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Palin Kids' Book in the Works
 Palin Kids' Book in the Works 

Palin Kids' Book in the Works

Christian publisher plans biography in September

(Newser) - A biography of Sarah Palin aimed at children will be out in September—which is maybe surprising only in that the Palin business juggernaut didn't think of it first. Instead, Christian publisher Zondervan will put out the unauthorized Speaking Up: The Sarah Palin Story for 9-to-12-year-olds, reports AP . Why? She...

Spitzer Counting on Book, Movie to Revive Career

Ex-governor will attend premiere of sex scandal documentary

(Newser) - The debut of Alex Gibney's untitled Eliot Spitzer documentary this weekend could be kind of awkward—Spitzer's going to be there, and the movie, though sympathetic, doesn't pull any punches when it comes to the Client No. 9 scandal. But Spitzer is embracing it, Politico reports, as a strategic move...

Kelley on Oprah: 'She's Never Going to Come Out'
 Kelley on Oprah: 
 'She's Never 
 Going to Come Out' 
tell-all biography

Kelley on Oprah: 'She's Never Going to Come Out'

Tell-all speculates about sexuality, quotes celeb friends

(Newser) - Oprah Winfrey is the target of a new tell-all biography, complete, of course, with speculation about her sexual proclivities—if she has any. Oprah and Gayle King are "the emotional equivalent of a gay couple," Rosie O'Donnell said last year. "When they did that road trip together...

20 Must-Read Celebrity Bios

 20 Must-Read 
 Celebrity Bios 
'trashy to tragic to triumphant'

20 Must-Read Celebrity Bios

Need a good beach (or bathroom) read? Try these

(Newser) - To understand how women have defined “celebrity” over the past century, you have to read these 20 biographies. Or maybe, writes Tracie Egan Morrissey for Jezebel , you’re just looking for a trashy bathroom read. That works, too:
  • No Lifeguard on Duty, Janice Dickinson: The supermodel is “deliciously

Matt Damon to Play RFK in Biopic

Robert F. Kennedy film in the works at New Regency

(Newser) - If shelling out $10 to see a biopic about Robert F. Kennedy doesn’t thoroughly excite you, perhaps this will change your mind: RFK will be played by none other than Matt Damon. Well, make that might be played. Deadline reports the deal is done and Damon is attached—but...

13 Reasons Warren Beatty Didn't Bed 13K Women
 13 Reasons 
 Warren Beatty 
 Didn't Bed 
 13K Women 

13 Reasons Warren Beatty Didn't Bed 13K Women

Biographer's hypothesis also doesn't take into account squash

(Newser) - When the Slate staff discussed the topic of Warren Beatty potentially sleeping with 12,775 women , as biographer Peter Biskind asserts, “most of the men present found Biskind's number preposterous. Several women, though, argued it might be feasible. Interpret that, dear reader, as you will,” writes Nathan Heller....

Bio: Beatty Bedded 13K Women

Tally doesn't include daytime quickies, says author

(Newser) - Who knew such a thing was even possible? Warren Beatty, 72, can boast bedding a whopping 13,000 women, claims a new biography about the now presumably happily married pop of (at least) four children. The aging lothario slept with "12,775 women, give or take, a figure that...

Liz Taylor: The First Paparazzi Magnet
 Liz Taylor: 
 The First 

Liz Taylor: The First Paparazzi Magnet

New biography offers a 'yummy' look at the actress who truly mastered fame

(Newser) - Elizabeth Taylor, whose affair with Eddie Fisher was more scandalous than the Brad-Jen-Angelina triangle can ever hope to be, is “a pioneer for the Madonnas and Lindsay Lohans of today, women whose personal lives occupy more of the public imagination than does their creative work,” writes Laura Miller...

At Heart of Marilyn's Fall, a 'Very Sick Girl'

Monroe's life, death explored in another tell-all, but there's still no 'external villain'

(Newser) - J. Randy Taraborrelli’s new 541-page biography, The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe, doesn’t really deliver on promises of “explosive,” “revelatory” discoveries—at least, “not to a Marilyn obsessive like myself,” writes Lori Leibovich for DoubleX. “Instead, there is the deepening of the...

