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The Other NRA's Lobbyists Are Keeping Workers Poor

How the National Restaurant Association keeps wages down

(Newser) - The National Rifle Association has long been the biggest boogeyman on K Street. But there's another NRA that Michele Simon at al-Jazeera thinks deserves some scorn: The National Restaurant Association, which has conducted a "campaign of duplicitous lobbying and outright deception at the expense of the public interest....

Cain Accuser Won't Share More Details Unless...

...The two other anonymous women come forward

(Newser) - It looks like Herman Cain might be able to end the week without any fresh sexual harassment headlines. One of his accusers, former National Restaurant Association employee Karen Kraushaar, hoped to hold a joint press conference with the other three accusers , but two of them haven't responded to her...

Accuser No. 4: Herman Cain 'Reached for My Genitals'

Sharon Bialek says she's coming forward to put a face on the accusations

(Newser) - A fourth woman came forward to accuse Herman Cain of sexual harassment today, and it was a sordid tale, reports Politico. Speaking alongside attorney Gloria Allred at a press conference today, Sharon Bialek said she met with Cain for help finding a job after being dismissed from the National Restaurant...

One Cain Accuser Paid $35K
 One Cain Accuser Paid $35K 

One Cain Accuser Paid $35K

Woman received year severance after 'uncomfortable encounter'

(Newser) - One of two women who accused Herman Cain of sexually harassing them while he was head of the National Restaurant Association received a year's severance pay, the New York Times reports, citing sources with direct knowledge of the $35,000 payment. The woman left the lobbying group in the...

Cain: I Never Changed My Story
 Cain: I Never Changed My Story 

Cain: I Never Changed My Story

Krauthammer accuses candidate of 'Clintonian' language

(Newser) - When Herman Cain appeared on Fox News last night his fellow conservatives didn't go easy on him. Asked why his account had apparently changed after sexual harassment allegations first surfaced, the candidate denied modifying his story, AP reports. When "I first heard the word ‘settlement,’ I...

Herman Cain Admits to Sexual Harassment Settlement
Cain Admits to Settlement, Breaks Out in Song
cain roundup

Cain Admits to Settlement, Breaks Out in Song

Candidate gives Fox interview explaining harassment claim

(Newser) - Hermain Cain stories are just jamming up the airwaves today. First he denied reaching settlements with any alleged sexual harassment victims . Now reports are emerging of questionable campaign contributions and the candidate breaking out in song:
  • In a Fox interview airing tonight, Cain admits to knowing about a sexual harassment

One Cain Accuser Did Receive Settlement: NBC

Plus, Politico reporter won't give details

(Newser) - Although Herman Cain admitted to being “falsely accused” of sexual harassment, he said he personally never paid anyone a settlement related to the allegations—but NBC News confirms at least one woman did receive a settlement from the National Restaurant Association. During his earlier statement , Cain—who was president...

Herman Cain: Former Biz Whiz? Try Lobbyist

GOP hopeful fought smoking bans, minimum wage increases

(Newser) - Herman Cain is known as the former CEO of Godfather's Pizza and an upstart GOP presidential candidate. But between those pursuits, he filled his Washington Rolodex as a highly effective industry lobbyist in the late 1990s, the New York Times reports. His industry: restaurants. His major issues: fighting smoking...

Tough Times Push Chains to Try New Fare

McDonald's classy coffee, grilled KFC widen menus

(Newser) - Desperate times are driving chain restaurants to desperate measures—straying from their bread-and-butter dishes and diversifying the menu. KFC now sells grilled chicken, Domino’s offers subs, and McDonald’s dips into the world of espresso coffee, USA Today reports. “This is a defining moment for the industry,"...

Eateries Cut Jobs as Diners Tighten Belts

The industry has shed 66,500 jobs over the past five months as consumers spend less

(Newser) - Restaurant workers are losing their jobs in record numbers as consumers rein in spending and the industry contends with rising ingredient prices, reports the Wall Street Journal. One of the largest US employers, the restaurant industry has been a haven for the unemployed and immigrant workers. Over the past five...

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