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Green Buying Leads to Bad Behavior
 Green Buying Leads 
 to Bad Behavior 


Green Buying Leads to Bad Behavior

After earning 'moral credits,' subjects more likely to cheat, steal

(Newser) - The satisfaction people get from purchasing environmentally friendly products is apt to lead to other selfish, even morally repugnant decisions later, writes Rebecca Tuhus-Dubrow on Slate . It's not just the complacency that comes from thinking you've done your part for the planet, however insignificant. It's something researchers call "moral...

Best Sites for Foodies
 Best Sites for Foodies 

Best Sites for Foodies

Whether you're looking to buy, cook, or just eat, the Internet has something for you

(Newser) - Aspiring foodies have thousands of resources available to them on the Internet, and Mashable lists 15 of the best sites for buying, cooking, and eating food:
  • For locavores: Foodzie and Foodoro are online marketplaces for small, independent producers. Local Harvest connects users with farms in their area, while the Locavore

Organic Food Won't Make You Any Healthier: UK Scientists

(Newser) - Organic food has no health benefits compared to ordinary food, according to a report commissioned by the UK’s Food Standards Agency. Reseachers looked at 55 studies on the subject from the past 50 years, and concluded that the differences, where they existed, weren’t particularly significant from a public-health...

Things We Want, and Don't, in Odd Recession

Hard-times staples fall by the wayside

(Newser) - The current economic crisis is breaking the recessionary mold, Time reports, with American purchases running counter to expectations. A few surprises:
  • Soup isn’t selling. Typically, the cheap, decent food is a recession staple, but health concerns and rising prices may be driving us away from it.
  • Organic food sales

Prince Charles Milks Rocker for Royal Nibbles

Blur bassist will make 'poshest ****ing cheese in the world' for palace

(Newser) - Prince Charles is turning to an unusual source to supply cheese for the royal table, the Times of London reports: Alex James, bassist for rock band Blur. James has won awards for cheese he’s made on his farm outside London. “It will be the poshest f---ing cheese in...

'Natural' Foods Rile Up Organic Advocates

(Newser) - Americans are buying more so-called "natural" foods and angering advocates of organic, who say the distinction is a scam, the Chicago Tribune reports. The natural food market—that is, any food labeled "natural"—has spiked by 10% to $12.9 billion with cheaper-than-organic prices. But it's mostly...

'Organic' Foods May Not Be as Pure as You Think

USDA's label increasingly meaningless as agri-business pushes in

(Newser) - Demand for organic food has boomed into a $23 billion-a-year industry, but consumers who often pay twice as much for food with the coveted label aren't always getting what they expect. The criteria for obtaining a "USDA Organic" certification have been relaxed in recent years, with ostensibly organic products...

Soured Economy Spoiling Organic Milk Market

(Newser) - "Got Milk?" isn't the question organic dairy farmers want to hear these days. Consumers couldn’t get enough of organic milk three years ago, but the souring economy and glut of new-to-the-market organic farmers have spoiled sales, which are expected to drop nearly 15% this year. “We’...

Look for Black Widows in Your Grapes
Look for Black Widows
in Your Grapes

Look for Black Widows in Your Grapes

(Newser) - Spiders are hitching rides into grocery stores on organically grown grapes, and growers can't find a way to stop them, Gourmet reports. The problem is, spiders are helpful: They feast on bugs that feast on grapes, allowing growers to avoid pesticides. But stores from Boston to South Africa are...

Eat 'Real' Rather Than Organic
 Eat 'Real' Rather Than Organic 

Eat 'Real' Rather Than Organic

The o-word may not mean it's better for you

(Newser) - It seems to be a widespread assumption, but eating organic doesn’t necessarily equal healthy eating, writes Mark Bittman in the New York Times. Organic food consumption is soaring, but the organic label is part of a “marketing program.”  To be healthy and help the planet, people...

