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Tax Dodgers: Feds Could Soon Snatch Your Passport

If measure passes, 'seriously delinquent' taxes could mean no passport

(Newser) - If lawmakers push a provision through in December, US citizens who owe back taxes will have more to worry about than accumulating debt. As part of a transit and highway funding bill currently being negotiated in Congress, the provision would allow the feds to revoke, deny, or limit a person'...

After 4 Years, This Man Has His Passport Back

Dissident artist posts image on social media he's supposedly banned from

(Newser) - Ai Weiwei announced on Instagram that he got his passport back today, four years after it was confiscated by Chinese authorities. The artist and government critic posted a photo of himself holding a Chinese passport with the caption, "Today, I got my passport." Ai was detained by...

Dubai Won't Let In World's Most Pierced Man

The horned, heavily pierced German couldn't get through customs

(Newser) - The German IT worker who lays claim to the world's most piercings with 453 —most of which are on his face and genitals—is also claiming he couldn't get through customs on his way to a night club in Dubai due to officials worrying he might be...

How Is Snowden Traveling Without a Passport?

Ecuador has issued him a special refugee visa

(Newser) - Edward Snowden is quite the jet-setter these days ( when he shows up for his flight anyway )—even though the State Department has revoked his passport. How is that possible? It's because he is, at least as far as Ecuador is concerned, a refugee. Passports, the BBC explains,...

Russia Rolls Out Red Carpet for Depardieu

What 75% tax? Russia offers tax-dodger a free apartment

(Newser) - Things are looking up for Gerard Depardieu: Not only is the French actor a newly minted Russian , he's already broken bread with Vladimir Putin, gotten a hero's welcome, and scored a free apartment. Depardieu grabbed his shiny new Russia passport from Pooty-Poot last night over dinner in Sochi,...

'Pathetic' Depardieu Quits France in Tax Rage

Trades barbs with PM, turns in passport after he moved to Belgium

(Newser) - For those American liberals who threaten to move to France should a presidential election not go their way, Gerard Depardieu is noisily heading in the opposite direction and burning his bridges as he goes: The actor is publicly surrendering his French passport and lambasting socialist PM Jean-Marc Ayrault, who had...

Canadian Uses iPad Scan to Cross Into US

He forgot his passport but remembered his scanned copy

(Newser) - In what looks to be a first, a Canadian traveler got across the US border via iPad. It wasn't intentional: Montreal resident Martin Reisch realized he forgot his passport en route but remembered he had a scanned copy on his Apple gadget, reports the Canadian Press . He handed over...

Amanda Knox Leaves Prison After Verdict in Kercher Murder Trial
 Knox Leaves Prison 

Knox Leaves Prison

Mercedes carries her away 90 minutes after verdict

(Newser) - Amanda Knox left prison today, a free woman for the first time in four years, after an Italian appeals court threw out the young American's murder conviction in the sexual assault and stabbing death of her British roommate. About 90 minutes after the verdict was handed down, a black...

Dominique Strauss-Kahn Gets His Passport Back
 DSK Gets His Passport Back 

DSK Gets His Passport Back

But his next move isn't certain

(Newser) - France may not want him to use it to return home and mount a run for the presidency, but Dominique Strauss-Kahn has his passport back as of today, reports the New York Post . "I can confirm that the New York Police Department and the Office of the District Attorney...

Supreme Court Steps Into Thorny Case on Jerusalem

Case questions birth country of Jerusalem-born American

(Newser) - The Supreme Court is about to take on a case that tangles Israeli politics with questions of congressional and executive power. It will hear an appeal from the parents of an American born in Jerusalem—a city the US doesn’t recognize as belonging to Israel—who wants Israel listed...

Proposed Passport Form Is Basically Impossible

Unless, of course, you've been keeping detailed records since before birth

(Newser) - Need a passport? Better find your birth certificate, because the State Department is considering a new, and nearly impossible to complete, form that would be required for those who can't produce one. In addition to "easy" questions like listing every residence and job you've had since birth...

Stranded Maid Dies of Stress After 5 Nights in Airport

Authorities pass the blame in death of woman who lost passport

(Newser) - An Indian maid died of what doctors say was a stress-induced heart attack after being forced to spend five nights sleeping in a transit area at Oman's Muscat airport. The 40-year-old lost her passport on a connecting flight between Oman and Qatar, and she was sent back to Oman instead...

US Refuses to Recognize Iroquois Passports

Lacrosse team blocked from foreign competition

(Newser) - US officials are refusing to recognize passports held by Iroquois native Americans, blocking champion lacrosse players from traveling to a top international competition in Great Britain. The Iroquois Nationals, including players from upstate New York and Canada, have been traveling for 20 years with the passports, which were issued by...

Surgery No Longer Needed for Passport Gender Swap

Move will make travel easier for transgender people

(Newser) - People who want to change their gender on their passport will no longer need to go under the knife, the State Department has declared. All an applicant need do now is show a doctor's certification that the or she has undergone "appropriate clinical treatment for gender transition," which...

Lindsay Lohan Won't Be Arrested

Judge recalls warrant when bail is posted

(Newser) - Tough break for the paparazzi: Lindsay Lohan won't be arrested upon her return to Los Angeles from France, reports TMZ . The judge in her DUI case recalled the bench warrant for her arrest after her people posted bail and promised she'd be in court bright and early Monday morning. Assuming...

Rivers, Barred From Flight, Explodes

Her name didn't match the boarding pass

(Newser) - It's going to be a long, excruciating year for airport security guards if every passenger reacts to safety concerns the way Joan Rivers did recently. Rivers lashed a female guard as a "moronic idiot" and "premenstrual" after she was barred from boarding a Newark-bound flight from Costa Rica...

US-Canada Border Crossings Plummet

(Newser) - Fewer Americans visited Canada last month than at any time since record-keeping began in 1972, as new passport controls and a weak US dollar kept tourists away. One-day car trips dropped 26% from May to June, and US tourists in Canada fell to half their number 5 years ago. The...

New Passport Rules Burden Businesses on US Borders

Fewer traveling into US

(Newser) - Businesses on the US side of the Canadian border say they're struggling now that travelers must show a passport to get into the country. In June, when the new law went into effect, the 11 busiest border bridges saw 23% less traffic than last year, the Wall Street Journal reports....

Polly Steals a Passport
 Polly Steals a Passport 

Polly Steals a Passport

Winged New Zealand thief makes off with Scottish tourist's passport

(Newser) - One of New Zealand's native parrots now has a British passport, the AP reports. The kea, one of a notoriously brazen species of alpine parrots, snatched the brightly colored bag containing the passport from the luggage compartment of a stopped tour bus and flew off into the rainforest with it....

Georgia Prof Suspected in Triple Murder Still in US: Cops

Zinkhan's passport recovered from his car

(Newser) - Authorities believe George Zinkhan, the University of Georgia professor accused of murdering his wife and two friends, has not left the country as they have his passport, police told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution today; the document was found in his abandoned car. Zinkhan was scheduled on a weekend flight to Amsterdam,...

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