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Best, Worst Cities for Zombie Apocalypse
Where to Run When
the Zombies Come

Where to Run When the Zombies Come

Residents of Houston are safest in this ranking

(Newser) - Another Walking Dead spinoff debuts on AMC this week, notes Yahoo Entertainment . Which, of course, prompted the company Lawn Love to ponder which cities would best be able to fend off a zombie apocalypse. Among the factors: proximity to military bases, gun stores, supermarkets (to stock up on supplies), helipads,...

Cops: Frightened Patron Shot Haunted House Performer

Keal Latrell Brown told police he thought gun was a prop

(Newser) - A haunted house performer in South Carolina was shot Saturday for doing his job: scaring people, police say. The performer at the Zombie Experience at the Hollywood Wax Museum Haunted House in Myrtle Beach had scared a group of visitors before he was struck with a bullet to the shoulder,...

Florida City Mystified by 'Zombie Activity' Alert

Somebody hacked warning system

(Newser) - A zombie-free Florida city is trying to figure out who issued a zombie alert to thousands of people during a power outage early Sunday. "There are now far less than seven thousand three hundred and eighty customers involved due to extreme zombie activity,” the alert sent to cell...

'Father of the Zombie Film' Dies at 77
'Father of the Zombie Film' Dies

'Father of the Zombie Film' Dies

George Romero was 77

(Newser) - His movies were groundbreaking—and that ground was over a grave. George Romero, the director known as the "Father of the Zombie Film" for 1968's Night of the Living Dead and its follow-ups, died of lung cancer on Sunday, CNN reports. He was 77. Romero, who grew up...

In Medieval England, Villagers Chopped Up Their Dead
In Medieval England,
Villagers Chopped
Up Their Dead
in case you missed it

In Medieval England, Villagers Chopped Up Their Dead

Scientists think they feared a sort of zombie uprising

(Newser) - We humans can be a superstitious lot, and scientists are revealing yet another example of the extremes we'll go to in the fight to keep evil and danger at bay. In this case, experts report in the Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports that human bones excavated in 1963 and...

Ohio Man's Controversial 'Zombie Nativity' Vandalized

But Jasen Dixon says the display will rise from the dead

(Newser) - A suburban Cincinnati man says someone vandalized the "Zombie Nativity" scene he puts up annually, beheading the ghoulish-looking Mary figure and flipping the greenish baby Jesus into the yard, the AP reports. Jasen Dixon says someone damaged the handmade scene early Tuesday at his home in Sycamore Township. He...

Zombies Could Overrun a City Frighteningly Fast

Computer model shows Chicago 'zombified' in 60 days

(Newser) - When humans start developing a taste for brains, best get out of Chicago pronto. Using a computer model that helps predict the spread of diseases like Ebola, the Argonne National Laboratory has determined a zombie virus could spread through the city , turning some 2 million people into zombies, in just...

Cops: Bullet for 'Zombie' Nearly Kills Sleeping Man

Strange shooting in Minnesota

(Newser) - A man in North St. Paul, Minn., woke to the sound of breaking glass early Saturday and soon discovered he was lucky to be alive: Police say a bullet tore through his window and ricocheted near the head of his bed. Officers soon found 24-year-old Ryan Stanislaw walking in the...

His Zombie Books Were a Hit, but Now His Publisher Is Suing

Hachette claims Seth Grahame-Smith's follow-up novel isn't up to snuff

(Newser) - When Seth Grahame-Smith published the hit novel Pride and Prejudice and Zombies with Hachette Book Group in 2009, which sold more than 2 million copies and was translated into more than 20 languages, he was largely credited with "unleashing" zombie mashups on the world, as the Guardian reports. But...

Best Friends With Down Syndrome Make Epic Zombie Movie

'We're naturally amazing'

(Newser) - Two best friends with Down syndrome from Rhode Island are living their dream of making an epic zombie movie and becoming celebrities, the AP reports. "Down syndrome causes us to think slower than others, but we don't let that get in the way," Sam Suchmann says. "...

