Jesse Jackson Jr.

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Jesse Jackson Jr. Leaving Prison for Halfway House

Says Patrick Kennedy, who visited him in Ala. prison camp

(Newser) - Former US Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. will be released from federal prison tomorrow and will serve out the remainder of his term in a halfway house in Washington, DC, former US Rep. Patrick Kennedy says. Kennedy said he spoke with Jackson at the minimum-security federal prison camp in Montgomery, Ala....

The Jacksons 'Got Off Easy'
 The Jacksons 'Got Off Easy' 

The Jacksons 'Got Off Easy'

John Kass: They know this wasn't even 'a sharp slap on the wrist'

(Newser) - The Jacksons both cried yesterday as they were sentenced to prison for plundering $750,000 from Jesse Jackson Jr.'s campaign fund, but don't let that fool you, writes John Kass in the Chicago Tribune . Both Jacksons graduated from law school; both are experienced politicos. Therefore both of...

Jesse Jackson Jr., Wife Going to Prison

He gets 30 months, she gets 1 year in staggered sentences

(Newser) - Jesse Jackson Jr. wept in court today, apologized for using $750,000 in campaign funds as his personal piggy bank, and then took his lumps: 30 months in federal prison and three years' probation, reports the Chicago Tribune . “I am the example for the whole Congress,” he said....

Kelly Cruises to Victory in Race for Jackson Jr. Seat

Vocal gun control supporter faces tough challenge in House

(Newser) - Robin Kelly has, as widely expected, cruised to an easy victory over her Republican opponent in the race for the Chicago-area House seat vacated by Jesse Jackson Jr.'s resignation . Kelly—a firm supporter of gun control whose primary campaign was bankrolled by Michael Bloomberg —won after raising...

Pro-Gun Control Dem Wins Ill. Race on Bloomberg Dime

$2M ad blitz fires Kelly to primary victory in 'message' to NRA

(Newser) - A pro-gun control candidate has won the first congressional contest since the Sandy Hook school shooting, reports CNN . Robin Kelly defeated National Rifle Association-approved rival Debbie Halvorson to win the Democratic primary for the Chicago-area House seat vacated by Jesse Jackson Jr . New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg bankrolled a...

Jesse Jackson Jr. Pleads Guilty
 Jesse Jackson Jr. Pleads Guilty 

Jesse Jackson Jr. Pleads Guilty

Judge says he's not bound by sentencing guidelines

(Newser) - Jesse Jackson Jr. dabbed his eyes with a handkerchief today and looked to his father, and the rest of his family gathered in court. "Guilty, your honor," he said, making official his reported intention to plead guilty to having misused $750,000 in campaign funds. Jackson pleaded guilty...

Feds: Jackson Jr. Stole $750K in Campaign Funds

Prosecutors push for nearly 5 years in jail as part of plea deal

(Newser) - Looks like Jesse Jackson Jr. didn't exactly work out a sweetheart plea deal for himself. Prosecutors intend to recommend 46 to 57 months of prison time for the former congressman, along with a fine of between $10,000 and $100,000, Politico reports. As part of the deal, Jackson...

Jesse Jackson Jr. Strikes Plea Deal, May Face Jail

Former congressman accused of misusing campaign funds

(Newser) - Jesse Jackson Jr. has struck a deal on federal charges that he used campaign contributions for personal expenses, reports NBC Chicago . He will have to repay hundreds of thousands of dollars, but the big question is whether Jackson is headed to jail. NBC says it's up to a federal...

Jesse Jackson Jr. to Resign

 Jesse Jackson Jr. Resigns 

Jesse Jackson Jr. Resigns

Chicago congressman cites his health problems

(Newser) - Jesse Jackson Jr. resigned from Congress today, reports the Chicago Sun-Times and Tribune . Jackson had originally intended to hold a press conference to announce as much, but reportedly couldn't bring himself to do so thanks to his bipolar disorder. Jackson won reelection on Nov. 6, even though he didn'...

