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In Graceland Scam, Identity Thief Steps Forward

Plot using faked documents 'didn't succeed very well,' individual tells 'NYT'

(Newser) - An alleged identity thief claims to be behind the attempted foreclosure auction of Elvis Presley's beloved home, Graceland. "We figure out how to steal," the individual wrote in an email to the New York Times . "That's what we do." The Times had sent questions...

Lender Drops Foreclosure Claim on Graceland Amid Suspicion

There are indications loan signature was fraudulent

(Newser) - The lending company that planned to auction off Graceland, Elvis Presley's former mansion and burial place, is withdrawing all claims to the property after allegations of fraud, per Reuters . Naussany Investments and Private Lending sought a public auction of the iconic Memphis property, claiming previous owner Lisa Marie Presley...

Tennessee Judge Blocks Foreclosure Sale of Graceland

Temporary injunction means no one is buying the King's old digs on Thursday

(Newser) - A Tennessee judge on Wednesday blocked the auction of Graceland, the iconic former home of Elvis Presley, by a company that claimed his estate failed to repay a loan that used the property as collateral. As the AP reports, Shelby County Chancellor JoeDae Jenkins issued a temporary injunction against the...

Graceland Set to Go on Auction Block; Elvis' Heir Isn't Having It

Riley Keough wins temporary restraining order against public auction of the King's iconic home

(Newser) - Instead of going to Graceland, you could have been buying Graceland on Thursday, if a private investment firm had its way. As the Guardian reports, Naussany Investments & Private Lending had sought a public auction of the iconic and much-visited home of Elvis Presley, but the King's granddaughter and...

Musical Service Honors Lisa Marie Presley

In a poem, daughter wrote of her mother as 'The Old Soul'

(Newser) - Lisa Marie Presley, a singer, songwriter, and the daughter of Elvis Presley, was remembered during a funeral service Sunday as a loving mother and an "old soul" who endured tragedy but persevered as a dedicated protector of her father's legacy as a rock 'n' roll pioneer and...

Presley's Autopsy Wraps Up With a Question Mark

Cause of death is still undetermined; public memorial service is planned

(Newser) - An autopsy has failed to reveal a cause of death for Lisa Marie Presley, who died last week at age 54 . "The cause of death was deferred," meaning that "after an autopsy, a cause of death has not been determined and the medical examiner is requesting more...

Lisa Marie Presley to Be Buried at Graceland

Interment will be alongside her son and near her father

(Newser) - Lisa Marie Presley will be buried at Graceland, alongside her son and near her father. The site at the Memphis mansion is "next to her beloved son Ben," who died in 2020, a family representative told Yahoo Entertainment . The graves of her father, Elvis; grandparents, Vernon and Gladys,...

The Presleys Say Goodbye to One Who Took His Life

Benjamin Keough died by suicide in July

(Newser) - The grandson of Elvis Presley has been buried alongside his relatives at Graceland. Graceland officials said in a statement that Benjamin Storm Presley Keough has been laid to rest in the Meditation Garden at Elvis Presley's former home, which is a museum and a tourist attraction in Memphis, the...

Graceland Hit With BLM Graffiti
Graceland Hit
With BLM Graffiti

Graceland Hit With BLM Graffiti

Elvis' stepbrother says it was 'totally uncalled for'

(Newser) - Messages of Black Lives Matter and "Defund the Police" were spray painted on several tourist attractions in Tennessee on Monday night, including Graceland, the Elvis Presley estate, authorities says. The graffiti phrases were found Tuesday morning outside Graceland, the Levitt Shell Amphitheater in Overton Park, and the “I...

Man Says He Threw Dead Wife Into River After Graceland Trip

Philip Snider's story has changed several times

(Newser) - A Hartville, Ohio, man says his sickly wife was bent on seeing Graceland before she died, and so Philip and Roberta Snider set off for Memphis on Jan. 4. According to Philip Snider, the journey proved too much for his wife, and she died in a hotel parking lot . But...

Police Probe Man's Claim That Wife Died on Graceland Visit

Authorities in Tennessee have no record of her body

(Newser) - Police in Ohio are investigating what happened to a woman who went with her husband to see Elvis Presley's Graceland, the AP reports. The woman's husband told police in Hartville that they were in Memphis, Tennessee, just over a week ago when she died in a hotel parking...

New $28.75 Charge for Elvis Vigil Riles Fans

Annual event at Graceland used to be free

(Newser) - For nearly four decades, fans of Elvis Presley have made a solemn procession past his grave at his Graceland during the annual candlelight vigil commemorating his death, without paying a penny. This year, on the 40th anniversary of his death, it cost them $28.75. Many fans were not happy....

Elvis Tomb to Be Auctioned
 Elvis Tomb to Be Auctioned 

Elvis Tomb to Be Auctioned

Presley's body spent 2 months in Memphis crypt

(Newser) - Elvis has left the crypt—and now there's room for a fan. A crypt in a private Memphis mausoleum where Elvis Presley was briefly entombed after his death in 1977 will be auctioned off next month, reports E! Online . The bodies of Elvis and his mother, Gladys, spent about...

Elvis Wrote Note to Dead Mom in Bible

He also apparently owed his uncle some money

(Newser) - In 1959, the year after she died, one Elvis Aaron Presley scrawled a note to his mother in a Bible: “I love ya mama,” wrote the King, who then signed his name and listed relatives' birthdays. Elvis also noted that he owed an uncle money, the Daily Telegraph...

Priscilla: Elvis Would Be Singing Gospel Now
 Elvis Would 
 Be Singing 
 Gospel Now 
happy 75th birthday

Priscilla: Elvis Would Be Singing Gospel Now

She says even he would be amazed at Elvis-mania

(Newser) - If Elvis Presley were alive to celebrate his 75th birthday today, he'd probably be singing gospel, says former wife Priscilla. "That's where his roots began and would probably end," she tells the Memphis Commercial Appeal. But even he'd be shocked at Elvis-mania: "Never in his life would...

Elvis, Priscilla Barbies Wed
 Elvis, Priscilla Barbies Wed

Elvis, Priscilla Barbies Wed

Graceland signs off on Mattel collectibles

(Newser) - Elvis and Priscilla Presley wedding day Barbies are the latest in King kitsch, the AP reports. The $65 boxed set, released yesterday, draws on the couple’s 1967 wedding photo—groom in paisley, bride in tiara. One fan paid $6,800 for a pair of dolls signed by Priscilla, while...

Elvis Fans Offer Burning Love
Elvis Fans Offer Burning Love

Elvis Fans Offer Burning Love

Fans around the world pay tribute, cough up cash to honor the King

(Newser) - Elvis fans braved 100-degree heat to make the pilgrimage to Graceland for the 30th anniversary of the King's death, lining up last night for a candlelight vigil and chance to pay their respects. Tens of thousands were expected to file past the grave and snap up commemorative T-shirts.

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