First Lady Pushes Fresh Food
 First Lady Pushes Fresh Food 

First Lady Pushes Fresh Food

From White House to food banks, Michelle Obama advocates nutrition

(Newser) - When Michelle Obama served lunch to the homeless last week in Washington, she didn't just praise the soup kitchen; she praised the menu. "We can provide this kind of healthy food for communities across the country," the first lady said of the mushroom risotto and apple-carrot muffins at...

Celeb Chef Plans Inaugural Fete
 Celeb Chef Plans Inaugural Fete 

Celeb Chef Plans Inaugural Fete

(Newser) - Alice Waters is heading to Washington, and the inauguration eve dinner prepared by one of the country's highest-profile chefs is one of the capital’s hottest tickets, the Huffington Post reports. The Chez Panisse founder says she hopes the event will highlight her advocacy of local food and communal eating....

Whole Foods' Labels Tell Half the Story
 Whole Foods' Labels 
 Tell Half the Story 

Whole Foods' Labels Tell Half the Story

Food chain's labels don't provide enough information about allergens

(Newser) - Eat, drink, and be wary, chocolate lovers: Whole Foods may not be telling you the whole story about its premium chocolate bars, reports the Chicago Tribune. In an investigation into product labels that promised “good manufacturing practices.” the Trib found that the supermarket chain’s chocolate bars contained...

Food Prices Boom, But Organic Still Sells

Despite rising consumer prices, revenues should reach $33B in 2008

(Newser) - Sales of pricey organic foods have remained strong despite rising food prices, proving organic naysayers wrong, Meredith Niles blogs in Grist. In fact the organics industry has enjoyed double-digit growth since 2005, and while it may not achieve such impressive numbers this year, the trend suggests that consumers are happy...

Chefs Going Underground to Test Limits

Covert, communal dining catching on, to health officials' chagrin

(Newser) - Across the country, stealthy foodies are dropping coin and risking, if not imprisonment, then a strong reprimand, to dine at so-called “underground restaurants,” the New York Times reports. Intrepid chefs are experimenting with creative recipes in communal settings, skipping from apartment to apartment, often just steps ahead of...

Beware the Word 'Natural.' It Means Nothing
Beware the
Word 'Natural.' 
It Means Nothing

Beware the Word 'Natural.' It Means Nothing

The FDA won't define it, so it can be, and is, slapped on anything

(Newser) - "Is that natural artificial yellow coloring?" asks Barry Estabrook in Gourmet. Absurd as the question sounds, it's not, given that the Food and Drug Administration "can't be bothered to define the term at all." Eager to get on the "natural" bandwagon, manufacturers are "shamelessly slapping...

Struggling Whole Foods Pushes Cheaper Image

Chain's 'Whole Paycheck' nickname becomes albatross in downturn

(Newser) - Whole Foods is attempting to lose its reputation for high prices as shoppers increasingly look for thrift, the New York Times reports. The economic slump has changed shopping patterns: A July survey estimated that 20% of US shoppers have switched to cheaper grocery stores. Whole Foods has cut prices and...

Agricultural Economist Has Growing Concerns

The insanity of farm subsidies just one facet of wide-ranging Q&A with Daniel Sumner

(Newser) - Is there any way to justify US farm subsidies? Agricultural economist Daniel Sumner has a blunt answer: “No.” In an in-depth interview with the New York Times, Sumner takes on a broad range of agricultural topics, explaining the trouble with organic food (it’s too expensive), the problems...

Forget the Farmers Market: Buy the Farm

21st century-style 'sharecropping' takes root nationwide

(Newser) - Consumers wanting food straight from the source are buying up shares of farms in growing numbers, the New York Times reports. For a set annual fee, shareholders buy access to the land and a guaranteed share of the harvest income. The number of community-supported farms in America has mushroomed from...

A Different Kind of Apple for iPhone Waiters

Sustainable agriculture group heads queue for new phone release

(Newser) - The countdown is on ahead of Friday's release of the iPhone 3G, and a handful of buyers are waiting outside Apple's flagship New York store. But they’re not diehard fans—they’re activists hoping to promote sustainable agriculture by breaking a world record. The Waiting for Apples group queued...

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