Lara Logan

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Lara Logan's Journey to the Fringes of Media
Lara Logan's
Journey to
the Fringes
of Media

Lara Logan's Journey to the Fringes of Media

'Atlantic' profiles the journalist who was once one of the most respected in her profession

(Newser) - She was once one of the biggest and most respected names in TV journalism, the subject of flattering stories herself, such as one christening her the "War Zone It Girl" by the New York Times in 2005. Today, Lara Logan is too extreme even for far-right Newsmax, after doing...

Newsmax Bans Lara Logan After Wild Immigration Theory

Ex-'60 Minutes' reporter said Satan allows for open borders

(Newser) - Former CBS News correspondent Lara Logan has some out-there ideas on immigration—so out there that she's now banned from the right-wing Newsmax network for airing them. The offending interview took place Wednesday with Eric Bolling, who apparently got the first scoop Logan had on the "global cabal"...

Lara Logan's Talent Agency Drops Her

Fallout continues from her comment comparing Dr. Fauci to the Nazi 'Angel of Death'

(Newser) - Lara Logan has been dropped by her agent after her November comments on Fox News comparing Dr. Anthony Fauci to Josef Mengele , the "Angel of Death" who experimented on Jewish children in Nazi concentration camps. Fauci had said he was "astounded" that the network failed to take disciplinary...

Fauci Fires Back at Lara Logan Over Nazi Comparison

Fox Nation host compared health official to 'Angel of Death' doctor Josef Mengele

(Newser) - Lara Logan has some strong feelings about Dr. Anthony Fauci, and she's now drawing flak for her comments about him. Per CNN Business , the Fox Nation host and former CBS News journalist appeared Monday on Fox News Primetime and went after the White House's chief medical adviser during...

Lara Logan: This Interview 'Is Like Professional Suicide'

The journalist talks at length about what's wrong with the 'mostly liberal' media

(Newser) - "This is the kind of interview that is like professional suicide for me," says former CBS News Foreign Correspondent Lara Logan. The reason? In a Friday appearance on retired Navy SEAL Mike Ritland's Mike Drop podcast, she doesn't hold back when discussing the liberal media and...

Lara Logan Takes Leave After Botched Benghazi Report

'60 Minutes' reporter and her producer punished by CBS

(Newser) - Lara Logan is out at 60 Minutes, at least temporarily, because of her bogus piece on Benghazi, reports the Hollywood Reporter . CBS News, which has retracted and apologized for the story, says it forced Logan and producer Max McClellan to take a leave of absence of unspecified duration. Logan's...

Colbert Mocks 60 Minutes' Benghazi Flub

Brings on eyewitness to events of show's newsroom

(Newser) - Stephen Colbert last night lambasted 60 Minutes for its Benghazi coverage that resulted in an apology : "CBS fact-checked the story, but when it turned out to be wrong, they fact-checked it for realz, y'all," Colbert said. He then discussed Lara Logan's apology "at the very...

60 Minutes 'Very Sorry' for Bogus Report on Benghazi

Dylan Davies report continues to raise questions

(Newser) - After acknowledging 60 Minutes' " mistake " on CBS This Morning Friday, Lara Logan last night offered a full apology for the show's Benghazi reporting. Referring to the case of former security officer Dylan Davies, she said: "On Thursday night, when we discovered that the account he gave...

CBS: 'We Were Misled' By Benghazi Source

Network apologizes for 60 Minutes segment

(Newser) - Sure enough, CBS is disowning 60 Minutes' recent Benghazi story, in the wake of an FBI report that discredited its key source . "The truth is we made a mistake," Lara Logan said on CBS This Morning . Logan explained that they'd believed former security officer Dylan Davies (aka...

French Journalist Attacked in Cairo's Tahrir Square

Mob gropes, robs France 24 correspondent

(Newser) - France 24's Sonia Dridi has become the latest female foreign journalist to fall victim to mob violence in Cairo. She was attacked and groped by around 30 men while reporting live on protests in the city's Tahrir Square, the Guardian reports. Her colleague Ashraf Khalil, assisted by a...

