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Playboy to Ines Sainz: Pose Nude For Us!

That's sure to make her feel better about this whole fiasco

(Newser) - Ines Sainz didn’t like being ogled by New York Jets players , but she certainly wouldn't mind being ogled by Playboy readers, right? The magazine must think so, because it extended a formal offer to the reporter to pose nude—and the payday is “pretty big,” a...

Ogled Reporter Slams Female Sportswriters

Group 'acted impulsively,' writes Sainz in 'My Sept. 11' column

(Newser) - The Mexican TV reporter who was the target of hurled footballs and catcalls by the New York Jets has slammed the women's sportswriters group that rushed to her defense. "Today I wonder why a well respected association acted so impulsively," Ines Sainz wrote in a column in El ...

After Reporter Harassment, NFL Will Brush Up on Rules

Jets owner to foot bill for training program

(Newser) - The NFL says that although there was "unprofessional conduct," New York Jets owner Woody Johnson and his staff acted promptly to correct the situation that arose last weekend when TV Azteca reporter Ines Sainz said she felt uncomfortable in the team's locker room. Commissioner Roger Goodell said today...

Ines Sainz Controversy Shouldn't Be One
 Ines Sainz Controversy 
 Shouldn't Be One 
Sally Jenkins

Ines Sainz Controversy Shouldn't Be One

And shame on you, Rush Limbaugh and Keith Olbermann

(Newser) - The dumb controversy over Mexican reporter Ines Sainz being subjected to the "juvenile conduct" of some New York Jets should have ended when the team owner apologized, writes veteran sports columnist Sally Jenkins of the Washington Post . It didn't, and Sainz—who deserves part of the blame for keeping...

Ogled Reporter: Jets Behavior Grotesque

Though earlier she said behavior wasn't 'gross'

(Newser) - Hottie Mexican reporter Ines Sainz described New York Jets' catcalls as she was working on a story in their locker room as "grotesque." It "mustn't happen again," she told the New York Daily News . Of course "you feel it when you are being stared at...

NFL Probes Jets' Harassment of Mexican Reporter

Footballs, Catcalls Greeted Pretty Broadcaster

(Newser) - The NFL has launched an investigation into treatment of a pretty TV reporter from Mexico who became the target of catcalls and footballs hurled at her during Jets practice while she was working on a story about quarterback Mark Sanchez. Team general manager Mike Tannebaum was meeting with a representative...

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