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Jury: Time for Yeardley Love's Killer to Pay Up

George Huguely must pay $15M to mom, sister of slain UVA lacrosse player in wrongful death case

(Newser) - Sharon Love had already seen her daughter's killer put behind bars for more than two decades. On Monday, the mother of murdered University of Virginia lacrosse player Yeardley Love received financial compensation as well. The Daily Progress reports that Sharon Love and her other daughter, Lexie Love Hodges, were...

Lacrosse Star's Murder Is Now Focus of Civil Trial

University of Virginia's Yeardley Love was killed by George Huguely

(Newser) - A decade ago, University of Virginia lacrosse player George Huguely V was convicted of second-degree murder after a sensational criminal trial in the killing of his on-again, off-again girlfriend, Yeardley Love, a member of the UVA women's lacrosse team. With Huguely now about halfway through his 23-year prison sentence,...

UVa Lacrosse Player Gets 23 Years for Murder

George Huguely killed girlfriend Yeardley Love in 2010

(Newser) - A former college lacrosse player was sentenced today to 23 years in prison for the alcohol-fueled beating death of his ex-girlfriend. George W. Huguely V was sentenced for the slaying of 22-year-old Yeardley Love , who was found face down in her blood-soaked pillow on May 3, 2010. Authorities said the...

What Huguely Told Cops
 What Huguely Told Cops 

What Huguely Told Cops

Tape of U.Va lacrosse player's interview made public

(Newser) - As the black of May 2, 2010, faded into the gray of dawn, George Huguely—unaware that ex-girlfriend Yeardley Love lay lifeless in a morgue—sat down with Virginia cops to tell the story of the flowing booze, the heated emotions , and the violence of the night before. The tape...

UVa Lacrosse Player's Mom Sues Killer for $30M

Yeardley Love's mother sues George Huguely V

(Newser) - The mother of slain University of Virginia lacrosse player Yeardley Love has filed a $30.5 million lawsuit against the former men's lacrosse player convicted of murdering her daughter. Sharon Love filed the lawsuit against George Huguely V today in Charlottesville Circuit Court, saying he was responsible for her...

UVa Lacrosse Player Guilty of Murder, Gets 26 Years

George Huguely sentenced for killing Yeardley Love

(Newser) - The University of Virginia's high-profile murder trial has resulted in a second-degree murder conviction of former lacrosse player George Huguely, reports the Daily Progress . The jury sentenced the 24-year-old to 26 years in prison for killing fellow senior Yeardley Love in her apartment in 2010, reports the Washington Post...

Huguely Cries in Court Hearing Police Interview

Prosecutors play tape of him being told Yeardley Love is dead

(Newser) - George Huguely cried in court today as prosecutors played a videotape of the police interview in which he was told on-and-off girlfriend Yeardley Love was dead, reports ABC News . In that interview, the University of Virginia senior admitted that he "shook her a little bit, and she started freaking...

UVA Murder Suspect's Email: 'I Should Have Killed You'

George Huguely sent it to Yeardley Love days before her death

(Newser) - The high-profile murder trial involving two athletes at the University of Virginia got under way today, with the legal teams of George Huguely and victim Yeardley Love staking out their cases:
  • Prosecutors: They opened with an email that Huguely sent to Love days before her death, reports the Washington Post

UVa. Lax Player Indicted in Girlfriend's Murder

George Huguely headed to trial in murder of Yeardley Love

(Newser) - Former University of Virginia lacrosse player George Huguely is heading to trial in the murder of his on-again, off-again girlfriend and fellow student Yeardley Love. A Charlottesville grand jury today indicted the 23-year-old on murder charges, reports the Daily Progress, almost a year after Love was found dead in her...

Defense: Booze, Adderall Led to Yeardley Love's Death

Defense says Adderall, not George Huguely, is to blame

(Newser) - George Huguely admits drunkenly breaking down Yeardley Love's door. He admits shaking her while her head hit the wall several times. That blood was flowing from her nose as he threw her on her bed and left. But what killed Love was likely the Adderall in her system and 0....