Brothers Convince Drugged Sister Zombie Apocalypse Is Upon Us

Video has gone viral

(Newser) - In an awesome new video that's gone viral, three brothers convince their sister—who was still a little high after getting her wisdom teeth removed—that the zombie apocalypse is imminent. The sister proves to have much of her logic intact even while high, noting at one point as...

Amazon Will Void Its Terms of Service If the Zombies Come

Game developers using Lumberyard software get a pass if living dead show up

(Newser) - Your eyes may usually glaze over while reading companies' terms of service, but a paragraph buried in the ToS for Amazon's newly released game engine is worthy of your attention, CNNMoney reports. Lumberyard's beta version dropped Tuesday, and the company frames its purpose like so : "Whether you...

Panic at Zombie Fest as Gunfire Kills One, Injures 4

Florida police are seeking public's help in finding shooter at Fort Myers' ZombiCon

(Newser) - A Florida festival celebrating the undead turned into a real-life nightmare Saturday night after a shooting left one person dead at the scene and four injured, CNN reports. As the four injured were whisked to a local hospital for non-life-threatening injuries, police in Fort Myers began searching for a still-at-large...

Fear of Zombies Stretches Back to Ancient Greece

In some cases, stones were placed on dead to keep them from roaming

(Newser) - The walking dead roamed ancient imaginations long before they found their way to your television , and the concept was far less fringe in ancient times. So say researchers inspecting 2,905 burials at the Greek colony of Kamarina in southeastern Sicily. Writing in the journal Popular Archaeology , University of Pittsburgh...

Study Pinpoints Safest Place to Hide From Zombies

Head west, young man, unless you're already there

(Newser) - If a zombie outbreak were to strike US shores, East Coasters should head west ASAP. That recommendation comes by way of Cornell University researchers, who have modeled the statistical mechanics of, yes, zombies and will present their findings at a meeting of the American Physical Society on March 5 in...

People Paying to Be 'Trapped in Room With Zombie'

Zombie theater lives up to its name

(Newser) - Paging Walking Dead fans: An interactive theater show is encouraging participants to channel their inner Sherlock Holmes in an end-of-the-world team game-building exercise. "Trapped in a Room With a Zombie" is a "room-escape" experience, versions of which are offered in Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, New York, Seattle,...

Town to Man: Take Down Zombie Nativity

Township says he's in violation of zoning regulations

(Newser) - A suburban Cincinnati township has ordered a man to kill off his large "Zombie Nativity" scene. Sycamore Township has sent Jasen Dixon two notices of zoning violations after, officials say, they received complaints about debris at the home and upon inspection concluded the nativity violates rules on size and...

Science Proves It: Walking Dead Can't Walk

Death does really unfortunate things to bodies, forensic consultant points out

(Newser) - It's Halloween, so odds are you're going to see some zombies today. But fear not, because if they were real zombies, they wouldn't be able to shamble, feed, see, or really do much of anything, Rutgers professor and forensic consultant Kimberlee Sue Moran explains to the South ...

World War Z Has Some Saying 'Zzzzzz'

 World War Z 
 Has Some 
movie review

World War Z Has Some Saying 'Zzzzzz'

Brad Pitt stars in zombie-fighting flick

(Newser) - For all the fanfare surrounding it, World War Z is a fair-to-middling zombie movie, critics say. Brad Pitt stars as a former UN investigator who takes to the skies to fight the undead menace. From the reviews:
  • The movie "does not try to extend the boundaries of commercial entertainment

(Societal) Misery Loves Zombies
 Zombies Trendiest 
 When We're Dissatisfied 
says researcher

Zombies Trendiest When We're Dissatisfied

Interest peaks 'when as a culture we feel disempowered' : expert

(Newser) - How to explain the current fascination with The Walking Dead, the "zombie walks" occurring across the country, or the televised warnings of zombie apocalypse? It's no coincidence that we're in the midst of a zombie obsession, says a professor who's studied the phenomenon: People get into...

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