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News Fail: The Year's Most Misunderstood Stories

Time to stop blaming Jay

(Newser) - This year, we hated Jay, pitied Mark Zuckerberg, and were sure the Tea Partiers were insane. But we were wrong, says Cracked . Some accepted myths, followed by the truth:
  • Jay Leno stole Conan's job. Actually, “Leno had nearly nothing to do with Conan getting fired.” It all came

Conan: Jay's Not Invited to My New Show
 Conan: Jay's 
 Not Invited to 
 My New Show 
playboy interview

Conan: Jay's Not Invited to My New Show

Unless, of course, he wants to appear as the musical guest...

(Newser) - Conan O’Brien’s new show debuts Monday, and there’s one person you should never expect to see as a guest: Jay Leno. “No, there are certain things I will not do, regardless of the price,” O’Brien tells Playboy , although he adds that Leno “can...

Worst Ratings Summer Ever for Jay Leno

'Tonight' host still beating Letterman, though

(Newser) - Jay Leno is not having a good summer. In fact, he's having his worst summer ever, at least as far as Tonight Show ratings are concerned. This summer is actually the lowest-rated ever for the show—and even Conan O'Brien pulled in better numbers for the coveted 18-49 demographic last...

Stop the Presses! Story Mentions Conan, Leno, Lady Gaga!

Rise of Web searching spells doom for clever newspaper headlines

(Newser) - Back in the day, "drunks with cigars wrote stories," overeducated wiseguys slapped snappy headlines on them, and some hours later, a newspaper appeared on your doorstep. In Internet time, that printed birdcage liner might as well be carved on stone tablets. "Call me a grumpy old codger,...

Conan, Not Jay, Scores Emmy Nom
 Conan, Not Jay, 
 Scores Emmy Nom 
'glee,' 'the pacific' lead nods

Conan, Not Jay, Scores Emmy Nom

Glee, The Pacific lead 2010 Emmy nominations

(Newser) - Looks like TBS’ campaign worked: The Tonight Show With Conan O’Brien was nominated for an Emmy this morning, while Jay Leno was snubbed. Miniseries The Pacific scored the most nominations with a whopping 24, the AP reports. Glee followed with 19, including best comedy series, lead actor and actress...

Why Conan should not have done '60 Minutes'
Conan's 60 Minutes Interview a Sad Mistake

Conan's 60 Minutes Interview a Sad Mistake

O'Brien came off more whiny than sympathetic

(Newser) - Conan O’Brien insisted last night on 60 Minutes that he is fine—“doing great,” in fact. But everything else he said in the “awkward mishap” of an interview made him look more like a sad sack, writes Andrew Wallenstein. Not only did he discuss “his...

Conan Dumps Disloyal Bandleader Max Weinberg

E Street Band drummer won't be moving to TBS with Coco

(Newser) - Conan O'Brien is moving to TBS this fall, but Max Weinberg isn't, reports Movieline . The bandleader and drummer for Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band, who has been with Coco since his late-night debut in 1993, recently approached Jay Leno about replacing the outgoing Kevin Eubanks —but that betrayal isn't...

Conan O'Brien Lands Show on TBS

Cable network wasn't on anybody's radar

(Newser) - Late-night mainstay Conan O'Brien is headed to TBS to resume his comedic duties with a talk show expected to debut in November, the network says. The program will air Mondays through Thursdays at 11pm, shifting George Lopez's Lopez Tonight to midnight. Today's surprise announcement hit the same day O'Brien starts...

Jay Leno: Conan and I 'Got Screwed'

He thinks O'Brien will be back as a competitor

(Newser) - Jay Leno thinks both he and Conan O'Brien "got screwed" in the talk show wars, but he still doesn't understand why he ended up being the bad guy. "I know people don't really understand sort of how this business works," he tells Joy Behar of CNN . "...

Leno Trounces Letterman in Return
 Leno Trounces 
 in Return 
ratings race

Leno Trounces Letterman in Return

Jimmy Fallon tops Craig Ferguson in ratings race

(Newser) - Jay Leno owned the 11:35 time slot last night, smashing both David Letterman and ABC’s combination of Nightline and Jimmy Kimmel as curious viewers tuned in to see Leno take back the Tonight Show gig. Leno scored a 5.7 rating, compared to 3.0 for Letterman, 3....

