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Frontrunner Kagan Would Tilt Court Further Right

For liberals, she'd be a disaster, writes Glenn Greenwald

(Newser) - The smart money's on Elena Kagan to be President Obama's pick as John Paul Stevens' replacement on the Supreme Court. The solicitor general is "exceptionally smart" with loads of qualifications and expertise, writes Glenn Greenwald, but she'd be a disaster for liberals. The former dean of Harvard Law School...

More Surveillance = More Terrorism
 More Surveillance 
 = More Terrorism 

More Surveillance = More Terrorism

We had info on Ft. Hood, Abdulmutallab, but it got lost in the mix

(Newser) - The expansion of government surveillance powers, often enabled by public unease following a terror attack or scare, actually makes those events more likely, Glenn Greenwald writes. The main problem is that intelligence agencies get clogged with useless information. In the cases of Ft. Hood and the Christmas attempt, our intelligence...

So Much for 'Tough' Reform: Insurance Stocks Soaring

Good job standing up to the special interests, Barack

(Newser) - Barack Obama praised the Senate yesterday for “standing up to the special interests who prevented reform for decades,” which seems pretty laughable, given that health care stocks soared on the news. Evan Bayh’s wife, for example, has made up to $250,000 over the last six weeks...

Obama Sounding a Lot Like Bush
 Obama Sounding 
 a Lot Like Bush 

Obama Sounding a Lot Like Bush

Rationale for troop surge is the same that Bush used for Iraq

(Newser) - Glenn Greenwald finds the rationale for the Afghan troop surge President Obama will announce tonight to be "remarkably similar" to that used by George W. Bush when he argued for more troops in Iraq in 2007. The speech hasn’t been given yet, but the administration has been leaking...

'Lockstep' Support of Israel Doesn't Represent US

(Newser) - You wouldn't know it to hear our political leaders talk, but the country is deeply divided over Israel’s attacks on Gaza, writes Glenn Greenwald on Salon. Most Republican voters support the action, while most Democratic ones do not. Yet Democratic bigwigs such as Pelosi and Reid offer "blind,...

As Congress Caves on FISA, Coalition Urges Fighting Back

'Limitless erosion of core constitutional liberties' abhorrent, Greenwald writes

(Newser) - With a vote set for tomorrow on a new domestic surveillance bill that grants immunity to telecoms involved in warrantless wiretapping of US citizens, Glenn Greenwald urges Salon readers to donate to a "coalition devoted to the preservation of basic constitutional protections and the rule of law." The...

AG's 'Invented' 9/11 Claim Is Scare Tactic
AG's 'Invented' 9/11 Claim Is Scare Tactic

AG's 'Invented' 9/11 Claim Is Scare Tactic

Salon scribe blasts Mukasey claim that law blocked key eavesdrop

(Newser) - Michael Mukasey’s recent claim that surveillance laws barred eavesdropping on a crucial pre-9/11 phone call is either an attempt to scare up support for spying or a revelation of massive US failure, Glenn Greenwald writes in Salon. The 9/11 Commission never mentioned the mysterious phone call—and the executive...

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