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She Found $36K Inside Free Couch From Craigslist
You Find $36K Inside
Free Couch. Now What?
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You Find $36K Inside Free Couch. Now What?

Vicky Umodu of California immediately returned the money

(Newser) - California's Vicky Umodu has provided everyone with an ethical yardstick: She found $36,000 in cash hidden in a couch she picked up for free on Craigslist—and immediately returned the money, reports People . As it turns out, nobody would have been the wiser had she quietly kept the...

The Weird Tale of 'Unique Pig Couch' on Craigslist
The Weird Tale of 'Unique
Pig Couch' on Craigslist
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The Weird Tale of 'Unique Pig Couch' on Craigslist

The couch (actually a chair) is real, but the ads offering it up for sale are not

(Newser) - An ad selling a "Unique Pig Couch" popped up on New York City's Craigslist this week. You can see it here , and the photos do indeed show a unique pig couch, which is to say, a couch in the shape of a pig. "Selling it for $250...

Teen's Craigslist Slave Ad Results in Hate Crime Charges

Boy in Naperville, Illinois, posted photo of black classmate

(Newser) - A white teenager in Illinois is facing serious legal trouble after posting an offensive ad on Craigslist involving a black classmate. The 14-year-old boy took a photo of the other 14-year-old while they were sitting at a lunch table together and put it up on the site under the listing...

After Divorce, Craigslist Ad Becomes So Much More
After Divorce, Craigslist Ad
Becomes So Much More
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After Divorce, Craigslist Ad Becomes So Much More

Jessica Ciencin Henriquez found she couldn't simply describe the things she was selling

(Newser) - It started as just a Craigslist ad. But Jessica Ciencin Henriquez wasn't just selling stuff—she was selling stuff as she and her young son prepared to leave New York City following Henriquez's divorce from actor Josh Lucas. "Each of those items meant more to me than...

School District Yanks Senior From Graduation Due to Prank
School District Yanks Senior
From Graduation Due to Prank

School District Yanks Senior From Graduation Due to Prank

Kylan Scheele admits he put high school up for sale on Craigslist but says it was all in good fun

(Newser) - While some of his classmates had more ambitious senior pranks in the works, such as setting live mice loose, Kylan Scheele decided to do something "more laid-back," he tells FOX4 —a joke that has now resulted in him getting yanked from walking in graduation. The 18-year-old Missourian,...

Owner Insults Potential Buyers in Profane Used-Car Ad

'This isn't the car you want, it's the car you deserve'

(Newser) - Looking for a car that's old enough to vote, listens to the Gin Blossoms, and boasts absolutely no amenities? Brendan Tokarski has found your perfect ride. Per the Daily Mirror , Tokarski spied a "savagely honest" Craigslist ad out of Houston trying to dump a 1999 Toyota Corolla, and...

Craigslist's 'Regretful' Move Has It Axing Big Part of Site

Site takes down its personal ads section to avoid liability for prostitution promotions

(Newser) - Everyone who has visited Craigslist over the years to find a mate or gawk at the "Missed Connections," "Casual Encounters," and "Rants and Raves" sections is going to have to find a new gathering ground. CNET reports the online classified-ads site has shuttered its much-frequented...

Suspect Claims Victim Hired Him via Craigslist to Kill Her

He says teen placed Craigslist ad for killer

(Newser) - A man in custody in Colorado has confessed to fatally shooting 19-year-old Natalie Bollinger, but he claims her death was still suicide, according to arrest documents seen by NBC News . According to an arrest affidavit, Joseph Michael Lopez, 22, told investigators that he shot the teen after answering a Craigslist...

Feds: Woman Used Craigslist to Find Actor to Kill Husband

Ad specified someone 'creative, outgoing, and friendly'

(Newser) - An Oklahoma woman is accused of trying to hire someone via Craigslist to travel to Israel and kill her ex-husband using ricin, the AP reports. Federal prosecutors charged 37-year-old Danielle Layman on Saturday with using interstate commerce facilities in the commission of murder-for-hire. Prosecutors said in a news release that...

He 'Killed Newspapers,' but Now Fights for Journalism

Craig from Craigslist has a new mission

(Newser) - Craig Newmark, who started Craigslist way back in the 20th century, is a man who likes to be in the shadows. He is an observer—one of his favorite hobbies, fittingly, is birdwatching, notes a profile by Alyssa Bereznak at Ringer . He's also rather quietly amassed a fortune, and...