Fight for the House: GOP Poised to Keep Control
Republicans Retain
Control of House
election 2012

Republicans Retain Control of House

Although Jesse Jackson Jr. won re-election

(Newser) - Speaker John Boehner is going to keep his gavel. Republicans are on track to easily retain control of the House, reports Politico . Democrats needed to gain 25 seats to avoid that fate, but they won't even come close. In fact, Republicans might even increase their majority, which stood at...

Jesse Jackson Jr. Returning to Clinic

Sun-Times says he's going back to Mayo

(Newser) - If it looked like Jesse Jackson Jr. was on track to getting his bipolar depression under control and heading back to Congress, this might suggest otherwise: The Chicago-Sun Times says Jackson is returning to the Mayo Clinic for treatment because constant media scrutiny made progress in Chicago impossible. Despite his...

Jesse Jackson Jr. Home After Depression Treatment

It's not clear when congressman will return to work

(Newser) - Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. has returned to his home in Washington after treatment for depression at Mayo Clinic. "He's at home in Washington convalescing with his wife and children," said aide Rick Bryant. "Let's hope he returns to work on Monday." The congressman went...

Kennedy: Jackson Jr. in 'Deep Depression'

Congressman has a lot of work ahead of him, he says

(Newser) - Jesse Jackson Jr. is in a deep depression and has a lot of work to do before he can get well, former Rep. Patrick Kennedy said after an emotional meeting with his old friend at the Mayo Clinic yesterday. The Illinois congressman, who has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder , was...

Jesse Jackson Jr. Has Bipolar Disorder

Likely a result of his 2004 gastric bypass surgery

(Newser) - Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and is responding well to treatment, doctors at the Mayo Clinic say. The Illinois congressman, who has been absent from Congress since early June, is suffering from the milder and more easily treated version of the disorder, according to the...

Jesse Jackson Jr at Mayo Clinic for Depression

Congressman releases statement on his absence

(Newser) - More than two weeks after Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. dropped out of sight, on medical leave for "exhaustion" and a "mood disorder," the congressman issued a statement saying he had checked into the Mayo Clinic “for extensive inpatient evaluation for depression and gastrointestinal issues,” reports...

Jackson Being Treated for 'Mood Disorder'

Congressman is at residential treatment facility, office says

(Newser) - Jesse Jackson Jr.'s office has denied reports that the congressman is being treated for alcoholism, saying he is "receiving intensive medical treatment at a residential treatment facility for a mood disorder." Jackson has been on medical leave since being hospitalized for exhaustion a month ago. His...

Rumors Swirling, Jesse Jackson Denies Son Tried Suicide

Democrats unsure when Jesse Jackson Jr. will return to Congress

(Newser) - It could be September by the time Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. returns to Congress, insiders tell Politico after the Illinois lawmaker was hospitalized for exhaustion . And that's "if he comes back at all," notes one Democrat. An Illinois radio station reported a rumor that the son of...

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. on Leave for 'Exhaustion'

Blagojevich probe still investigating him

(Newser) - Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr, the 47-year-old son of the famous civil rights leader, has been on medical leave for two weeks and is undergoing treatment for exhaustion, the Chicago Tribune reports. “At the request of the family, we’re not saying where he is," said a rep, who...

iPad Kills Jobs: Jesse Jackson Jr.

'Why do you need to go to Borders anymore?' asks congressman

(Newser) - The real culprit behind American unemployment? The iPad, says congressman Jesse Jackson Jr.: It’s “probably responsible for eliminating thousands of American jobs.” Just look at Borders' bankruptcy, he noted on the House floor on Friday: “Why do you need to go to Borders anymore? Why do...

GOP Rep Wants to Enclose Congress in Plexiglass

Lawmakers seek to boost security after Giffords shooting

(Newser) - Lawmakers return to the Capitol today for the first time since Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was shot in Tucson and some are seeking increased protection. Rep. Dan Burton, a Republican from Indiana, plans to reintroduce legislation calling for the House gallery to be encased in a "transparent and substantial material"...

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