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There's a New Presidential Candidate

Lincoln Chafee is running again, this time as a Libertarian

(Newser) - Former Democratic presidential candidate Lincoln Chafee has filed to run for president as a Libertarian. The former governor of Rhode Island on Sunday registered the "Lincoln Chafee For President" campaign committee with the Federal Election Commission, the AP reports. A fundraising website linked to the FEC filing states, "...

Lincoln Chafee Abandons Run for President

He was struggling to reach 1% in the polls

(Newser) - Lincoln Chafee is saying what everybody was thinking: He's out of the race for president. The former Rhode Island governor made it official Friday morning in an address to the Women's Leadership Forum. "As you know I have been campaigning on a platform of 'Prosperity Through...

Democrats: Hey, We're Holding Debates, Too

DNC releases schedule today, of all days

(Newser) - Maybe trying to steal a little Republican thunder , the Democratic National Committee unveiled plans today to hold six presidential debates starting this fall, with the first scheduled for Oct. 13 in Nevada in a primary process that's far less crowded than the GOP side. The debates, said DNC chairwoman...

Congratulations, You Tied Lincoln Chafee in 2016 Poll

He got zero votes in 1,001-person survey

(Newser) - A Monmouth University poll has some seriously bad news for Lincoln Chafee. The candidate of about 6 six weeks did not get a single vote in a survey of 1,001 registered voters who are Democrats or lean that way. "To be clear, this does not just mean that...

Why Lincoln Chafee May Be a Problem for Hillary

He voted against the Iraq war, and she didn't

(Newser) - In the vote to authorize the Iraq war, precisely one Republican senator came out against it. His name was Lincoln Chafee, now a Democrat running for president, and that vote is why he "could prove Hillary’s most intriguing challenger," writes Peter Beinart at the Atlantic . Beinart doesn'...

Chafee Makes Odd Campaign Promise No One Else Has

Former RI governor says it'll be 'easy' to switch US over to the metric system

(Newser) - There are three countries in the world—the US, Burma, and Liberia—that still aren't on the metric system , but if Lincoln Chafee is elected president, he'll make sure America gets with the program. During his announcement yesterday that he'll run as a Democratic candidate for president,...

2016 Candidate Stymied by Facebook Password

Lincoln Chafee can't get into page he used as Rhode Island governor

(Newser) - Lincoln Chafee, a former governor and senator of Rhode Island, launches his bid for the Democratic nomination this evening, and clearly everything will have to go his way if he hopes to pull an upset. Which is why this Facebook post from his wife, spotted by an editor at National ...

What They're Saying About Clinton 2016
 What They're 
 Saying About 
 Clinton 2016 

What They're Saying About Clinton 2016

Rand Paul, John Kerry, et al weigh in ahead of announcement

(Newser) - After breathless years of speculation, Hillary Clinton will allegedly make her blessed announcement today, and rivals, potential rivals, and also-rans took to the airwaves to let their opinions be known on what they thought of Hillary for President 2.0. A look around your Sunday talk show dial, per the...

Rhode Island Gov. Chafee Switching to Democrats

He got elected as an independent after leaving the GOP

(Newser) - It looks like Democrats will be adding another governor to their ranks. Rhode Island's Lincoln Chafee plans to switch to the party before he launches his bid for re-election in 2014, reports Politico . Chafee used to be a Republican senator, but he won the governor's seat in 2010...

No. 10: Gay Marriage Is Law in Rhode Island

Governor Chafee signs bill in Providence

(Newser) - August 1 will be a busy day for county clerks around Rhode Island. That's the day the first gay marriages will be allowed, thanks to the bill signed into law today by Gov. Lincoln Chafee, reports the Providence Journal . Couples previously joined in civil unions can upgrade to the...

Gay Marriage in Works in RI
 Gay Marriage in Works in RI 

Gay Marriage in Works in RI

It will be last state in New England to allow it

(Newser) - Rhode Island, perhaps sensing that all the cool kids in the region were doing it, is moving forward on a bill allowing anyone to marry "any eligible person regardless of gender." Rhode Island is currently the only state in New England not to allow same-sex marriage, but that...

Rhode Island Sues Schilling
 Rhode Island Sues Schilling 

Rhode Island Sues Schilling

Gov. Lincoln Chafee calls deal a "grave injustice"

(Newser) - Rhode Island wants its money back. The state filed a lawsuit today against retired Red Sox great Curt Schilling and his business partners, seeking to win back money lost in its $75 million loan guarantee to his failed video game company 38 Studios, the Providence Journal reports. Gov. Lincoln Chafee...

Curt Schilling: Firm's Collapse Cost Me My Baseball Fortune

Ex-Red Sox pitcher blames Rhode Island governor

(Newser) - Retired MLB all-star Curt Schilling says he lost more than $50 million of his own money, likely his entire career's worth of earnings, when his video game company fizzled and declared bankruptcy. The former Red Sox pitcher spoke on Boston radio station WEEI-FM for the first time since the...

RI Becomes 15th State to Decriminalize Pot

Possession of under an ounce to become civil violation

(Newser) - Good news for Rhode Island tokers: A bill decriminalizing small amounts of marijuana has been signed into law by Gov. Lincoln Chafee, reports the Providence Journal . The law makes possession of less than an ounce of marijuana a civil violation with a $150 fine, although three violations in 18 months...

Rhode Island Recognizes Out-of-State Gay Marriages

Gov. Lincoln Chafee gives gay married couples full legal rights

(Newser) - Good news for gay Rhode Islanders who marry out of state: Their marriages are now legally acknowledged back home, the AP reports. Gov. Lincoln Chafee signed the order today in a Statehouse ceremony, granting gay married couples many rights—including insurance coverage for the spouses of state employees and the...

RI Christians Revolt Over 'Holiday Tree'

Carolers crash tree lighting as Catholics hold competing event

(Newser) - When Scott Walker rechristened Wisconsin’s Capitol "holiday tree" a "Christmas tree," the atheists revolted ; now, in Rhode Island, the opposite is happening. When the governor unveiled the Statehouse "holiday tree," angry carolers crashed last night's tree lighting, interrupting a children's chorus to...

Governors Call on DEA to Reclassify Pot

Washington, RI want medical pot regulated as Schedule II drug

(Newser) - The governors of Washington state and Rhode Island are petitioning the Drug Enforcement Administration to reclassify marijuana as a drug with accepted medical uses. Washington's Democratic Gov. Christine Gregoire and Independent Gov. Lincoln Chafee want pot switched from a Schedule I drug to Schedule II, which would allow it...

7 Governor's Races to Watch
 7 Governor's Races to Watch 
Midterms 2010

7 Governor's Races to Watch

Republicans poised for huge redistricting advantage

(Newser) - Governor’s seats are up for grabs in 37 states today, and Republicans look poised to win loads of them—which could have a profound impact when it comes time to redraw district lines . This Huffington Post tally shows 29 seats held by or leaning toward Republicans, to 16 for...

Bloomberg Endorses Flock of Moderates
Bloomberg Endorses
Flock of Moderates

Bloomberg Endorses Flock of Moderates

He's the anti-Tea Partier

(Newser) - Michael Bloomberg is going on a Palin-like endorsement streak—only instead of endorsing Tea Partiers and conservatives, he’s backing moderates from both parties. Among his beneficiaries: Meg Whitman, Harry Reid, Lincoln Chafee, and Joe Sestak. Bloomberg says he's looking for candidates who aren't bound by rigid ideology, and are...

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