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Zombie Attack Under Way, Warns Montana TV Station

KRTV apologizes for hackers' warning

(Newser) - Montana's KRTV yesterday issued an emergency warning: Zombies are on the attack. The scrolling message alerted multiple counties that "dead bodies are rising from their graves" and "attacking the living," the AP reports. People shouldn't "approach or apprehend these bodies as they are extremely...

Critics Fall for Zombie Love in Warm Bodies

Undead spin on Romeo-and-Juliet gets mostly positive reviews

(Newser) - Given the popularity shambling corpses enjoy these days, it was only a matter of time before we got Warm Bodies, an honest-to-goodness zombie romantic comedy, in which a member of the living dead ("R") falls for a still-breathing girl ("Julie," get it?). And believe it or...

Security Firm Launching 'Zombie Apocalypse' Training

California terror summit to include bout with the undead

(Newser) - Those of you who lie awake nights worrying about a massive assault by the undead can rest a bit easier. A California security firm is offering training next month at its annual counterterrorism summit on repelling a zombie attack—though it is a bit tongue in cheek. More than 1,...

Zombies Cream Westboro Protest

Anti-gay protesters at military base get undead surprise

(Newser) - It was the afterlife vs. the undead: Protesters from the Westboro Baptist Church encountered a protest of their own on Friday. Ersatz zombies organized on Facebook to counter Westboro's appearance at the Lewis-McChord joint military base south of Seattle. Some 300 zombies and supporters easily overran the paltry eight...

For Sale: $24K Zombie Survival Kit
For Sale: $24K Zombie Survival Kit

For Sale: $24K Zombie Survival Kit

It sounds like a very serious product

(Newser) - If you're like us, you lie awake each night wondering, "Am I properly supplied in the event of a zombie apocalypse?" If your answer to that question is anything other than a resounding, "Yes!" then maybe you should consider getting the ZERO (Zombie Extermination, Research and...

Detroit's Salvation: Zombie Theme Park?

Post-apocalyptic theme park could bring tourism

(Newser) - You probably won't see this in any Chrysler commercials. Instead of tearing down some of Detroit's sketchier neighborhoods, a local entrepreneur thinks he can rejuvenate the city by turning it over to zombies. "I thought, 'What do we have around here?' A lot of abandoned buildings,...

Face-Eater Nailed in China
 Face-Gnawer Nailed in China 

Face-Gnawer Nailed in China

Drunken bus driver attacks woman in Wenzhou

(Newser) - America's zombie apocalypse seems to have infected China. A bus driver drinking with friends during lunch in the city of Wenzhou in southeast China suddenly ran into the streets, pounced on a random woman, and began gnawing on her face until bystanders pulled him away, according to officials. The...

Woman Busted Thanks to 'ZOMBIE' License Plate

You're not too hard to find when you're cruising in a car advertising the undead

(Newser) - One Pennsylvania woman's apparent affection for the undead has led to some unforeseen consequences. Yardley Joy Frantz allegedly ran into a man and his nephew with her car around 7pm on Friday. When the man's son came to help and confronted her, she reportedly zapped him with a...

British Columbia Preps Citizens for Zombies

If you're ready for the undead, you're ready for anything

(Newser) - You've picked on the wrong little girl, zombie! That's the message a feisty British Columbian has for a walker who aims to eat her brains in a video produced by the province to prepare its citizens for an invasion of the undead. Actually, not really. It's a...

Embrace Your Inner Zombie

 Embrace Your Inner Zombie 

Embrace Your Inner Zombie

Auto-pilot zombies can set free the rest of us, muses philosopher

(Newser) - Maybe so many of us love zombie movies because we are, at heart, zombies. That's a view considered by philosopher Alva Noë, who on NPR notes that we seem to be partial to the idea that we aren't really the authors of what we do but function pretty...

Paramedics Called to Gory Zombie Accident

12 zombies hurt on ' Resident Evil' Toronto set

(Newser) - Emergency workers called to the site of an accident on a film set in Toronto yesterday morning initially thought there had been a gruesome catastrophe, but soon realized that most of the people there were meant to be hideously mangled: It was the set of the next Resident Evil movie....

88 Ace Hardwares Now Sell Zombie-Fighting Gear

Get your chainsaws, shovels, and deadbolts here

(Newser) - With Halloween on its way, it's important to protect your home from a potential zombie attack—but it can be tough to find the proper supplies. Fortunately, a hardware chain with 88 shops in the Midwest and Southwest now covers all your zombie needs. As of last week, Westlake...

'Occupy' Protesters to Dress as Zombies

...that eat Monopoly money instead of brains

(Newser) - Halloween is coming early for the Occupy Wall Street protesters. In what can only be described as a brilliant move that will help them be taken seriously, organizers are urging protesters to dress up like corporate zombies and eat Monopoly money, so that Wall Street denizens can “see us...

Zombie Game Hits Tea Party, Fox Hosts

Free shooter lets you blast away at top Fox commentators

(Newser) - It's zombie-killing fun for the whole family—well, the whole liberal family, assuming they approve of guns and killing. Bill O'Reilly, Glenn Beck, Fox News, and the Koch Brothers are just some of the big-name conservative zombies you must confront in Tea Party Zombies Must Die , a free...

Man Demands Town Reveal Zombie Invasion Plans

City council has yet to respond to Freedom of Information Act request

(Newser) - A man in Leicester, England, has submitted a vital Freedom of Information Act request to the city council. “Can you please let us know what provisions you have in place in the event of a zombie invasion?” Robert Ainsley asked, according to the Telegraph . “Having watched several films...

County Warns Residents of Zombie Invasion

Luckily, the undead are just actors from AMC's 'The Walking Dead'

(Newser) - Cobb County has an important message for Georgia drivers: Zombies ahead. Seriously. Officials are posting two message boards warning those behind the wheel that they may encounter zombies in the area, which is being used to film scenes from AMC's The Walking Dead on Monday, reports the Marietta Daily ...

CDC: Get Ready for Zombie Apocalypse

Or, you know, a hurricane

(Newser) - The CDC wants to make sure you’re prepared … for a zombie apocalypse. In a blog posting Monday that quickly became the organization’s most popular ever, Assistant Surgeon General Ali Khan offers helpful tips to prepare for the invasion of “flesh-eating zombies.” Conveniently enough, many of...

In South Carolina, Road Sign Warns 'Zombies Ahead'

Watch out for hunters and tanks, too

(Newser) - Undead ahead! Drivers in South Carolina were warned to be on the lookout for hunters, tanks, and zombies yesterday. Two electric signs near the town of Fort Mill on Highway 160 had apparently been tampered with: They flashed messages that read "Zombies Ahead," "Watch for Hunters" and...

Does Twilight Hurt Teen Brains?
 Does Twilight Hurt 
 Teen Brains? 

Does Twilight Hurt Teen Brains?

Conference exploring vampire novels' pull on young minds

(Newser) - A bunch of Twilight aficionados got together last week, but there were no squeals or Edward-induced fainting spells. Rather, a group of scientists, educators and authors met at Cambridge to explore how the vampire craze exemplified by the Twilight series may be shaping young minds, notes MSNBC . Sample session: "...

9 Crazy College Courses
 9 Crazy College Courses 
wine tasting...for credit?

9 Crazy College Courses

Forget anthropology—learn about zombies instead

(Newser) - Lady Gaga: Worthy of a college class? Apparently so, at least according to the University of Virginia. (For more on “GaGa for Gaga: Sex, Gender, and Identity,” click here .) The Frisky rounds up eight more college courses that sound insane…in a good way:
  • Zombies: At the

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