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He Fell 47 Stories and Lived—and He Still Isn't Sure How

Alcides Moreno says he survived to raise his new son

(Newser) - Some say the window washing platform surfed the air. Others, including a rep for the New York City Fire Department, suspect "a higher hand was in control." Even Alcides Moreno isn't sure how he survived a 47-story fall from Manhattan's Solow Building on Dec. 7, 2007....

How Window Washer Survived His 11-Story Fall

Car he hit acted as a shock absorber; victim still in critical condition

(Newser) - A 58-year-old window washer who fell 11 stories from a building onto a moving car is "fighting for his life" and opens his eyes when relatives speak to him, says his family. The man's name and hometown have not been released. "We are amazed that he fell...

Window Washer Falls 11 Stories—and Lives

Worker is in critical condition after hitting a moving car

(Newser) - Another window-washing story is in the news, this one scarier than the close call in New York City . In today's incident, a window washer in San Francisco's financial district fell 11 stories onto a moving car—and survived, reports the San Francisco Chronicle . Incredibly, the unidentified man was...

Why We're Still Using Window Washers

After harrowing WTC incident, can't we leave this task to the robots?

(Newser) - The #WeCanLandOnACometButWeCant hashtag has dominated Twitter since the Philae probe landed Wednesday on the 67P comet, and the New York Times now considers its own related entry: In this technologically driven day and age, why can't we farm out window washing on skyscrapers to robots instead of humans? It'...

4 Stories