Tomb May Hold Key to Shakespeare

Sarcophagus may hold manuscripts tying Bard to another writer

(Newser) - A 17th-century tomb might hold the key to the enduring mystery of William Shakespeare's identity, the Daily Telegraph reports, and researchers are hoping to take a peek inside. A scan found that the ornate sarcophagus, built at an English church by Shakespeare contemporary and fellow scribe Fulke Greville, contains three...

New Book Reveals Queen Mum's Secret Interviews

(Newser) - The Queen Mum, Queen Elizabeth II's mother, gave just one interview at age 22 and guarded her privacy the rest of her long life. But a new official biography, published next month, draws on hours of interviews she secretly gave to a school headmaster. As the Telegraph reports, the book...

Jackie Told Docs to Pull Plug on Lover RFK: Book

(Newser) - Jacqueline Kennedy’s four-year love affair with RFK was so intense that it was she, rather than his wife, who made the decision to turn off his life support after he was shot, according to Bobby and Jackie: A Love Story, which hits shelves this month. The New York Post...

'We Were Just Pawns:' Lynndie England

(Newser) - Lynndie England is trying to rebuild some semblance of a normal life, but her past continues to haunt her, she tells the AP. “It’s my face that's always recognized,” the former Army Reservist and poster child for Abu Ghraib abuse said of trying to get a job—...

Jackie, Bobby Had Affair: Book
 Jackie, Bobby Had Affair: Book 

Jackie, Bobby Had Affair: Book

Neighbors claim to have seen frisking; experts decry

(Newser) - Jackie Kennedy turned to the arms of brother-in-law Bobby after John F. Kennedy’s assassination—or so a Kennedy biographer claims in Bobby and Jackie: A Love Story, out July 14. C. David Heymann alluded to such claims in two previous books, the New York Daily News reports, but Kennedy...

Words Failed Kennedy on Chappaquiddick

Senator invited Kopechne's parents over, couldn't talk

(Newser) - Though he longed to tell Mary Jo Kopechne’s parents about the 1969 accident that killed their daughter, Ted Kennedy couldn’t find the words on two occasions when he invited them into his home, a new book on the senator says. “When the time came, after plenty of...

Bio Details Swayze's Cancer Fight

It was almost too late before actor visited doctor

(Newser) - Patrick Swayze’s first inkling that something was wrong came while sipping champagne on New Year’s Eve 2007, reports the New York Daily News. “It was like acid on an open wound,” he recalls in a new biography out Tuesday. At the end of January 2008, after...

Newman More Hustler Than Mr. Nice Guy: Bio

Book claims 'faithful' star was boozing philanderer

(Newser) - Paul Newman’s own secret recipe was a steady diet of booze and womanizing, according to a biography of the late star obtained by the New York Post. In Paul Newman: A Life, slated to come out next month, author Shawn Levy describes the Oscar winner as a functioning alcoholic...

Bio Unmasks Astaire as Racist

Actor wouldn't donate to black workshop

(Newser) - Fred Astaire was a great dancer, but he was also a bit of a bigot. A new bio by Peter Levinson cited by the New York Post includes this anecdote: Solicited for a donation to a program developing young black writers, Astaire responded, “Whatever gave you the impression that...

Steinbrenner Inadvertently Paid for Kerrigan Hit: Book

Yankee owner was Tonya Harding's patron

(Newser) - Tonya Harding paid for the notorious attack on Nancy Kerrigan in part with George Steinbrenner’s money, according to George, a new Steinbrenner biography. The Boss was a major patron of young Olympians, including Harding, according to the book, and some of his donations funded “the hit.”

Bio Sheds Light on Palin's 'Secret Pregnancy'

Guv nearly outed herself to daughters

(Newser) - Sarah Palin kept her pregnancy with son Trig a secret from her girls until late in the game—but almost outed herself when one of her daughters found an ultrasound scan, People reports. This and other tidbits are revealed in Trailblazer, an unauthorized biography of the guv out tomorrow:
  • Palin

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