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Year Later, John McAfee's Body Still in Morgue

That's where it's been as legal battle between family, Spanish officials continues

(Newser) - The fight over what happened to John McAfee continues, and his body remains in limbo in a Spanish morgue in the interim. The 75-year-old, who developed the first commercial anti-virus software, was found dead last June in a Barcelona-area prison cell, and authorities claimed it was a death by suicide....

Report Sheds New Light on McAfee Death

Prison source tells Reuters that McAfee tried to kill himself in February, was placed on suicide watch

(Newser) - John McAfee's widow says she doesn't believe he took his own life in a Spanish prison last month, but the software entrepreneur's own attorney says his death was a suicide , and that's how authorities believe he died. Now, a prison system source bolsters that theory, telling...

McAfee's Widow Reveals Last Words to Her, Demands Probe

Janice McAfee says final conversation didn't sound like a man who was suicidal

(Newser) - The widow of John McAfee, the British-American tycoon who died in a Spanish prison this week while awaiting extradition to the US, on Friday demanded a "thorough investigation" of his death, saying her husband didn't appear suicidal when they last spoke. Authorities in Spain are conducting an autopsy...

John McAfee's Suicide Tweets Spark Conspiracy Theories

As software mogul's lawyer confirms that is how he died

(Newser) - John McAfee's lawyer has confirmed what was originally suspected when the antivirus software pioneer was found dead in his Spanish prison cell : McAfee, 75, died by suicide. According to his lawyer, McAfee hanged himself, Reuters reports. But, as the New York Post reports, months-old tweets from the prolific social...

John McAfee Found Dead After Extradition Ruling

Spanish authorities say 'everything points to death by suicide'

(Newser) - On Wednesday, Spain's National Court ruled that John McAfee could be extradited to the US to stand trial on criminal tax evasion charges. Hours later, the antivirus software pioneer was found dead in his prison cell. The Catalan justice department confirmed that the 75-year-old had been found unresponsive in...

John McAfee Arrested on Tax Evasion Charges

Antivirus pioneer taken into custody in Spain, faces extradition to US

(Newser) - Antivirus software pioneer John McAfee was arrested in Spain on Monday and indicted for tax evasion and fraud, charges for which he faces extradition to the US. McAfee has had what TechCrunch refers to as a "wild ride," with the Verge noting he's "had a contentious...

Libertarians Pick Their Nominee

2012 nominee Gary Johnson gets another shot as third-party candidate

(Newser) - The Libertarian Party has nominated former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson as its presidential candidate, and if his name rings a bell, that's because he was the party's nominee in 2012, reports the AP . Delegates to the party's convention in Orlando on Sunday picked Johnson on the...

Latest to Join 2016 Scrum for President: John McAfee

He's founding his own party, the Cyber Party, obviously

(Newser) - A familiar face, but a new one to politics, is running for the nation's nuclear codes. John McAfee, best known for his antivirus software, has filed the necessary paperwork with the Federal Election Commission to run for president, and he tells CNNMoney he'll be founding a new party...

John McAfee's Bizarre Life on the Run

Software pioneer might as well be in a spy novel: Jon Swartz

(Newser) - John McAfee is leading a relatively public life—he's often on Fox, and he's running a Montreal-based startup—even as he lives in hiding. The software developer believes there's a $650,000 contract on his head, though that's down from $2 million, he tells Jon Swartz...

So Long, John: Intel Dumps McAfee Name

Plus another announcement from Intel's CES keynote

(Newser) - It seems Intel has decided to put a little distance between itself and John McAfee, founder of the Intel-owned McAfee antivirus software. After a troubled year for the millionaire, Intel took to this year's Consumer Electronics Show to announce it will be immediately swapping the McAfee brand name with...

Yet More Trouble for John McAfee

Building manager gets protective order against him

(Newser) - John McAfee just can't seem to stay out of trouble. After fleeing Belize (where he was wanted as part of a murder investigation) and returning to the US, the antivirus software pioneer has now run into trouble in Portland. His building manager won a "stalking protective order" against...

John McAfee Is Back With NSA-Thwarting Gizmo

Murder suspect at large unveils plans for 'Decentral'

(Newser) - If John McAfee's latest tech venture is a hit, the US government might regret letting him flee Belize. The antivirus tycoon-turned-fugitive unveiled plans to create and market a pocket-sized device that would thwart the NSA's surveillance efforts at an event this weekend in San Jose, the Mercury News...

McAfee in Miami: I Faked Illness

Antivirus guru says he 'played crazy card'

(Newser) - John McAfee is back in the US , regaling ABC News with his latest adventures. After he arrived in Miami, he was met by several officers. "I said, 'Am I arrested?' They said, 'No, sir, I am here to help you.' That felt the best of all,...

McAfee Released, Heading to US
 in US 

McAfee Released, Arrives in US

Flies from Guatemala to Miami

(Newser) - John McAfee might get out of this yet: He arrived back in the US tonight after being freed from a Guatemalan detention facility , reports AP . His plane touched down in Miami, though it's not clear where he goes next. "I've been running through jungles and rivers and...

Guatemala Orders Release of John McAfee

Tycoon has 10 days to resolve his status, hopes to return to US

(Newser) - Looks like there may not be a trial in McAfee's future: A judge has ordered John McAfee freed from a Guatemalan detention center, a lawyer for the colorful antivirus tycoon says. The lawyer says that the judge has declared McAfee's detention illegal and given him 10 days to...

John McAfee Sells Rights for 'Honest' Biopic

Anti-virus pioneer cuts deal with Montreal company

(Newser) - Still stuck in Guatemala on the heels of a nervous breakdown , John McAfee has at least one thing going for him: a movie deal. The anti-virus pioneer has sold the rights to his life story to Impact Future Media, a Montreal-based company that's now seeking partners and investors for...

McAfee's New Plan: Go to US
 McAfee's New Plan: Go to US 

McAfee's New Plan: Go to US

Anti-virus pioneer fighting extradition to Belize

(Newser) - John McAfee's request for political asylum in Guatemala was rejected, so he has a new plan: Return to the United States. "America is my home. It’s where I was raised," he said last night during an online press conference. "I simply would like to live...

Tests: McAfee Had Nervous Breakdown, Not Heart Attack

Lawyers appeal to Supreme Court, seeking to prevent return to Belize

(Newser) - John McAfee is back in a Guatemalan immigration detention center, awaiting extradition to Belize, after medical tests showed he did not have a heart attack yesterday , but rather a nervous breakdown, reports CNN . Guatemalan officials turned down McAfee's bid for asylum, but his lawyers have filed a bid with...

McAfee Hospitalized After Heart Attacks: Lawyer

It happens just before he was to be deported to Belize

(Newser) - The John McAfee drama isn't ending with his arrest. The tech-guru-turned-fugitive has been hospitalized in Guatemala after suffering what his lawyer describes as two mild heart attacks, reports Reuters . McAfee himself tells AP it was just chest pain. Either way, the hospitalization comes as Guatemalan authorities prepare to deport...

John McAfee Nabbed in Guatemala

Software pioneer to be expelled to Belize: officials

(Newser) - OK, this time it's for real: Software designer John McAfee illegally entered Guatemala hoping for political asylum—instead he's been arrested by Guatemalan police, who plan to send him back to Belize. He should be back in Belize this morning, a Guatemalan government spokesman says. But McAfee's...

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