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Are Today's Dads the New 'Second Sex'?

Gary Moskowitz notices how easily he's ignored

(Newser) - One father in London is feeling rather "invisible"—especially when doctors, nurses, and babysitters start talking. "Some of them have cut me off midsentence, and they often speak directly to my wife, even though I’m standing right there," writes Gary Moskowitz in the New York ...

Babies Cut Dads&#39; Testosterone
 Babies Cut Dads' Testosterone 
Study says

Babies Cut Dads' Testosterone

That makes men better parents, researchers believe

(Newser) - Who knew newborns could have such a significant physical impact on their dads' bodies? Scientists have discovered that fathers experience a significant reduction in their body's testosterone with the birth of a son or daughter. They believe it's Mother Nature's way of making men less interested in...

Obama's 'Second Job': Coach on Sasha's Team

President stresses importance of being a dad in radio address

(Newser) - Is there a responsibility as demanding or important as being commander-in-chief of the United States? President Obama thinks so, and it's called being a dad. On his pre-Father's Day radio address today, the president reflected on his own father's absence and discussed some of the ways he'...

Postpartum Depression Hits Dads, Too: Study

 Blues Hit 
study says

Postpartum Blues Hit Dads, Too

And those fathers are more likely to spank their young kids: study

(Newser) - New moms aren’t the only ones who may end up battling depression: Dads can face a similar problem, and those who do are more likely to spank their 1-year-olds, a study finds. Some 40% of depressed fathers reported spanking kids that age, while only 13% of dads who weren’...

Daughters Are Great, But ...

 Are Great, 
 But ... 

Daughters Are Great, But ...

Retro preference for sons is alive and well

(Newser) - Aaron Traister is thrilled to have a daughter—“I was just as excited about my daughter as I was about my son,” he writes. “And she's even better out of the belly.” But the nagging preference for male children in our society has him doubting his...

Obama Owns Up: Michelle Made More Sacrifices

Many men 'still a little obtuse' about imbalance in household dynamics

(Newser) - The men in many families need to be "knocked across the head every once in a while" to realize how much more work their partners are putting into child-raising, President Obama says, and the Obamas are no exception. "There's no doubt that our family, like a lot of...

Guys, Take a Page From Chabon's Manhood for Amateurs

Michael Chabon's essays on fatherhood, manhood paint him as quite a catch

(Newser) - Michael Chabon throws his voice into the widening pool of “daddy diaries” with Manhood for Amateurs, which offers “poignant meditations on manhood, fatherhood, and aspects of his own childhood.” The Pulitzer Prize-winning author emerges from the essays “as a prince among men,” writes Heller McAlpin...

Help—I'm Jealous of My Own Kid!

Dads wrestle with idea that youngsters have it better than they did

(Newser) - You’re trying to give your kids the best: karate lessons, top schools, the latest video games. “You couldn't be prouder, really,” writes Christopher Noxon in Details, until “it hits you: you’re jealous.” Your childhood was never this good, and now, as your kid expands...

Brady: Life and Football Don't 'Stop for Anyone'

(Newser) - Tom Brady has a busy life even if you don’t include answering questions about his ex-girlfriend, kid, wife, and his return to football after a devastating injury. But a perfectly literal statement about his sport sums up his approach to everything else. “The game goes on,” he...

Obama: Absent Dad Taught Me Value of Fatherhood

President's Father's Day essay urges father to 'step up' and take responsibility

(Newser) - President Obama came to realize the value of fatherhood through its absence in his own life as a boy, he writes in an essay published in Parade for Father's Day. "The hole a man leaves when he abandons his responsibility to his children is one that no government can...

Depression in Dads Hurts Kids

More research needed into effects of fathers' mental health, experts say

(Newser) - With modern fathers often more directly involved in parenting than previous generations, researchers say it’s time to pay closer attention to the impact of paternal mental health on children, the BBC reports. Existing evidence suggests that children of alcoholic or depressive fathers are likely to suffer psychiatric or behavior...

Parenting for Dummies: What Not to Do

Bad parents proudly cop to their worst-of moments in books

(Newser) - Move over, arguments about organic baby food. A new set of books celebrates a less perfect kind of parenting—stories from moms and dads who mess up, and don't mind copping to it, the Wall Street Journal reports. Parents who let their toddlers watch too much TV or have read...

Dads May Hatch Schemes to Leave Golden Nest Eggs

But best a man can leave is his good name

(Newser) - From King Lear to Tom Daschle, a father’s desire to provide for his children could leave them with a rather dubious inheritance—“a legacy of embarrassment,” Stephen Amidon writes in the New York Times. "Inheritances can be tricky things. Even those given with the best of...

Lance Fathers Baby the Old-Fashioned Way

Cyclist already has 3 kids from IVF

(Newser) - Lance Armstrong won the Tour de France seven times, beat cancer, and dated a rock star—but he’s never made a baby the traditional way, until now. The cyclist and his girlfriend are expecting their first child in June, AP reports. Armstrong froze his sperm when he was diagnosed...

Single Men Seek Fatherhood, Partner Optional

Unattached males are choosing solo parenthood over childless lives

(Newser) - The ranks of do-it-alone dads are increasing, and many of these men are becoming single fathers by choice, reports the New York Times. There are no specific statistics, but evidence suggests that both gay and straight single men are increasingly seeking fatherhood. “I absolutely would want a partner, but...

Spade Dad to Playmate's Baby
 Spade Dad to Playmate's Baby 

Spade Dad to Playmate's Baby

DNA test calls a Spade a Spade

(Newser) - Paternity testing proves comedian David Spade is the father of a girl born last week to 22-year-old former Playboy Playmate Jillian Grace, with whom he had a brief fling, People reports. "He plans to go see the baby during his first break from shooting Rules of Engagement," a...

Obama Slams Black Dads on Father's Day

'Too many fathers are AWOL,' he says at Chicago black church

(Newser) - Barack Obama sharply critiqued black fathers today at one of Chicago's biggest black churches, the New York Times reports. “Too many fathers are M.I.A, too many fathers are AWOL,” he said to a mostly black audience, including his wife and daughters. “I say this knowing...

Depressed Dads Make Kids Less Literate

Sad fathers don't read as much to babies, whose vocabs suffer

(Newser) - About 10% of new fathers show signs of clinical depression—a rate twice that of other men—and that can have a noticeable effect on their children, an American Psychiatric Association study finds. Sad dads interact less with their progeny, which means less bedtime reading and a smaller vocabulary by...

'Toxic Sperm' Linked to Child Ills
'Toxic Sperm' Linked to
Child Ills

'Toxic Sperm' Linked to Child Ills

Gene material in sperm may be hurt by heavy drinking, smoking: study

(Newser) - Men who smoke or drink heavily may transmit genetic abnormalities through their damaged sperm, leading to child health complications, miscarriages or stillbirth, researchers have found. The effects of environmental toxins on paternal health—long held to be far less important than that of mothers—may play a crucial role in...

Modern Moms Do More for Kids
Modern Moms Do More for Kids

Modern Moms Do More for Kids

(Newser) - Modern mothers spend more time with their children than those in the June Cleaver era, a new study concludes. Diaries compiled for the study show that, despite working more, today's moms spend less time on things like housework, leisure, and sleep to devote four more hours per week to interacting...

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