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Researchers: Here's How to Prevent Peanut Allergies

Babies exposed to peanut products were much less likely to develop allergy by age 12

(Newser) - Children exposed to peanuts very early on are much less likely to develop peanut allergy later in life, researchers say. A study published in the journal NJEM Evidence confirmed earlier research, but it tracked participants for longer than other studies, the Washington Post reports. It found that children who consumed...

First Drug for Severe Food Allergies Is Approved

FDA says Xolair can help people with allergies to milk, eggs, nuts, other sources

(Newser) - A medication used to treat asthma can now be used to help people with food allergies avoid severe reactions, says the FDA. Xolair, the brand name for the drug omalizumab, became the first medication approved to reduce allergic reactions caused by accidental exposure to food triggers, per the AP . Patients...

Groups Want Super Bowl Spot on Peanut Allergy Changed

Attempted humor in Uber Eats commercial falls flat

(Newser) - An organization that works to raise awareness about the dangers of food allergies says it doesn't see the humor in an Uber Eats commercial planned to air during the Super Bowl. The theme is forgetfulness, the BBC reports. At one point, a man who appears to be having an...

Professional Dancer Dies After Eating Mislabeled Cookies

Cookies have since been recalled for containing peanuts

(Newser) - A professional dancer who moved to New York City from the UK to pursue her dreams died this month after eating a mislabeled cookie. Órla Baxendale, 25, died on January 11 after eating a Vanilla Florentine at an event; she had a peanut allergy, but peanuts were not listed...

Patch Holds Promise for Kids Allergic to Peanuts
For Kids Allergic to Peanuts,
a Patch Holds Promise
new study

For Kids Allergic to Peanuts, a Patch Holds Promise

Study suggests it offers a measure of protection against exposure

(Newser) - A study in the New England Journal of Medicine offers some hopeful news for the parents of toddlers with peanut allergies. Researchers found that if children wear a patch that dispenses a tiny amount of a peanut protein for a year, they're likely to build up protection against being...

Man Fired, Charged After Rant in Smoothie Store

Video shows James Iannazzo call one worker an 'immigrant loser'

(Newser) - A Connecticut man who went into a smoothie store to complain went so far over the line that he lost his job and is facing criminal charges—including a felony. Police in Fairfield say James Iannazzo, 48, was arrested after workers at a Robeks said he was "throwing things,...

FDA Clears First Treatment for Peanut Allergy

Though it has risks, Palforzia relieves anxiety, families say

(Newser) - The first treatment for peanut allergy has won approval from the Food and Drug Administration. The drug, Palforzia, will list for $890 a month and brings its own risks, the Wall Street Journal reports. And the treatment, approved for those ages 4 to 17, won't make it possible for...

This Peanut Allergy Treatment May Make Things Worse
Peanut Allergy Study Has
a Disappointing Finding
new study

Peanut Allergy Study Has a Disappointing Finding

Microdoses in kids might actually make things worse, say researchers

(Newser) - Giving kids with peanut allergies tiny doses of peanuts to build up their immunity might actually make things worse, a new study in the Lancet medical journal suggests. The researchers say they're not denouncing the approach, called oral immunotherapy, but are calling for better methods and further study. The...

Drug a 'Good First Step' for Kids With Peanut Allergies

Experimental drug AR101 found to ease reactions in more than 2/3 of kids with peanut allergy

(Newser) - For parents of kids with peanut allergies, a new study holds "lifesaving" hope. The Wall Street Journal and New York Times report on AR101, an experimental drug from Aimmune Therapeutics that's been shown to ease reactions in kids with peanut allergies. In the oral immunotherapy study published in...

Mom Blames 15-Year-Old's Death on Cookie Packaging

Florida teen missed peanut mention in Chips Ahoy made with with Reese's

(Newser) - A Florida mother blames the death of her 15-year-old daughter on what she calls confusing packaging for Reese's Chips Ahoy cookies, reports the AP . In a July 12 Facebook post , Kelli Travers-Stafford wrote that her daughter Alexi mistakenly ate one of the cookies at a friend's house despite...

