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Couple Holds Web Vote: Get Abortion or Have Baby?

Pro-life stunt, or people unfit to be parents?

(Newser) - Minnesota couple Pete and Alisha Arnold say they're letting the Internet decide whether or not they get an abortion. The couple—who have been posting ultrasound pictures at —say the move is an exercise in democracy. They plan to keep the poll open for as long as...

Bush: Mom Showed Me Her Miscarried Fetus

Moment helped prompt pro-life stance, says ex-president in Lauer chat

(Newser) - When George W. Bush’s mother suffered a miscarriage, she showed her teenage son the fetus in a jar—an event that pushed him toward his pro-life stance, he tells Matt Lauer in an interview set to air tonight. “There's no question that affected me, a philosophy that we...

Why Don't We Execute Women Who Abort?
Why Don't We Execute Women Who Abort?

Why Don't We Execute Women Who Abort?

They're just as guilty as Teresa Lewis, if you believe pro-life rhetoric

(Newser) - Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell thinks Teresa Lewis deserves to die because she bought guns for the men who killed her husband and stepson, and left the door unlocked so they could get in. Taking a life by proxy, in McDonnell’s book, is murder. “Yet every day thousands of...

MLK's Niece: Why I Stand With Glenn Beck

She says rally isn't political

(Newser) - One King will be at Glenn Beck’s rally on the Washington Mall tomorrow—pro-life activist Alveda King, niece of the civil rights pioneer. “Americans are hungry to reclaim the symbols of our liberty,” she writes in the Christian Science Monitor . “Glen Beck’s rally … will...

Angle to Rape Victims: Don't Abort, Trust 'God's Plan'

Reid's opponent also gives first interview to mainstream media

(Newser) - A little thing like rape isn't a good enough excuse for an abortion, as far as Sharron Angle's concerned. Harry Reid's conservative, Tea Party-backed opponent gave an interview in January, in which she told conservative host Bill Manders that rape victims need to trust in God's plan. “Is there...

Abortion Storm Erupts Over 'Ultrasound' Jesus Ad

Fetus with halo is 'pro-life,' charge critics

(Newser) - With 197 days left until Christmas, a planned holiday ad showing Jesus in the womb has triggered a new abortion controversy in Britain. The "Ultrasound Jesus" ad, set to appear on billboards in December, shows a fetus with a halo and announces: "He's on his way: Christmas starts...

'Pro-Freedom': Better Than 'Pro-Choice'?

Some think it's time for a new name—but do we need it?

(Newser) - New Gallup polls show that most Americans don't want abortion criminalized, but they remain divided between pro-life and pro-choice advocates—and let's face it, Lynn Harris writes for Salon , the pro-lifers have the better name. "Life" is "the rhetorical rock that will always beat our scissors," writes...

I Got What I Wanted: Health Reform That's Pro-Life
I Got What I Wanted: Health Reform That's Pro-Life

I Got What I Wanted: Health Reform That's Pro-Life

Anti-abortion Dem answers critics of his reform vote

(Newser) - The health-care bill passed this week is plenty pro-life for Bart Stupak, the anti-abortion Democrat whose amendment didn’t make the final cut but who wrangled an executive order out of President Obama that carries “the full force and effect of law” in prohibiting federal funding for abortion. In...

Bill to Outlaw Miscarriages Enrages Left

Utah may punish women who lose fetus after 'reckless' action

(Newser) - A Utah bill designed to outlaw do-it-yourself abortions has drawn national attention, with bloggers railing that the law could punish women for accidental miscarriages. The bill, which has already passed both chambers of Utah’s legislature, would allow women to be charged with homicide if they committed an “intentional,...

Billboards Paint Abortion as Attack on Black Babies

It's 'in your face,' say supporters

(Newser) - Controversial anti-abortion billboards in Georgia are charging that abortion is making black children an "endangered species." The campaign, sponsored by Georgia Right to Life, highlights the fact that African-American women are three times more likely to have an abortion than white women. Anti-abortion advocates across the country have...

Tim Tebow Super Bowl Ad: That's It?

