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'Hey Mom, I Got an A in Zombie!'
'Hey Mom, I Got
an A in Zombie!'

'Hey Mom, I Got an A in Zombie!'

College course capitalizes on pop culture phenom

(Newser) - Zombies may not be rising up and seeking out tasty brains, but zombie culture is. And now a University of Baltimore professor is offering an English 333 course focusing on the undead, reports the Baltimore Sun . Arnold Blumberg's class will feature studies around zombie films and comics. Students also will...

Arrested, Jailed Zombies Get $165K From Minneapolis

Group was protesting consumerism

(Newser) - Minneapolis learned a lesson today: Don’t mess with zombies. Police arrested seven friends dressed as the living dead in 2006, after noticing they were carrying bags with wires sticking out that apparently looked like a bomb. It turned out to be sound equipment, and the group was never charged,...

4 Dystopias Health Reform Will Prevent

 4 Dystopias 
 Health Reform 
 Will Prevent 

4 Dystopias Health Reform Will Prevent

Could Obamacare prevent zombie plagues?

(Newser) - Perhaps the best way to explore how health-care reform will affect our lives is to consider the fictional dystopias the Obamacare society won't have to endure. Or, have io9 do it for you:
  1. A mutant plague. A rich country in which 30 million people have no access to preventative care

'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter' Doesn't Actually Suck

Lincoln-vampire mashup offers lively metaphor for slavery

(Newser) - Writer Seth Grahame-Smith landed a six-figure deal for a book called Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Does it suck? Surprisingly, no, says Time 's Lev Grossman. This mashup of history and horror may lack "richness and subtlety," but does not want for color. Grahame-Smith's writing is "lively" and...

Voodoo Priests Object to Mass Burials

'Desecration' raises zombie fears

(Newser) - Haiti's voodoo priests are objecting to anonymous mass burials of earthquake victims, raising fears that such desecration could result in restless souls of the dead returning as zombies. "It it not in our culture to bury people in such a fashion," Haiti's main voodoo leader, Max Beauvoir, told...

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