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Tracy Clark-Flory: An Ode to Hairy Chests (Unlike Anthony Weiner's)

 An Ode to  
 Hairy Chests 

An Ode to Hairy Chests

They're natural, and that's sexy: Tracy Clark-Flory

(Newser) - There’s a key issue we’re forgetting in this whole Anthony Weiner scandal: His hairlessness, both on his chest and, apparently, elsewhere . “Depilation is increasingly visible among straight men, and it's a damn shame,” writes Tracy Clark-Flory at Salon . Sure, some women like men “as...

Traci Nobles, Anthony Weiner's 5th Online Lady Friend, Emerges
 5th Weiner Galpal Emerges 

5th Weiner Galpal Emerges

Traci Nobles outed by roommate

(Newser) - Anthony Weiner admitted to conducting inappropriate online relationships with six women , and now we know who the fifth one is. But Traci Nobles, unlike Lisa Weiss, Ginger Lee, and Meagan Broussard , did not want to come forward. Her roommate emailed the Las Vegas Sun a screenshot from Noble’s Facebook...

Stewart Aghast at Weiner's Daily Show Sex Fantasy

Host also confused by Weiner's apology to Bill Clinton

(Newser) - Jon Stewart was a little confused when he heard that Anthony Weiner apologized to Bill Clinton, officiant at his wedding and husband to his wife’s boss , after Weiner’s sexting scandal broke. "The congressman had a sex scandal and had to apologize to Bill Clinton? For what?” an...

Top 10 Sex Scandals to Hit the House

Anthony Weiner is far from alone on the list of House bad boys

(Newser) - Anthony Weiner is just the latest and most aptly-named bad boy to fall from grace in Congress's lower chamber: It was only February when Rep. Chris Lee's self portraits and search for hookups on Craigslist led him to join the ranks of the unemployed, and there was a...

Crotch-Shot Recipient: I Thought It Was Fake

Gennette Cordova insists chats with Weiner were never sexual

(Newser) - When Gennette Cordova saw the now-infamous photo of Anthony Weiner’s wiener on her Twitter account, “it didn’t make any sense,” she says. “I figured it must have been a fake.” Up until then, her online relationship with Weiner had never verged into sexual territory,...

House Dems Urge Weiner To Quit

Colleagues bailing on NY rep after tweeted penis shot

(Newser) - A growing number of House Democrats are making it clear that they want their Weiner problem to go away. Pennsylvania's Allyson Schwartz, an ally of Nancy Pelosi, was the first to openly call for his resignation, and she was soon followed by others, reports the New York Times . "...

Feminist Outrage? Try a Shrug of Resignation
Feminist Outrage?
Try a Shrug of Resignation
maureen dowd

Feminist Outrage? Try a Shrug of Resignation

Maureen Dowd: American women conditioned to 'assume the worst'

(Newser) - Bonjour, American women. You have "traded places with France" when it comes to attitudes about the not-so-noble pursuits of men, writes Maureen Dowd in the New York Times . Consider that after the DSK scandal broke , "a spirited feminism" emerged in France, with women angrily demanding that the sexism...

Radio Hosts Tweet THE Weiner Photo

Opie and Anthony take photo of photo from Breitbart's phone

(Newser) - It was inevitable: A purported photo of Anthony Weiner's naughty bits (this time sans underwear) is now on the Internet, courtesy of radio hosts Opie and Anthony of Sirius, reports Mediaite . How it came to be: They had Andrew Breitbart on this morning, and he showed them the photo...

Anthony Weiner's Facebook Messages With Lisa Weiss Revealed
 Weiner to 
 'I'm Horny 
 a Lot' 
facebook messages

Weiner to E-Mistress: 'I'm Horny a Lot'

...and that's one of the tamer messages

(Newser) - Anthony Weiner is getting the Tiger Woods treatment : Gossip site Radar has published every single one of the congressman’s 220 alleged Facebook messages sent to and from Las Vegas blackjack dealer Lisa Weiss . The nine-month correspondence began on Aug. 13. Highlights (warning, NSFW at all):
  • On Weiner’s hypothetical

Twitter Group Warned Women to Steer Clear of Weiner long as three months ago

(Newser) - Early last month, a group of conservative Twitter users dubbed the #bornfreecrew was speculating that Anthony Weiner would soon be embroiled in a sex scandal. Two months before that, the group was warning young female Twitter users to stay away from Weiner. In a fascinating story, the New York Times...

For Weiner, It&#39;s Change or Resign
 For Weiner, It's 
 Change or 
Steve Kornacki

For Weiner, It's Change or Resign

If he runs for mayor, tabloids won't let him forget this

(Newser) - There’s a strong argument that politicians in general shouldn’t resign in the wake of sex scandas, writes Steve Kornacki of Salon : “Sure, life is hell for a few days—or even a few weeks—and it seems like the media will never stop covering you, but then...

Who Is Weiner's Catch of a Wife?

Meet the gorgeous, glamorous Huma Abedin

(Newser) - Perhaps one of the most mystifying parts of the whole Anthony Weiner crotch-shot scandal is that he has a smart, successful, smokin' hot, 12-years-younger, (and "way too good for him," some say ) wife. The Daily Beast , ABC News , and the New York Times all take a closer...

Meet Anthony Weiner's Sexting Partners

Blackjack dealer: We 'talked dirty' over government line

(Newser) - Three of the women Rep. Anthony Weiner has admitted sexting with have come forward with sizzling (and embarrassing) details, and at least one revelation that could spell doom for the Democrat's career. Meet the ladies of Weinergate:
  • Lisa Weiss, a blackjack dealer from Las Vegas, says she and Weiner

Jon Stewart: Weinergate 'Is Killing Me'

It's 'the weirdest f***ing story I've ever seen in my life,' host declares

(Newser) - Jon Stewart was predictably befuddled by the way Weinergate unraveled as he watched his old roommate get "Kanyed" by Andrew Breitbart at his own press conference yesterday, before finally coming clean and admitting the crotch shot in question was, yes, of Weiner's own crotch. "This is the...

Pelosi Seeks Ethics Inquiry for Weiner

Top Democrats say Ethics Committee should investigate

(Newser) - They're not calling for his resignation—yet—but top House Democrats have made it clear they're not happy with Rep. Anthony Weiner's shenanigans. Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi says the congressman, who has come clean about his crotch shot and "inappropriate chats" with women online , must face...

Weiner: I Sent It, I'm Sorry, and I'm Not Quitting

NY rep admits sending photo, having risque chats at press conference

(Newser) - A teary Anthony Weiner ate his humble pie today, apologizing profusely to his wife and admitting at a press conference (after Andrew Breitbart hijacked it) that "the picture was of me, I sent it." The embattled New York rep said he'd had "several inappropriate conversations" with...

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