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Another Ricin Letter Sent to Obama

Authorities intercept letter they think is related to Bloomberg's ricin letter

(Newser) - It's not a good trend when stories about ricin-tainted letters sent to the president and other officials start to blur together. The FBI says a suspicious letter was intercepted at a White House mail facility this morning, reports the Washington Post . Tests have yet to confirm the presence of...

Ricin Letter Sent to Mayor Bloomberg

He never received it; NYPD says writer angry about gun laws

(Newser) - Someone angry about the push for stricter gun laws sent a letter believed to be tainted with ricin to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, says the NYPD. Police think the same person also sent a ricin letter to the DC headquarters of a group that Bloomberg helps run called...

FBI Links Ricin to Letters' Suspect

Investigators find traces at former business of James Everett Dutschke

(Newser) - The case against the new ricin suspect is looking a lot stronger than the one against the old suspect . An FBI affidavit says investigators found traces of ricin at the martial arts studio once owned by James Everett Dutschke, along with traces on a dust mask tossed in a nearby...

Arrest Made in Ricin Case, Take II
Arrest Made in Ricin Case,
Take II

Arrest Made in Ricin Case, Take II

Everett Dutschke faces biological weapon charges

(Newser) - Federal agents have arrested a Mississippi man in connection with toxic letters sent to President Obama and two others, and this time they mean it. The FBI took Everett Dutschke into custody early this morning in Tupelo, reports WTVA , and he has been charged with possessing and attempting to use...

New Ricin Suspect Flees Through Woods

But authorities know how to contact Everett Dutschke: lawyer

(Newser) - Everett Dutschke, whose home was searched in connection with ricin-laced letters sent to President Obama and others, has apparently gone into hiding—though his lawyer says the FBI knows how to get in touch with him. Talking to the media earlier this week, Dutschke said, "I don't know...

Ricin Case Gets Weirder, Shifts to Ex-Suspect's Foe

Did an online feud escalate into something more sinister?

(Newser) - An Elvis impersonator, his online enemy, musical rivalries: The ricin case is getting odder and odder. Following former suspect Paul Kevin Curtis' release from prison , authorities have searched the home and former martial arts studio of Everett Dutschke, in Tupelo, Mississippi, birthplace of Elvis. Plastic-suited, gas-masked investigators left the businesses...

Former Ricin Suspect: 'I Don't Even Eat Rice'

Gives Piers Morgan the weirdest interview of his life

(Newser) - Paul Kevin Curtis, the eccentric celebrity impersonator previously suspected of sending ricin-laced letters to President Obama, appeared on CNN 's Piers Morgan Live yesterday, shortly after being released from seven days in prison. "I heard the word 'ricin' for the first time in my life by a...

Charges Dropped Against Ricin Suspect; New Home Searched

Paul Kevin Curtis goes free as feds search another man's house

(Newser) - Attorneys for the Elvis impersonator accused of sending toxic letters to President Obama and others have said from the start that their client was framed. Now it's looking like they might be right: Authorities today dismissed charges against Paul Kevin Curtis and released him from prison, reports CNN . A...

FBI: No Ricin at Suspect's Home

Lawyer says Paul Kevin Curtis is the 'perfect scapegoat'

(Newser) - Federal investigators haven't found any ricin, any ricin ingredients, or even any devices that could have been used to make ricin, "like a blender or something," in suspect Paul Kevin Curtis' home, an FBI agent testified in a hearing yesterday, according to the AP . Nor did Curtis'...

Senator Once Hired Ricin Suspect to Play Elvis

Roger Wicker says Curtis was 'quite entertaining'

(Newser) - Yet one more strange detail in the case of the Elvis impersonator and conspiracy theorist accused of sending toxic letters to the president and Mississippi Sen. Roger Wicker. It seems that Wicker once hired the guy to, yes, impersonate Elvis, reports CNN . "He entertained at a party that my...

