initially accused bar owner Patrick Lumumba of killing her roommate, Meredith Kercher, and his lawyer told the court that...

DNA Experts: Knox Evidence 'Not Reliable'

Knox's defense gets boost from DNA report

(Newser) - Independent experts are disputing much of the forensic evidence collected against Amanda Knox, saying in a report today that some of the DNA traces used to convict Knox and Raffaele Sollecito may have been contaminated. Knox's defense had eagerly been awaiting the review's conclusions, and hope it boosts...

Convicts: Knox Wasn't at Murder Scene

Say Rudy Guede told them in prison he and a friend killed Meredith Kercher

(Newser) - A parade of convicted criminals are today trying to do what Amanda Knox's defense could not: Convince a Perugia court that the American exchange student had nothing to do with the murder of British roommate Meredith Kercher. Mario Alessi today testified that another man convicted in Kercher's murder,...

DNA Results May Give Hope to Amanda Knox

There's not enough DNA on alleged murder weapon to test

(Newser) - Finally, some good news for Amanda Knox? Two forensic scientists have re-examined the alleged murder weapon and found that it doesn't have enough DNA on it even to conduct another test, report the Telegraph and Daily Mail . The knife was one of the key pieces of evidence used to tie...

Murder Scene Yanked From Knox Movie

Controversial film still criticized, despite edits

(Newser) - The Amanda Knox movie just got a last-second edit: The scene in which a screaming, half-dressed Meredith Kercher is stabbed to death has been cut from the final version of the controversial TV movie, reports the Telegraph . The movie does, however, still feature one of Kercher's assailants watching the killing....

Knox's Parents Face Years in Italian Jail

Pair accused of defamation for repeating claim cops abused daughter

(Newser) - Amanda Knox's mom takes her own turn in an Italian court today in a preliminary hearing that will determine if, along with Knox's father, she'll face years in prison for repeating their daughter's claim that she was mistreated by police. Twelve police officers—represented by the same lawyer who represented...

Amanda Knox Back in Court on Cop Slander Charge

'Foxy Knoxy' in court for saying police beat her

(Newser) - Amanda Knox will leave prison for the first time in 6 months today to answer slander charges stemming from her murder trial in Italy. The American—serving a 26-year sentence for killing British student Meredith Kercher—testified during her year-long murder trial that police beat her during questioning. She faces...

Amanda Knox: 'I Am Scared'
 Amanda Knox: 
 'I Am Scared' 

Amanda Knox: 'I Am Scared'

In jailhouse interview, American says she remains hopeful

(Newser) - Amanda Knox is scared but hopeful 8 days after an Italian court sentenced her to 26 years in prison for the murder of her British roommate."I am scared because I don't know what is going on," the 22-year-old American said during a 10-minute visit to her 97-square-foot...

Amanda Knox Innocent, Verdict 'Absurd': Ex
Amanda Knox Innocent, Verdict 'Absurd': Ex
co-defendant speaks

Amanda Knox Innocent, Verdict 'Absurd': Ex

Co-defendant Raffaele Sollecito also insists in his own innocence

(Newser) - The former boyfriend who was convicted of murder along with Amanda Knox says the 22-year-old American isn't capable of killing anyone. In a prison interview, Raffaele Sollecito described Knox as a "very sweet girl" and said her conviction in the murder of Meredith Kercher was "absurd and inadmissible....

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