UVa Student Fought With Boyfriend Days Before Murder

Cops find evidence in Yeardley Love's email

(Newser) - Police investigating the murder of Yeardley Love have found evidence that the UVA student got into a fight with her ex-boyfriend and suspected murderer George Huguely a few days before she was found dead in her apartment in May. Investigators found an email exchange to that effect—after Huguely stole...

UVa. Awards Slain Lax Player Posthumous Degree

Moment of silence at commencement

(Newser) - A moment of silence was held at the University of Virginia's commencement ceremonies and slain women's lacrosse player Yeardley Love was given a posthumous degree. Love was awarded a bachelor's degree in politics and government today in a diploma ceremony held by the Department of Politics. Love's cousin, Lawren McChesney,...

Behind Huguely's Charm, Rage
 Behind Huguely's Charm, Rage 

Behind Huguely's Charm, Rage

'There had to be a different George inside that head'

(Newser) - Thomas Jefferson's University of Virginia will graduate thousands of students this morning—the culmination of years of study. But accused murderer George Huguely will sit in his jail cell rather than collect his diploma—the culmination of years of privilege and inexplicable rage, reports the Washington Post in an extensive...

Old Jocks Club a Dangerous Place for Women
 Old Jocks Club a Dangerous Place for Women 

Old Jocks Club a Dangerous Place for Women

Huguely, Roethlisberger, Taylor cases have similar threads

(Newser) - It's been a rocky spell in the headlines for women and male athletes, and the cases of Ben Roethlisberger, Lawrence Taylor, and George Huguely make Sally Jenkins wonder: "Should women fear athletes?" For the Washington Post columnist, the bottom line in the allegations against all three: "The alleged...

2K Bid Farewell to 'Remarkable' Yeardley Love

Slain lacrosse player hailed for generosity, fierceness on the field

(Newser) - More than 2000 mourners crowded a Baltimore church yesterday for the funeral mass of 22-year-old Yeardley Love, and amid grief let up a University of Virginia sports chant she once memorably bungled. Instead of "One, two, three, together, Hoos," Love had counted to four—which the Charlottesville Daily ...

Dad Called Cops on Lacrosse Murder Suspect

Domestic abuse complaint filed against George Huguely in '08

(Newser) - The University of Virginia lacrosse player accused of killing his ex-girlfriend once had his own dad call the cops on him, ABC News reports. In 2008, while the family was on their yacht in Florida, George Huguely's father filed a domestic abuse complaint against his son. Huguely, who's facing first-degree...

Privileged Lacrosse Culture Failed Yeardley Love

Rich white people blind to dangers in their midst

(Newser) - In assessing the death of UVa student Yeardley Love, Jamie Stiehm unloads on the insulated world of lacrosse in privileged white neighborhoods. Love and suspected killer George Huguely emerged from tony suburbs where rich kids grow up with lacrosse sticks and go on to play at all the right schools....

U-Va. Unaware of Suspected Killer's Earlier Violent Arrest

Huguely, 7 other lacrosse players busted for booze

(Newser) - University of Virginia officials had no idea about an alcohol-related arrest that would have resulted in murder suspect George Huguely being sent for counseling and suspension from the lacrosse team. Huguely, accused of murdering ex-girlfriend Yeardley Love, was Tasered and arrested after a drunken confrontation with police near a frat...

Va. Cops Retrieve Stolen Computer of Slain Student

Ex-boyfriend took it after 'altercation'

(Newser) - Police are examining the computer of Yeardley Love, the University of Virginia student killed in her dorm room, to see if it has any threatening emails from ex-boyfriend George Huguely. He admitted taking the computer after kicking in her locked bedroom door, repeatedly striking her head against the wall, and...

Slain Lacrosse Player's Head 'Hit the Wall'
Slain Lacrosse Player's Head 'Hit the Wall'

Slain Lacrosse Player's Head 'Hit the Wall'

Accused murderer 'shook' Yeardley Love during argument

(Newser) - The University of Virginia lacrosse player charged with the first-degree murder of Yeardley Love kicked her door open and argued with her, then "shook Love and her head repeatedly hit the wall," according to an affidavit released today. Love, 22, was found facedown in a pool of blood,...

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