Craigslist Ad Seeks Father Figure for Grilling

'BBQ Dad' expected to cook burgers, talk lawnmowers

(Newser) - A group of men in their 20s in Washington state has posted a Craigslist ad seeking a generic dad to grill burgers and hotdogs for a gathering set for the Saturday of Father's Day weekend in mid-June, the AP reports. Qualifications include a minimum of 18 years of experience...

Ill-Advised Craigslist Deal: Pound of Pot for Snowmobile

Unfortunately for Oregon guy, Craigslist seller of snowmobile was state trooper

(Newser) - Recreational marijuana is legal in the state of Oregon, but what's not is trading a bunch of it for a recreational vehicle—and it's extra likely to come to light if a cop is the one selling said vehicle. But Jason Owen allegedly tried to do just that...

With Its Newest Feature, Facebook Takes on Craigslist

Facebook wants to make it easier for you to unload that pair of skis that's been sitting in your garage since 2002

(Newser) - Today, Facebook announced a new platform-wide, local buy/sell marketplace—simply titled Marketplace. The functionality will be familiar to many users of Facebook, who may already be members of local buy/sell/trade Facebook Groups. Users can post an item for sale, specify a pickup location, and other users can bid or buy...

Woman Selling Breakup Blender on Craigslist

It's a reconditioned Vitamix

(Newser) - "Who buys someone they're dumping a Vitamix?" That's the question of a Brooklyn woman selling a certified reconditioned 5200 series Vitamix online, Daily Dot reports. The appliance—asking price just $400—indeed was a break-up gift of sorts. "He clearly wants to break up, but makes...

Twisted Craigslist Ad Tells San Diego 'You Are Next'

'We need more Orlando's (sic),' the post read

(Newser) - The FBI and the San Diego Police Department are trying to track down the person behind a Craiglist ad that threatened San Diego's gay community with an Orlando-style massacre. "We need more Orlando's (sic)" read the now-deleted ad in the site's "Men Seeking Men" section,...

Craigslist Sale of Printer Leads to $12K in Legal Fees
Craigslist Sale of Printer Leads to $12K in Legal Fees
in case you missed it

Craigslist Sale of Printer Leads to $12K in Legal Fees

Seller ran into someone who loves to sue

(Newser) - Next time you innocently put something up for sale on Craigslist, remember the tale of Doug Costello. As the Indianapolis Star explains, Costello sold a $40 printer in 2009 to Indy resident Gersh Zavodnik. The 54-year-old Zavodnik claims it didn't work and soon initiated legal action. It's something...

Dad Sells Son's SUV for 'Smokin Dope and Acting All Thug'

And the 18-year-old skipped work

(Newser) - In the latest episode of parenting gone viral , a man in Jacksonville, Fla., has sold his son's SUV after the 18-year-old committed a variety of offenses, including losing his job for being a no-show for two days, the Orlando Sentinel reports. "I have my son's truck up...

$700 Jalopy on Craigslist Was Million-Dollar Corvette

Sometimes gems lie underneath the 'gaudy purple paint, poorly applied'

(Newser) - Anybody can go poking around Craigslist and find a junker car for $700. But nobody at all snapped up a jalopy listed five years ago and described thusly: "SERIAL # X53L on documented 1953 pre-production Corvette Frame. We believe this to be a 1953 Pontiac prototype that was to...

Cops: Craigslist Mover Swipes Couple's Stuff

He allegedly made off with more than $30K of their belongings

(Newser) - Craigslist can be a great place to rent an apartment, buy a used microwave, and hire some movers—provided you don't mind if those things are roach-infested, busted, and wildly untrustworthy, in that order. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports a Missouri man has been charged with felony theft after...

Craigslist 'Missed Connection' Hailed as Best Ever
 Craigslist 'Missed Connection' 
 Hailed as Best Ever 
in case you missed it

Craigslist 'Missed Connection' Hailed as Best Ever

A man met a woman on the last day of 1972, and decided not to kill himself

(Newser) - A week after a man flew four B-52 sorties over Hanoi, dropping a total of 48 bombs over an unknown number of homes, he holed up in an apartment in Boston with a fifth of Tennessee rye and a Smith & Wesson Model 15, and vowed, upon returning from a...

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