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Andrew Doesn't Catch a Break During Funeral Procession

'You're a sick old man!' spectator yelled out to prince in Edinburgh, shortly before being arrested

(Newser) - If Prince Andrew thought he was going to get a reprieve from public rebuke with the death of his mother, it didn't happen. Although most spectators who converged Monday upon the Royal Mile in Edinburgh, Scotland, for Queen Elizabeth II's funeral procession were respectful, one man was arrested...

Beto Blows Up at Heckler During Texas Town Hall

O'Rourke blasts 'motherf---er' who laughed as he talked about Uvalde mass shooting

(Newser) - Beto O'Rourke isn't afraid to get a little salty when taking on the topic of gun violence in the US, and he didn't disappoint on that front this week during a Texas town hall. Speaking Wednesday in front of a crowd gathered in Mineral Wells, the Democratic...

Protester Kept Heckling Mayor Wu. Except It Wasn't Her

Protester was actually mistakenly jeering at a different Asian American woman

(Newser) - A voting rights presser on the Boston Common this week drew not only locals rallying support for get-out-the-vote efforts, but also one man who really wanted to criticize Mayor Michelle Wu. MassLive.com reports the protester, decked out in a mask and sunglasses, showed up at the Monday news conference...

Donald Trump Jr. Walks Out of Book Launch

He and girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle heckled—by the right

(Newser) - Donald Trump Jr. is making the rounds to promote his new book, Triggered, and he may well have expected to encounter protesters—but the ones that forced him out of a book launch event Sunday were from the right, not the left. KTVU notes most of the anti-Trump protesters at...

Cubs Fan Tells Chris Christie He Sucks, Christie Reacts

NJ governor caught on tape confronting heckler at Cubs-Brewers game

(Newser) - Chris Christie isn't exactly the most popular New Jerseyan these days. First the Garden State's governor ticked off residents by shutting down state parks over the July 4 weekend before enjoying the beach at one of them himself . Then he got "booed lustily" at a Cardinals-Mets game...

Martin Shkreli Heckled Clinton After Health Scare

'Pharma bro' turned up outside Chelsea's apartment

(Newser) - After Hillary Clinton's health scare Sunday, she was heckled by one of the few Americans with higher disapproval ratings than both candidates. Mediaite reports that "pharma bro" Martin Shkreli was outside when Clinton emerged from Chelsea Clinton's apartment, where she had gone to rest after "overheating"...

Habitual Heckler Goes After Hillary Over Bill

'You are very rude, and I'm not ever going to call on you'

(Newser) - Katherine Prudhomme O'Brien is a New Hampshire state rep, and a woman with "a history of heckling presidential candidates," reports CNN . She upheld that reputation not once but three times on Sunday at a Derry town hall Hillary Clinton was hosting, reports the Washington Post . The Republican...

Heckling Reporter Should Be Fired

 Heckling Reporter 
 Should Be Fired 
dana milbank

Heckling Reporter Should Be Fired

Dana Milbank: Our political discourse is getting lower and lower

(Newser) - Respect for the presidency has reached a new low, as proved by a pair of incidents this week, writes Dana Milbank in the Washington Post . There was the bullet-riddled outhouse labeled " Obama Presidential Library " at a Montana GOP convention, which showed that political discourse hasn't just "...

Munro: Obama 'Just Turns His Back'

Daily Caller reporter admits he mistimed question, but says Obama ducks and runs

(Newser) - To hear Neil Munro tell it, he was simply a victim of bad timing in his rush to question a wily president: The Daily Caller reporter took to the semi-sympathetic airwaves of Sean Hannity's Fox show last night to rehash his interruption of the president , reports Mediaite . "The...

Obama to Heckler: 'You're Being Rude'

President responds to shouts at Ohio State

(Newser) - Hecklers' shouts brought President Obama's energy speech to a halt yesterday at Ohio State University. One audience member demanded that Obama read a book he was holding, Politico reports. Obama paused, telling the man, "Sir, I'm here to speak to these folks. You can hold your own...

Obama Heckled on Iran
 Obama Heckled on Iran 

Obama Heckled on Iran

No war has been announced, president reminds 'young lady'

(Newser) - President Obama got heckled at one of his own fundraisers last night, USA Today reports. "Use your leadership! No war in Iran!" a woman yelled. "Nobody has announced a war, young lady," Obama responded, to laughter and cheers. "But we appreciate your sentiment. You're...

Obama Heckled at His Own Fundraiser

Man calls him the Antichrist before being dragged off

(Newser) - Not only did President Obama get heckled at his own fundraiser last night—he got called the Antichrist. “Christian God is the one and only true living God! The creator of Heaven and the Universe!” shouted a man in the front row of the House of Blues in...

Comic Must Pay $16K for Lesbian Insults: Court

Jokes during amateur's show were discriminatory, says victim

(Newser) - A Canadian human rights tribunal has ordered a stand-up comedian to pay a woman $15,700 after he insulted her and her partner at a show. Lorna Pardy says amateur comic Guy Earle discriminated against her based on gender and sexual preference, the Vancouver Sun reports. The owner of the...

'Kiss My Gay Ass': Calif. Dem After Heckling Arnold

... after interrupting governor's speech by yelling 'You lie!'

(Newser) - Slightly different forum, very different personalities, same heckle. And California Democratic Assemblyman Tom Ammiano apparently followed up his “You lie!” interruption of a speech last night in San Francisco by Arnold Schwarzenegger by walking out and telling the Republican governor to “kiss my gay ass.” Ammiano’...

Wilson YouTube Video Sparks $200K Haul

But 'You lie' rep's foe raises $750K, leads in poll

(Newser) - Joe Wilson has raised more than $200,000 since he shouted "you lie" during President Obama's speech Wednesday—but his Democratic opponent has pulled in more than three times as much, CNN reports. Even worse for the Republican, opponent Rob Miller leads the incumbent, 44%-43%, in a poll conducted...

Leave Wilson Alone: Parker
 Leave Wilson Alone: Parker 


Leave Wilson Alone: Parker

Outbursts par for the course in partisan politics

(Newser) - After Joe Wilson's “you lie” outburst, we may need to add “Joewilsoning” to the lexicon, as in, “OMG, he Joewilsoned right in the middle of the sermon!” writes Kathleen Parker of the Washington Post. Still, the reaction to the outburst seems a wee bit overblown. Wilson...

Wilson Wasn't Only Republican Behaving Badly
Wilson Wasn't Only Republican Behaving Badly

Wilson Wasn't Only Republican Behaving Badly

Boorish foes steal show during president's speech

(Newser) - Rep. Joe Wilson was far from the only rude Republican at last night's joint session of Congress, Dana Milbank writes in the Washington Post. Shouts of "Shame!" and "Not true!" could be heard at various points, along with plenty of boos, hisses, and grumbles. Other...

How to Be a Super Heckler
 How to Be a Super Heckler 
super bowl

How to Be a Super Heckler

Start by doing your homework, and be sure to get loud

(Newser) - Sunday’s the last chance to get your heckling in this NFL season, and Eddie Matz of ESPN the Magazine has timely tips on getting the most bang for your buck:
  • Do your homework. Knowing a key statistical weak point or personal peccadillo can get you inside your target’s

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