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Huma Abedin Is Leaving Anthony Weiner
Huma Abedin Is
Leaving Anthony Weiner

Huma Abedin Is Leaving Anthony Weiner

Announcement follows new report of Weiner's sexting

(Newser) - A little more than five years after the first Anthony Weiner sexting story broke , wife Huma Abedin has announced she is leaving him. A brief statement from Abedin was posted on Twitter by NBC Nightly News editor Bradd Jaffy. It reads, "After long and painful consideration and work on...

NY Times to Weiner: Get Out of Mayor's Race

Candidate can't keep voters' trust

(Newser) - The New York Times has had it with Anthony Weiner. First he lied about the crotch-shots posted online, saying they weren't his. After admitting they were, he disappeared for a while; then he came back, said his life had changed, and entered the mayoral race. But new lewd texts...

Weiner: I'm Not Running for Mayor
 Weiner: I'm Not 
 Running for Mayor 

Weiner: I'm Not Running for Mayor


(Newser) - Let the image rehabilitation of Anthony Weiner begin. The ex-congressman and underwear model sat down with his wife and baby son for a humanizing interview with People , in which he extolled the virtues of family life, and said he wasn't planning to run for office—yet. "I can'...

Weiner's Plotting a Comeback: Sources

Disgraced rep wants to run for New York City mayor

(Newser) - The New York Post can't say with certitude , but Anthony Weiner is reportedly looking to get back into the political game. Citing "multiple sources" in a pun-laden exclusive, the Post reports that the former congressman is "desperate" to get back into politics, and is feeling out a...

Weinergate Lives On: Galpal Traci Nobles Releasing Book About Anthony Weiner Sexting Scandal
Weinergate Rises Again, Thanks to Sexter's Book
titillating tell-alls

Weinergate Rises Again, Thanks to Sexter's Book

Traci Nobles reveals that Weiner called his in-laws 'backward'

(Newser) - Traci Nobles, aka Anthony Weiner Sexting Pal No. 5, initially didn’t want to talk about her digital dalliances with the one-time congressman. Apparently that’s all changed, however, because she’s releasing a book about the whole thing (someone apparently let her call it I Freinded You) on Saturday....

Weiner's Toughest Female Critic Isn't His Wife...

Ex-congressman in therapy, wants Hillary Clinton to know he's doing better

(Newser) - Anthony Weiner says there's one woman in his life he's going to have trouble convincing he's "cured"—his wife's boss, Hillary Clinton. The former congressman says he's in therapy for sex addiction, but getting Clinton's approval could be more difficult than being...

Weiner Officially Resigns: 'It's Been an Honor'

Effective midnight tomorrow as tourists flock to his offices

(Newser) - Our days of Weiner-filled puns may be drawing to a close: Anthony Weiner has officially submitted his resignation to New York's secretary of state, effective at midnight tomorrow. "It has been an honor to serve the people of Queens and Brooklyn," he wrote in the brief missive,...

Meet Weiner's Heckler: Howard Stern's Benjy Bronk

It was about laughs, not moral judgments, he says

(Newser) - It didn't take a long, hard search to identify the heckler who continuously interrupted Anthony Weiner's resignation speech yesterday. Benjy Bronk, a writer for the Howard Stern Show, proudly stepped forward and took to Twitter to explain why he jeered the congressman with questions like, "Are you...

Larry Flynt Offers Weiner a Job

Congressman is a 'victim of hypocrisy,' says 'Hustler' publisher

(Newser) - He's serious, really. Porn king Larry Flynt has offered newly unemployed Anthony Weiner a job in the Internet department of Flynt Management. "This offer is not made in jest," Flynt wrote in a letter he fired off to the former congressman. Flynt is offering 20% more than...

Weiner Tells Top Dems He'll Step Down

'New York Times' reports decision came after long talks with his wife

(Newser) - It looks like Anthony Weiner's time is Congress is about to come to a close. The New York Times and Wall Street Journal spoke with sources who say Weiner has told party leaders and friends that he has decided to resign. The Democrat reportedly arrived at the conclusion after...