Leno Offers Same-Old in Tepid Return

Critics left cold by victorious host's Tonight Show return

(Newser) - Jay Leno made his triumphant return to the helm of the Tonight Show last night. Critics say it was like he never left, although they're split on whether that's a good thing:
  • The back-to-the future Tonight Show had "neither pop, nor sizzle, nor surprise, and no amount of cheerleading

Leno: 'It's Good to Be Home'
 Leno: 'It's Good to Be Home' 

Leno: 'It's Good to Be Home'

Host returns to Tonight seat warmed 9 months by Conan

(Newser) - Jay Leno had been absent from the nation's TV screens for less than a month, but he returned tonight with renewed purpose. "It's good to be home," he told his Tonight Show audience as he began his monologue (per NBC transcript). "I'm Jay Leno, your host. At...

Conan Conquers Twitter Amid Return Rumors

Fox deal may upstage Jay Leno's Tonight Show return

(Newser) - Jay Leno may have the Tonight Show but Conan O'Brien has captured the Twitter crown. O'Brien set up his now authenticated Twitter account yesterday and nabbed 200,000 followers within hours, dwarfing Leno's following of around 30,000, the Los Angeles Times reports. "Today I interviewed a squirrel in...

First Jay Leno Promo Digs at Conan

Tonight Show ad implies Conan O'Brien never belonged there

(Newser) - NBC aired the first promo for Jay Leno’s return to the Tonight Show last night, and it seems to include an underhanded dig at Conan O’Brien. The ad, a sequel to last year’s Super Bowl promo for the Jay Leno Show, shows a “10” decal flying...

Jay Leno Will Let Things 'Cool' Before Calling Conan

'Maybe we'll talk,' he tells Oprah in interview airing tomorrow

(Newser) - Jay Leno says he hasn't spoken to Conan O'Brien since the NBC brouhaha began—"it didn't seem appropriate"—but he might when "things cool down" a bit. "Maybe we'll talk, you know," Leno tells Oprah in an interview airing tomorrow. He also says he didn't...

NBC Is Chamberlain, Conan Is Czechoslovakia, So Leno Is...

Ousting Conan was only the first step; Jimmy Fallon is next!

(Newser) - If you think about it, isn’t Jay Leno a lot like Hitler? After all, he's “a master of making secret demands for foreign territory and then acting like the wronged party,” reasons Joe Queenan, writing for the Wall Street Journal . Leno pretended he wanted only the first...

Let the Conan Backlash Begin

Face it, O'Brien's ratings weren't great

(Newser) - Conan O’Brien joins the ranks of the unemployed today, so the ousted Tonight Show host now has plenty of time to track the backlash and second-guessing about the TV shell game. Jay Leno remains the villain of the piece, but the hard truth is that O’Brien never drew...

'I Do Not Regret a Second': Conan

O'Brien thanks fans, NBC, for allowing him to live Tonight dream

(Newser) - Conan O'Brien said on his final Tonight show that walking away is the hardest thing he's ever had to do. Before ending a seven-month run at the franchise NBC is giving back to Jay Leno, O'Brien thanked his fans, the viewers—and even the network he's so famously blasted recently....

NBC's Next Challenge: Fixing Prime Time
NBC's Next Challenge: Fixing Prime Time

NBC's Next Challenge: Fixing Prime Time

Network to produce 20 pilots next season

(Newser) - Now that NBC is nearly past the Jay Leno-Conan O'Brien fiasco, the network is refocusing on the job at hand: correcting a 5-year slide in ratings. The Leno gambit, which CEO Jeff Zucker described as an experiment in the "economics" of network television, represented the network's hope that Leno...

Conan Blows $4.8M on Parting Sketch

 Blows $4.8M 
 on Parting Sketch 
puts Racehorse in mink snuggie

Conan Blows $4.8M on Parting Sketch

Buys Kentucky Derby winner and sticks NBC with the bill

(Newser) - Conan O'brien upped the ante last night in his war with NBC, following his $1.5 million sketch Wednesday night with one he said cost $4.8 million. He spent that amount, he said, buying Mine That Bird, the 2009 Kentucky Derby winner, putting him in a horse-sized mink snuggie,...

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