Southwest Diverts From Policy That's Part of Its 'DNA'

No more peanuts on flights beginning Aug. 1

(Newser) - Get your free peanuts while you can. Beginning Aug. 1, Southwest Airlines will stop serving the complimentary snack offered on flights since the airline's founding in the 1960s, according to a rather wistful Monday statement. "Peanuts forever will be part of Southwest's history and DNA," the...

This Could Be a Breakthrough in Treating Peanut Allergies

Study finds success with daily peanut powder capsules

(Newser) - The first treatment to help prevent serious allergic reactions to peanuts may be on the way. A company said Tuesday that its daily capsules of peanut powder helped children build tolerance in a major study, the AP reports. Doctors have been testing daily doses of peanut, contained in a capsule...

Moms Can Lower Kid's Peanut Allergy Risk From First Meal

2-step process involves mom eating peanuts while breastfeeding

(Newser) - New moms can lower their child's risk of developing a peanut allergy in the kids' very first meals, according to Canadian researchers. A study in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology suggests that children breastfed by peanut-eating moms are less likely to develop a nut allergy later, reports...

Breakthrough in Search for Peanut Allergy Cure
Breakthrough in Search
for Peanut Allergy Cure
new study

Breakthrough in Search for Peanut Allergy Cure

New study found 80% of subjects could still tolerate peanuts 4 years later

(Newser) - Could a cure for peanut allergies be close? Australia's ABC reports that in a new study , 82% of participants saw their peanut allergies cured within the first 18 months of treatment. Four years later, 80% of the participants still showed no signs of an allergy, and 70% passed a...

Frat Member Faces Jail Over Peanut Butter Stunt

Police charge him with hazing at Central Michigan University

(Newser) - A Central Michigan University student accused of spreading peanut butter on the face of a passed out teen with a peanut allergy faces jail time over the stunt. Dale Merza, 20, has been charged with misdemeanor hazing and faces up to 93 days in jail and a $1,000 fine...

When and How to Feed Your Baby Peanuts

Most should taste peanuts around 6 months: NIH

(Newser) - Most babies should start eating peanut-containing foods well before their first birthday, say guidelines released Thursday that aim to protect high-risk tots and other youngsters from developing the dangerous food allergy. The new guidelines from the National Institutes of Health mark a shift in dietary advice, based on landmark research...

Peanut Allergy Skin Patch Looks Promising in First Trial

It was particularly effective in younger kids

(Newser) - Peanut allergies are on the rise, and some are so severe as to result in anaphylaxis (often causing swelling, vomiting, and a drop in blood pressure) and death, reports the Mayo Clinic . Even without harmful exposures, constant vigilance can be stressful, but treatments don't yet exist—while research suggests...

Woman Dies After Kissing Boyfriend Who Ate Peanut Butter Sandwich

Now her mom is speaking out

(Newser) - Four years ago, 20-year-old Myriam Ducre-Lemay died after kissing her boyfriend who had just eaten a peanut butter sandwich, CTV News reports. Now her mother, Micheline Ducre, is speaking out to keep the same thing from happening to anyone else's kids. After getting home from a party, Myriam's...

710K Hostess Snacks Recalled
 710K Hostess Snacks Recalled 

710K Hostess Snacks Recalled

Over the potential of undeclared peanut residue

(Newser) - If you have a peanut allergy, you may want to hold off on opening that box of Ding Dongs. Hostess is recalling 710,000 cases of some of its products over undeclared peanut residue they might contain, CBS News reports. In addition to Ding Dongs, the items being recalled include...

Restaurateur Gets 6 Years for Curry That Killed Customer

Man had warned staff about peanut allergy

(Newser) - A dishonest, penny-pinching British restaurateur is going to prison for a curry dish that killed a customer . Mohammed Zaman was sentenced to six years after being found guilty of manslaughter by gross negligence and several food-safety offenses in the 2014 death of Paul Wilson, who had a severe allergy to...

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