Ex-Porn Star: I Wanted Politics, Weiner Wanted Sexts

Ginger Lee says Weiner asked to lie, should step down

(Newser) - Nancy Pelosi, John Boehner, and stripper Ginger Lee have got something in common: They all think Anthony Weiner should step down. Lee, a former porn actress, says she exchanged more than a hundred messages with Weiner but she was discussing politics and didn't respond in kind to his suggestive...

Newest Weiner Photo to Emerge: in Bra, Stockings

Dems ready to talk tough today to push congressman out the door

(Newser) - What a drag. A new photo has emerged of Rep. Anthony Weiner strutting in a bra and black stockings. "Busted Wearing Women's Lingerie," screams the National Enquirer headline next to the photo slapped on the cover of yesterday's edition. The shot was taken Weiner's sophomore...

Sexually Explicit Weiner Doll for Sale
 Sexually Explicit 
 Weiner Doll 
 for Sale 
inevitability dept

Sexually Explicit Weiner Doll for Sale offering both 'standard' and 'for adults only' versions

(Newser) - You read the Facebook messages , you saw that graphic cell phone pic , and now ... you can buy the Anthony Weiner action figure. But first you have to decide if you want the censored or uncensored version. of Oxford, Conn., is offering the "standard" doll for $39.95...

'Hormone Case' Guys Not Fit for Politics

They can't power penis and brain at same time, notes Robin Williams

(Newser) - Get a grip, fellas. Obviously, many of you have runaway hormone issues that make it impossible for you to behave responsibly in public office. Yet popular culture has always insisted that "women can't be be trusted in positions of power because their judgment might be addled by raging...

Obama on Weiner: 'I Would Resign'
 Obama on Weiner: 
 'I Would Resign' 

Obama on Weiner: 'I Would Resign'

But stops short of calling for congressman's resignation

(Newser) - President Obama is the latest top Dem to weigh in on Weinergate, stopping short of calling for the New York rep to step down, but telling an NBC interviewer that, "I can tell you that if it was me, I would resign. Because public service is exactly that, it’...

Weiner Now Considering Resigning: Source

He's worried about how Hillary Clinton may be advising wife

(Newser) - Anthony Weiner is finally seriously considering resigning, a source tells the New York Daily News . The relentless interest in and continuing revelations of the New York representative's sexting proclivities are beginning to convince him that he's not going to be able to push his way past the scandal...

Why Sex Scandals Never Snag Women

Female politicians have a different attitude about job, research shows

(Newser) - After Mark Sanford, Eliot Spitzer, John Ensign, and now Anthony Weiner, a sex scandal involving a male politician is barely even shocking anymore. What would be shocking? A sex scandal involving a female politician. And research points to a reason for that other than the widely accepted “boys will...

Where's Weiner in Latest Photos? Congress' Gym

Congressman snapped pics in towel in locker room

(Newser) - Anthony Weiner liked to pose in various stages of undress at his apartment, with his cats, and now apparently in a towel at the House Members Gym. The latest self-portraits mostly involve his BlackBerry's camera and a mirror, and were sent to at least one woman, TMZ reports. They...

Bill Maher, Jane Lynch Read 'Weinerlogues'

You really don't want to watch this

(Newser) - As if the Anthony Weiner saga weren't squirm-inducing enough, Bill Maher took it a step further, New York mag reports. The Real Time host brought out Jane Lynch, and the pair proceeded to give a dramatic reading of Weiner's less-than-subtle Facebook exchanges with a blackjack dealer in Vegas—...

Cops Investigate Weiner's Tweets to Girl, 17

Embattled rep says direct messages were 'neither explicit nor indecent'

(Newser) - When Anthony Weiner wasn't palling around with porn stars or blackjack dealers, he was apparently sending messages to high school girls. Police in Delaware yesterday were questioning a 17-year-old girl about her interactions with the congressman, Fox reports, which a Weiner rep characterized as "neither explicit nor indecent....

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