Ricin Suspect Charged With Threatening President

Paul Kevin Curtis faces up to 15 years in prison

(Newser) - The man arrested in Washington's ricin scare has been officially charged with threatening the president, along with other crimes, the FBI announced today. Paul Kevin Curtis has a date with a magistrate in Oxford, Miss., later today, Bloomberg reports. If he's convicted, the Elvis impersonator and conspiracy theorist...

Ricin Suspect: Elvis Impersonator, Conspiracy Theorist

Paul Kevin Curtis has a colorful online presence

(Newser) - The Mississippi man accused of sending ricin to President Obama and a Republican senator is an impersonator of some 70 celebrities with a colorful online presence and a penchant for conspiracy theories, reports the Clarion-Ledger in a look at Paul Kevin Curtis, who was arrested yesterday. Curtis, who apparently has...

Cops Arrest Suspect in Mailing of Ricin Letters

Paul Kevin Curtis of Tupelo, Mississippi, in custody

(Newser) - Federal authorities have arrested a man identified as Paul Kevin Curtis of Tupelo, Mississippi, in the mailing of letters laced with toxin to President Obama and Sen. Roger Wicker, reports the Clarion-Ledger . Not much is known about the suspect at this point, though both letters were signed, "I am...

Letter to Obama Had Ricin; Senate Building Evacuated

Police questioning man with a backpack

(Newser) - A letter containing a "suspicious substance" was sent to President Obama and intercepted at the White House's off-site mail center, according to the Secret Service, and the FBI has confirmed that it has tested positive for ricin. It arrived yesterday, the same day as a letter addressed to...

Letter Sent to Senator Tests Positive for Ricin

Envelope for Roger Wicker intercepted at mail-sorting facility

(Newser) - Scary story breaking out of DC: A letter addressed to Republican Mississippi Sen. Roger Wicker tested positive for the poison ricin, reports Politico . The envelope never got to him, reports CNN , which says it was intercepted at an off-site facility that sorts mail for the Capitol. Three separate tests turned...

Al-Qaeda Trying to Make Ricin Bombs for US Attacks

Yemen affiliate said to be loading up on castor beans to make the toxin

(Newser) - Osama bin Laden is gone and the main branch of al-Qaeda might be reeling, but its affiliates remain bent on attacking the US, reports the New York Times . Citing classified intelligence reports, it says the Yemen branch known as al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula is hoarding castor beans to turn...

New al-Qaeda Terror Plot: Poison US Buffets

Homeland Security uncovers plans to spike food with ricin, cyanide

(Newser) - Homeland Security has uncovered a terrorist plot to spread ricin and cyanide into American salad bars and buffets, CBS reports. Select corporate security officers from the restaurant and hotel industries have already been briefed on the threat, which a major intelligence source described as “credible.” The terrorists appear...

Las Vegas Ricin Man Pleads Guilty

Loner fantasized about harming people

(Newser) - A man who almost died from exposure to his own ricin, one of the deadliest toxins known, has pleaded guilty to possession of the poison, reports the Los Angeles Times. The unemployed graphic designer, 57, was found suffering from poisoning in February, and investigators discovered he had been making the...

Vegas Ricin Man Arrested After Hospital Stay

'Exotic idea' to poison foes, not terror, believed behind toxin

(Newser) - Roger Bergendorff, hospitalized in February for exposure to the toxin ricin, was charged today in Las Vegas in what authorities say was an "exotic idea" to strike at foes—and not a terror plot, the AP reports. Bergendorff, 57, faces charges including possession of a biological toxin, traces of...

Man Says He Had Ricin for Self-Defense

He admits having it in hotel, says he did not plan to hurt anyone

(Newser) - The Las Vegas man hospitalized by exposure to ricin in his hotel room told his brother he  did not intend to hurt anyone with it, the AP reports. Roger Bergendoff, who regained consciousness last week after a month, admitted possessing the biological agent but said it was for self-defense. "...

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