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At the End of 'Dark Tunnel,' an Olympic Light

Official dates set for next year's Games in Tokyo: July 23 to Aug. 8

(Newser) - There's now an official date for the 2020 Olympics in Japan, postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Olympics officials and Japanese organizers announced Monday that the Tokyo Games will be held next summer from July 23 to Aug. 8, TMZ reports. Officials say this schedule was chosen to help...

Olympic Flame Lands in Japan
Olympic Flame
Lands in Japan

Olympic Flame Lands in Japan

Organizers insist Games will go ahead

(Newser) - The Olympic flame completed its difficult journey from Greece to Japan on Friday. That signified a small, symbolic victory for the IOC and local organizers, who maintain the Tokyo Olympics will open on July 24 amid a chorus of doubters who believe they should be postponed or canceled because of...

World's Top Bridge Player Flunks Drug Test

Geir Helgemo suspended, loses titles

(Newser) - The doping scandal among players has reached a new frontier: card games. Geir Helgemo, the No. 1 bridge player in the world, has been suspended after failing a drug test at a tournament in Orlando last fall. Synthetic testosterone and the female fertility drug clomifene were in his system, the...

2024 Olympics May Boast 'More Artistic' New Sport

IOC appears to be on board for break-dancing

(Newser) - Break-dancing might just become an Olympic sport. Organizers of the 2024 Games in Paris have put forth their suggestions for four sports to be added to the current roster of 28, with breakdancing listed alongside surfing, climbing, and skateboarding. The latter three sports are already confirmed for Tokyo 2020, but...

Calgary Residents on 2026 Olympics: That's a Hard No

Vote was nonbinding, but it looks like city's bid will be nixed

(Newser) - "Does Calgary really want the Winter Olympics? Does anyone?" That's the question posed by the New York Times on Monday, and it looks like the first question has just been answered. The AP reports that, in a nonbinding referendum held Tuesday, 56% of voters (more than 170,000...

The Olympics Just Banned Russia Over Doping

Nation's athletes can compete as individuals at the Winter Games in South Korea

(Newser) - Two big things will be missing from the Winter Olympics this February in South Korea: Russia's flag and the sound of its national anthem. The International Olympic Committee on Tuesday banned Russia because of doping in previous competitions believed to have been sanctioned by the Kremlin, reports the Washington ...

No Choice Left, Athletes Turn to 'Ugly' Self-Policing

Because Olympics officials are too soft on doping: Columnists

(Newser) - Team USA's Lilly King may have drawn more attention with her public dissing of Russian swimmer Yulia Efimova than with the gold medal she won . It was "equally triumphant and ugly, an appropriately uncomfortable ending to an awkward saga that will be repeated throughout these Games," writes...

IOC Bars 118 Russians, Allows Rest to Compete

More than two-thirds have avoided doping ban

(Newser) - The International Olympic Committee approved the entry of 271 Russian athletes for the Rio de Janeiro Olympics on Thursday, meaning 70% of the country's original team will compete after a doping scandal that has dominated the buildup to the games, the AP reports. Also Thursday, the rule barring Russian...

Russia Ducks Full Doping Ban in IOC Ruling

But Olympics panel leaves it to global federations to decide which athletes to ban

(Newser) - The IOC has decided against a complete ban on Russian athletes from the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, reports the AP . The International Olympic Committee says it is leaving it up to global federations to decide which Russian athletes to accept in their sports. The IOC says it will deny...

India's Olympians Now Competing Under Own Flag

After IOC lifts ban mid-Games

(Newser) - Had an Indian athlete won an Olympic medal before today, he would have seen the flag of the International Olympic Committee raised, rather than his own. Not that it was ever really an issue: The country has only three athletes in the Games, with its top prospect coming in 37th...

It's Back: Wrestling Rejoins the Olympics

IOC votes to reinstate it for 2020 Games

(Newser) - Just seven months after it got dumped by the IOC , wrestling has been officially reinstated for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, reports the AP . The sport swatted away challengers for a spot at the Games with ease: Wrestling won 49 votes to 24 votes for baseball-softball and 22 for squash. "...