Logan Feared Torture Death as She's Stripped, Nearly Scalped

 Lara Logan: 
 I Was Stripped, 
 Nearly Scalped 
CBS Interview

Lara Logan: I Was Stripped, Nearly Scalped

More gruesome details from Lara Logan's sex assault by Egyptian mob

(Newser) - CBS correspondent Lara Logan was convinced she was dying as she was sexually molested by a crazed mob of Egyptian men, but was saved at the last minute by a woman wearing a burka. All she could see was "just her eyes," she said on 60 Minutes last...

Lara Logan on Egypt Assault: They Were 'Merciless'

CBS reporter discusses attack for first time in interview

(Newser) - CBS reporter Lara Logan is determined that the sexual assault she endured in Egypt's Tahrir Square will not "define" her, she tells the New York Times . She will talk more about the attack on Sunday's 60 Minutes, then stop giving interviews about it. The details are rough:...

Lara Logan Beaten With Flagpoles, Fists

Recovering reporter was stripped in mob of 200 men

(Newser) - Harsh new details of Lara Logan's attack in Cairo: The CBS reporter was stripped and battered with fists and makeshift flagpoles, reports the Times of London, via the Daily Mail . She was pinched so hard by her attackers that the red marks that covered her body were initially thought to...

Lara Logan Tweets: Media Must Learn to Forgive Nir Rosen and Others for One-Time Mistakes, Writes Michelle Goldberg
Nir Rosen Should Be Ashamed—but Not Ruined 

Nir Rosen Should Be Ashamed—but Not Ruined

Lara Logan tweets were disgusting, but media must learn to forgive

(Newser) - Nir Rosen’s thoughtless tweets about Lara Logan were “grotesque”—but they shouldn’t “eclipse an often-heroic career” of “intrepid” war reporting, writes Michelle Goldberg in the Daily Beast . Indeed, today’s media “has an awful way of reducing us all to the worst thing...

Nir Rosen Explains His 'Terrible' Lara Logan Tweets

'There is no excuse for what I wrote'

(Newser) - Independent journalist Nir Rosen writes a mea culpa in Salon to again apologize for his Lara Logan tweets . He reiterates that he didn't know she'd been sexually assaulted, or that the attack was so severe, but says "there is no excuse for what I wrote" and that he hopes...

Cooper Hammers Journo Over Lara Logan Tweets

Nir Rosen: 'I was a jerk'

(Newser) - Nir Rosen, the journalist who tweeted more than one tasteless line about Lara Logan's assault faced Anderson Cooper last night, attempting to explain what he’d been thinking—which was basically that he wasn't thinking at all. "I don’t have an explanation. I was a jerk," Rosen...

Logan Attack Highlights Women's Plight

Will Egypt revolution help stem tide of assaults, harassment?

(Newser) - For a moment the glorious dream of liberation in Egypt appeared to hold promise for everyone. But the vicious sexual assault on CBS News' Lara Logan underscored the plight of women in Egypt, who are often subjected to catcalls, groping and assaults in their own country, reports MSNBC . The same...

Here's How Not to Talk About Lara Logan

Her looks have nothing to do with sexual assault story: Mary Elizabeth Williams

(Newser) - News of Lara Logan's sexual assault in Egypt just came to light yesterday, and already the "blame the victim" mentality is on full display. One "stunningly offensive blog post" took just minutes to "hinge the story on the blond reporter's looks," writes Mary Elizabeth Williams on...

Lara Logan Is Released From the Hospital and Is Resting at Home After Her Assault in Egypt
 Lara Logan Out of Hospital 

Lara Logan Out of Hospital

CBS reporter resting at home with family after Egypt assault

(Newser) - One bit of good news in the Lara Logan story: She's out of the hospital and resting at home in Washington, DC, with her husband and two children, reports ABC News . The 39-year-old CBS journalist was earlier said to be in "remarkably good spirits" despite her sexual assault and...

Journalist Nir Rosen Writes Tasteless Tweet About Lara Logan
Journo: Lara Logan Assault
Would Have Been Funny If...
awful tweets

Journo: Lara Logan Assault Would Have Been Funny If... happened to Anderson Cooper, Nir Rosen tweets

(Newser) - A journalist who's written on foreign policy for the New Yorker, Time, and the New York Times is under fire after making light of Lara Logan's assault in Egypt, and has now resigned his position as an NYU fellow, the National Review notes. Nir Rosen, who also once contributed footage...

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