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RFK Jr. Apologizes to His Family for Super Bowl Ad
RFK Jr. Apologizes
to His Family for
Super Bowl Ad

RFK Jr. Apologizes to His Family for Super Bowl Ad

Super PAC's spot supporting presidential candidate used imagery from JFK's 1960 campaign

(Newser) - One gauge of whether your Super Bowl ad was successful is what viewers are saying online about it, and by the reaction Sunday night, there was a good amount of side-eye on one promo supporting Robert F. Kennedy Jr. for president—including from Kennedy's family. The Hill reports that...

The Price of Failure for DeSantis' Campaign: $168M

Outside groups carried the load for GOP candidate

(Newser) - The failed campaign and expansive political operation intended to make Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis the Republican nominee for the White House cost $168 million, according to filings reported to the Federal Election Commission late Wednesday. The pro-DeSantis super PAC Never Back Down reported payments of more than $130.6 million...

Super PAC Has Spent $40M This Year on Trump Legal Bills

That includes legal bills for his aides, others in his orbit

(Newser) - The super PAC founded by former President Trump spent more than $40 million in the first half of the year on legal defense costs for Trump, his advisers, and others in his orbit, sources tell the Washington Post and CBS News . The Save America political action committee is expected to...

Trump Makes First Big Investment in GOP Race

Former president's PAC sends $500K to help David Perdue in Georgia

(Newser) - For the first time, former President Donald Trump’s political operation has invested in a candidate's midterm election campaign. Trump’s Save America PAC sent $500,000 to a super PAC working to defeat Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp, whom the former president has wanted out of office since he...

Christian Group: 'Trump Has Used Christianity'

'Not Our Faith' rolls out 6-figure TV and digital ad campaign

(Newser) - A group of prominent Christians from both sides of the aisle, including a past faith adviser to former President Barack Obama, is forming a political action committee designed to chip away at Christian support for President Trump in the final weeks of the 2020 campaign, the AP reports. Dubbed Not...

Bush Administration Officials Launch Pro-Biden Super PAC

'The president is a danger,' group says

(Newser) - Hundreds of people who served in the administration of America's 43rd president have created a super PAC to help defeat the 45th. The former members of the George W. Bush administration officially launched the "43 Alumni for Joe Biden" group Wednesday. Organizers say they are choosing "country...

Obama, Biden Have Same Word for GOP Super PAC Ad


(Newser) - Barack Obama has remained relatively quiet on the political scene in the years since he left the Oval Office—but he's voicing his displeasure with an ad attacking his former VP. CNN reports that the law office representing Obama sent a cease-and-desist letter Wednesday to a GOP super PAC...

With Super PAC Entrance, GOP Infighting Hits New Level
Super PAC
Declares War
on Bannon

Super PAC Declares War on Bannon

Group allied with Mitch McConnell hopes to thwart his plans

(Newser) - Steve Bannon's campaign to replace mainstream Republicans in Congress with individuals adhering to his anti-establishment message won't go unimpeded. Per the Washington Post , a super PAC aligned with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has "declared open warfare" against the former White House chief strategist, who's reportedly...

'Beyond Stupid': Ad Blitz Against Senator Under Fire

Pro-Trump PAC went after fellow Republican Dean Heller on health care

(Newser) - With the Senate GOP's plan to replace ObamaCare on hold , an ad campaign against one of the drama's high-profile players is drawing scrutiny. A super PAC that supports President Trump unleashed the campaign against Republican Dean Heller of Nevada after he announced that he opposed the measure, reports...

Paul Ryan to 'Draft Ryan' PAC: Cut It Out

Group getting a cease-and-desist, courtesy of his political operation

(Newser) - Paul Ryan ultimately gave in to the calls that he run for speaker of the House, but it doesn't look like he's going to change his mind about running for president. A group called the Committee to Draft Speaker Ryan recently registered with the US Federal Election Commission...

Bush Super PAC Has Spent More Than $50M

There's little to show for Right to Rise's spending blitz

(Newser) - The Jeb Bush backers who poured more than $100 million into pro-Bush super PAC Right to Rise haven't exactly been getting a lot of bang for their buck. The group has already spent more than $49 million, not including salaries and other operating expenses, only to have its candidate'...

Icahn Drops $150M to Fight Corporate Tax Dodgers

He's the latest billionaire to get in the Super PAC game

(Newser) - Billionaire investor Carl Icahn said Wednesday he is creating a $150 million super PAC focused on revising corporate tax law. Icahn will use his super PAC to press Congress to pass legislation that stops US companies from moving their profits overseas to take advantage of lower tax rates — a...

Donor to Rick Perry: I Want My $5M Back

Super PAC members aren't sure they can recoup the cash for contributors

(Newser) - Rick Perry may have thought he could just drop out of the presidential race and ride off into the Texas sunset, but some supporters of the Perry-supporting Opportunity and Freedom PAC are asking an important question as his 10-gallon hat disappears over the horizon: Can we get our money back?...

Cruz Is Suddenly a Player, Thanks to Reclusive Backer

Millionaire Robert Mercer helps him raise an 'eye-popping' $31M right off the bat

(Newser) - If other GOP contenders shrugged off Ted Cruz's chances of winning the nomination, it's a safe bet they're reassessing things after four new super PACS announced they'd raised a staggering $31 million to support his new candidacy . "Even in the context of a presidential campaign...

Dems Try 'Romney Strategy,' Shower Cash on South

Crossroads, meanwhile, plans $10M blitz of its own

(Newser) - November seems far away, but outside money groups are already making it rain in contested Senate races. The Senate Majority PAC, a Democratic operation run by former Harry Reid staffers, has been "carpet bombing" the South in particular, the Daily Beast reports, attempting what's called the "Romney...

Kochs Launch Group to Win Over Hispanics

Can outside money cure the GOP's demographic woes?

(Newser) - The Koch Brothers money machine is throwing itself at one of the party's long-standing goals: winning over Hispanic voters. The brothers have launched a group known as the Libre Initiative, Reuters reports, and it marks a bit of a departure from the duo's usual attack-ad-chucking tactics. While the...

The 'Sheldon Primary' Is What's Wrong With Politics

Dan Balz laments the influence of the super-rich mega-donors on elections

(Newser) - If you want to know why Americans are so disgusted with the political system, take a gander toward Las Vegas, where would-be Republican presidential candidates are lining up to kiss the ring of Sheldon Adelson . "Adelson has become a symbol of the new system of financing presidential elections,"...

Liberal Super PAC Behind Mitchell Recording

 Super PAC 
report says

Super PAC Behind McConnell Recording

A top state Democrat says members of Project Kentucky are responsible

(Newser) - So just who recorded a Mitch McConnell strategy session in which he and his aides came up with all kinds of imaginative ways to go after Ashley Judd ? Two members of a liberal Super PAC called Project Kentucky, reports public radio station WFPL . And this was no James Bond-style...

Latest Super PAC to Push ... Bearded Candidates

Those with goatees will be considered; mustache only? Forget it

(Newser) - At last, a super PAC that can be described as hirsute—it's Bearded Entrepreneurs for the Advancement of a Responsible Democracy, aka BEARD, a political action committee dedicated to advancing bearded candidates. Founded by Jonathan Sessions and Andy Shapero, BEARD is as quirky as you might imagine: A planned...

Carville Raising Money for Pro-Hillary Super PAC

He's the first of the family's 'inner circle' to do so

(Newser) - Count James Carville among those who really want Hillary Clinton to run for president in 2016. He's supporting Ready for Hillary PAC, a super PAC whose mission is to get Clinton into the race, the Washington Post reports. In an email Carville is sending today, he will ask other...

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