Wrestling Back at Olympics? It's a Big Step Closer

IOC makes it one of 3 finalists, along with squash and baseball-softball

(Newser) - Wrestling might be back at the Olympics after all. The sport will be one of three finalists—along with squash and a combined bid from baseball and softball—vying for the last open spot in the 2020 Games, reports USA Today . The International Olympic Committee, which outraged purists three months...

Now Armstrong's Olympic Bronze Under Investigation

IOC to 'immediately start the process' of reviewing Sydney win

(Newser) - Lance Armstrong's fireplace mantel could get a little emptier: The International Olympic Committee today announced that it will investigate the cyclist's 2000 Olympics win. Armstrong took a time trial bronze at Sydney, reports Reuters . "The IOC will now immediately start the process concerning the involvement of Lance...

Olympian Booted From Games Over Pot Brownie

Nick Delpopolo says he accidentally ate it before coming to London

(Newser) - Nick Delpopolo's pre-Olympics regimen included a ton of judo training—and, apparently, the consumption of at least one pot brownie. The US judo competitor was disqualified from the Games today after testing positive for marijuana. Delpopolo had already competed in the 73-kilogram class last Monday. The 23-year-old came in...

Former Anti-Doping Chief: 90% Get Away With It

Fight against drug cheats being 'dumbed down,' Dick Pound warns

(Newser) - Close to a tenth of Olympic athletes are using banned substances, and only one in ten of those are getting caught, warns former World Anti-Doping Agency chief Dick Pound. "People who have prepared in advance" and used drugs before the London Olympics "won't get caught," he...

Runner With No Country Can Compete at Olympics

IOC makes exception for Guor Marial, born in southern Sudan

(Newser) - Root for Team USA, sure, but save a spot for Guor Marial, too. The marathon runner will compete as an independent athlete—a first—and run under the Olympic flag, reports the AP . The IOC made an exception given Marial's circumstances: He was born in southern Sudan but fled...

3 Nations to Send First Female Athletes to Olympics

Saudi Arabia, Brunei, Qatar expected to have women compete in London

(Newser) - This summer's Olympics in London may be the first in which every nation will send at least one female athlete, reports the New York Times . That's because three Muslim holdouts—Saudi Arabia, Brunei, and Qatar—are expected to grudgingly make the concession. Don't expect full teams: Saudi...

IOC Probing Boozy Hockey Gold Party
 IOC Probing Boozy 
 Hockey Gold Party 

IOC Probing Boozy Hockey Gold Party

Victorious Canadian women swigged beer, champagne on ice

(Newser) - Canada's victorious women's hockey team should have left the ice before they cracked open celebratory beers and champagne, said the executive director of the International Olympic Committee. "It is not what we want to see," Gilbert Felli told AP . "I don't think it's a good promotion of...

US Goalies Ordered to Ditch Helmet Slogans
 US Goalies Ordered 
 to Ditch Helmet 

US Goalies Ordered to Ditch Helmet Slogans

'Miller Time,' 'Support Our Troops' violate IOC rules

(Newser) - Olympic officials have ordered USA Hockey's goalies to get rid of slogans on their helmets before the team's first game in Vancouver. Ryan Miller has been told to cover up or remove the "Miller Time" slogan on his headgear and fellow netminder Jonathan Quick must ditch his "Support...

Chicago's Loss Casts Light on Anti-US Sentiment
Chicago's Loss Casts Light on Anti-US Sentiment
2016 olympics

Chicago's Loss Casts Light on Anti-US Sentiment

IOC shows us the world still likes to thumb its nose at American power

(Newser) - The first-round knockout of Chicago’s Olympic bid speaks to an unpleasant fact, writes Mike Lopresti: “A lot of people out there don't like us. They don't care if President Obama is eloquent and the first lady is charming.” If it had come down to just Chicago and...

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