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GOPers Cheer Removal of 'Hunk of Garbage' at Capitol

Republicans remove controversial metal detectors outside of House chamber put in place after Jan. 6

(Newser) - Little else is getting done as Republicans hash out who's going to be the next speaker of the House, but one order of business important to the GOP did take place Tuesday: The metal detectors outside of the chamber, installed at the order of then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi after the...

Lucky Metal Detectorist Will Soon Learn How Much His Medieval Ring Is Worth

Retiree David Board had only recently taken up the hobby

(Newser) - Nearly four years after it was unearthed by a lucky metal detectorist—and roughly six centuries after a husband gifted it to his beloved wife in medieval England—a gold ring is set to be auctioned later this month at Noonans Mayfair in London. Per the BBC , the ring was...

Dad's 'Life-Changing' Find: England's Oldest Gold Coin
It's the 'Most Valuable Single
Coin Find in British History'
in case you missed it

It's the 'Most Valuable Single Coin Find in British History'

Metal detectorist dad Michael Leigh-Mallory credits his kids

(Newser) - An Englishman whose children returned him to his love of metal detecting now plans to fund their educations with the proceeds from his most valuable find to date: England's oldest gold coin. "I used to be a keen metal detectorist but once I had a family the detector...

Clyburn Disputes Metal Detector Accusation

Lawmaker could become the first Democrat fined under new safety protocols

(Newser) - The House sergeant-at-arms has accused Rep. James Clyburn of a metal detector violation, imposing a $5,000 fine. Timothy Blodgett wrote to the House Ethics Committee that Clyburn avoided metal detectors Tuesday on his way to the House floor, the Hill reports. A filing by US Capitol Police said Clyburn...

Reaction to Metal Detectors Now Outside House Floor: Fury

At least on the part of the GOP

(Newser) - Airports, courthouses, and now the US House of Representatives: Metal detectors were on Tuesday installed outside the House floor by Capitol Police, with CNN reporting that all House members and their guests, including staffers and aides, will need to pass through them to access the floor. Per a memo from...

Metal Hunter Makes Quite the Find Outside Church

Shane Houston uncovers copper penny dated 1798

(Newser) - A man with a metal detector has found a long-hidden, 222-year-old coin under a few inches of soil outside a church in Maine, the AP reports. Shane Houston, of Charlotte, North Carolina, was on a metal-detecting trip with a friend from New Hampshire when he found the coin earlier this...

Amateur Treasure Hunter Hits It Big in Scotland

'I've just discovered a big part of Scottish history'

(Newser) - A man and his metal detector have uncovered a 3,000-year-old hoard of Bronze Age goods, including a complete sword and horse harness, its leather and wood still preserved. "[I] felt from the very beginning that this might be something spectacular and I've just discovered a big part...

Hikers Find Lost Ring on 4K-Foot Snowy Mountain

Bill Giguere of Massachusetts calls them 'very nice people'

(Newser) - A man's quest to find his wedding ring on a 4,000-foot snow-covered mountain in New Hampshire has been completed by a couple of hikers—and a metal detector, the AP reports. WMUR-TV reports Bill Giguere of Massachusetts recently lost the gold band on Mount Hancock. Giguere, who had...

Discovery of Bronze Hand Sparks a Mystery
Ancient Bronze Hand Leaves
Archaeologists Perplexed

Ancient Bronze Hand Leaves Archaeologists Perplexed

And leads to a criminal investigation

(Newser) - The hand is a bit smaller than that of an adult and made from roughly a pound of bronze. What it was used for has perplexed archaeologists since it was found in Switzerland last October. At an estimated 3,500 years old, National Geographic calls it "Europe's earliest...

Parents Go to Jail, Woman Gets 'Uttermost Freedom'

'Monsters' tried to force then-teen to marry her cousin in Bangladesh

(Newser) - A British couple labeled "monsters" by their own daughter, who had to be rescued ahead of a forced marriage to her first cousin , will spend a combined eight years behind bars. A judge on Monday sentenced the father to 4.5 years and the mother to 3.5 years....

Metal Detectorist Saves the Day After Proposal Gone Wrong

Man finds $3K engagement ring that Seth Dixon dropped in pond while proposing

(Newser) - It was the "little plop" heard 'round the world. Seth Dixon and Ruth Salas likely thought they'd never find Salas' $3,000 engagement ring again after Dixon accidentally dropped it off a wooden footbridge and into a pond while proposing in Kansas City earlier this month. But...

Ancient Bullets Shed Light on Roman Raid in Scotland

Battlefield archaeologists map out 800 lead bullets using special metal detectors

(Newser) - Reading ancient battlefields is no easy task given they so often leave no trace behind—wood disintegrates, iron rusts, and stones aren't detectable. But lead is different, and a cache of hundreds of ancient sling bullets was readily detected thanks to specialized metal detectors in Burnswark Hill in southern...

Treasure Hunter Finds 1979 Ring Lost in Pacific

Robert Fowler lost his class ring surfing in California

(Newser) - Robert Fowler was sure his class ring was gone for good. Just a couple of months after he got it in 1979, it slipped from the Mount Tamalpais student's 17-year-old finger as he surfed off Bolinas, Calif., a few months before his graduation. "I figured, 'Oh well,...

White House Metal Detector Set Off by ... Obama

The culprit? The president's cell phone

(Newser) - A metal detector leading into the White House was activated today by the president himself. President Obama was returning home from a holiday gathering across Pennsylvania Avenue when he decided to chat with the security guards at the Northwest Gate, reports USA Today . They showed him how a typical White...

Treasure Hunter Unearths $460K Roman Helmet

Rare British find expected to fetch a fortune at auction

(Newser) - An amateur treasure hunter in Britain has unearthed a Roman helmet expected to fetch at least $460,000 at auction. The bronze helmet—only the third of its kind ever found in Britain—has a face mask and is topped with a griffin. Experts say the helmet, found in a...

Lawyers Forced to Ditch Bras in Jail Screenings

Bras of 'prettiest' Belgians somehow set off metal detectors, they complain

(Newser) - Female attorneys became suspicious when their bras—particularly those worn by young, attractive women—suddenly set off metal alarms at a Belgian prison and had to be removed. Now they're angry. "Metal detection checks seem very difficult to carry out when a pretty, young lawyer or visitor reports to...

Texas Lobbyists Get Gun Permits to Avoid Lines

They can skip the metal detectors at the state capitol

(Newser) - Probably one or two Texas jokes applies to this one: Most of the state's lobbyists are signing up for permits to carry concealed weapons, reports the Houston Chronicle . They're not angry or afraid—they're just tired of waiting in long lines at newly installed metal detectors for visitors to the...

Ignore 'Privacy Ideologues,' We Need Body Scans
 Ignore 'Privacy Ideologues,' 
 We Need Body Scans 
Michael Chertoff

Ignore 'Privacy Ideologues,' We Need Body Scans

Passengers are at risk without them, says Michael Chertoff

(Newser) - For one former director of homeland security, it's a no-brainer: President Obama must ignore "privacy ideologues" and put full-body scanners at the nation's airports. Otherwise, it's just a matter of time before al-Qaeda strikes successfully with plastics explosives, writes Michael Chertoff. The notion that these imagers amount to "...

Massive Ancient Gold Trove Likely Battle Booty

Experts compare record find to discovery of King Tut's tomb

(Newser) - Experts dazzled by a record trove of ancient gold and silver unearthed in an English field believe the hoard of coins, hilts and parts of shields was war booty stripped from fallen soldiers and buried on the run. It was finally unearthed by a man with a metal detector 14...

19 Stories
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