Focus on the Family wins by going understated

(Newser) - After weeks of hype, controversy, and speculation over what it would entail, the actual Focus on the Family ad featuring Tim Tebow was discreet, lighthearted, and rather anticlimactic. That didn't appease the National Organization for Women, however, whose president simply turned focus from the (missing) pro-life propaganda to Tebow's playful...

Why Saints LB Scott Fujita Makes the Ladies Swoon
 Why Saints LB Scott Fujita 
 Makes the Ladies Swoon 

Why Saints LB Scott Fujita Makes the Ladies Swoon

He's pro-choice, pro-gay rights, and wants to be a teacher

(Newser) - We all know the big names playing in tomorrow’s Super Bowl—Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Reggie Bush—but Irin Carmon has an enormous crush on Saints linebacker Scott Fujita, and thinks you should, too. Some reasons why, per Jezebel :
  • Though he was given up for adoption by a teen

I Want Tim Tebow to Fail: Jeff Pearlman

Florida QB would throw non-Christians 'into the lake of fire'

(Newser) - "A famous Tim Tebow is a dangerous Tim Tebow," Jeff Pearlman writes on his website , and that's why Pearlman has a special wish for the anti-abortion quarterback: "I want him to fail in the NFL." Tebow plays football not for the love of the game, Pearlman...

The Real Story of Tim Tebow's Near-Abortion

Omitted from inspirational version: Abortion was illegal

(Newser) - As the uproar over Tim Tebow’s anti-abortion Super Bowl ad rages, little attention has been paid to whether his mom Pam’s story—that she refused a recommended abortion while working as a missionary in the Philippines—is true. “One detail has so far been excluded from Tebow's...

Bishops to Congress: Get Health Reform Done
 Bishops to Congress: 
 Get Health Reform Done 

Bishops to Congress: Get Health Reform Done

Church's role in health debate becomes even more paradoxical

(Newser) - The US Catholic bishops, whose primary role in the health care debate until recently was to voice concern about abortion funding, have changed tack in the wake of Scott Brown's election and are now urging Congress not to abandon the "moral imperative" of universal health coverage. The appeal the...

CBS Open to More Super Bowl Advocacy Ads
 CBS Open to More 
 Super Bowl Advocacy Ads 

CBS Open to More Super Bowl Advocacy Ads

After flap over pro-life piece, 'responsibly produced' spots OK

(Newser) - After various advocacy groups cried foul over CBS’ decision to eschew its usual policy and air an ad during the Super Bowl that will feature Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow and carry a pro-life message, the network said today it will allow similar spots during the Feb. 7 broadcast—as...

'Abortion Addict' Ended 15 Pregnancies

In controversial memoir, Irene Vilar says legal abortion saved her life

(Newser) - Once an “abortion addict,” Irene Vilar is making waves on both sides of the contentious debate with her memoir of the 15 pregnancies she terminated—including one she had forgotten about. One pro-life blogger called for her to be thrown in jail; as for the other side, “...

Palin Bails Again—on Anti-Abortion Fundraiser

(Newser) - Sarah Palin will not appear tonight at an Alaska fundraising event to promote a ballot measure requiring minors to consult their parents before having an abortion, the Anchorage Daily News reports. Organizers have promoted the appearance for weeks, and robocalls asked listeners to meet with her at “an event...

Accused Killer of Abortion Doc Wrestles With Pro-Life Group

Operation Rescue denies donations

(Newser) - The Kansas City man accused of gunning down an abortion provider is upset over his rocky relationship with a major pro-life group, the Kansas City Star reports. In a jailhouse interview, Scott Roeder said he has donated thousands of dollars to Operation Rescue—which denies the donations, denounces Roeder, and...

George Tiller's Murder Was Terrorism
George Tiller's Murder Was Terrorism

George Tiller's Murder Was Terrorism

But despite her fear, abortion clinic worker vows to stand strong

(Newser) - Abortion clinic worker and activist Heather Corinna doesn’t support the Patriot Act, but the murder of Dr George Tiller appears to “fits squarely in its definition of domestic terrorism,” she writes for the Guardian. Abortion clinics have been dealing with this kind of violence and intimidation since...

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