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Kid Rock's Journey From Party Anthems to Fox News
Kid Rock's Journey From
Party Anthems to Fox News

Kid Rock's Journey From Party Anthems to Fox News

Rolling Stone's David Peisner has a theory on why the rapper has gone full MAGA

(Newser) - When Rolling Stone's David Peisner set out to learn how Kid Rock went from a fedora-wearing rapper with rock-infused party anthems to a regular on Fox News, nearly a year passed before the performer, whose real name is Bob Ritchie, agreed to speak with him. Peisner weaves this strange...

Kid Rock's Latest Beverage Choice Causes a Stir

Singer spotted sipping Bud Light months after he shot up cases of it in Dylan Mulvaney protest

(Newser) - Back in April, Kid Rock posted a rather to-the-point video of himself shooting up cases of Bud Light—declaring in no uncertain terms, "F--- Bud Light and f--- Anheuser-Busch"—amid the Dylan Mulvaney transgender brouhaha . Here in August, the singer/rapper was spotted swilling a Bud Light at a...

Now Threatened With Bud Light-Related Boycott: Garth Brooks
Now Threatened by
Bud Light Boycott:
Garth Brooks

Now Threatened by Bud Light Boycott: Garth Brooks

Country star says his Nashville bar will sell every beer

(Newser) - The latest to be threatened with a boycott related to LGBTQ+ issues is Garth Brooks. The country singer is opening the Friends in Low Places Bar & Honky Tonk in Nashville's South Broadway district this summer, and in an interview with Billboard last week, he said, "If you’...

Kid Rock: 'I'm Uncancelable'
Kid Rock: Trump Asked
Me About North Korea

Kid Rock: Trump Asked Me About North Korea

The singer says he stayed in his lane, however

(Newser) - Update: Kid Rock's full interview with Tucker Carlson aired Monday night, and the singer said then-President Trump once asked for some foreign policy advice, per the Guardian . When Kid Rock was visiting the White House, he said Trump asked, "'What do you think we should do about...

New Kid Rock Song Slams Fauci, Embraces 'Big Don'

'We the People' also features the 'Let's Go Brandon' chant

(Newser) - Kid Rock rattles off a long list of grievances in a newly released song—vaccines, President Biden, Anthony Fauci, lockdowns, Facebook, the media, Twitter, TMZ, and Black Lives Matter among them in "We the People." (Note: There are lots of expletives in that video.) One sample line:...

Kid Rock Is Not Sorry for Homophobic Slur

Rocker used the slur again in tweet about the issue

(Newser) - Kid Rock came under fire for using a homophobic slur while performing at a Tennessee bar over the weekend, but the rocker does not appear to be apologetic about it. "If Kid Rock using the word [slur redacted] offends you, good chance you are one," he tweeted Wednesday....

Loretta Lynn Clarifies Kid Rock Marriage Rumors

It was all a good-hearted joke

(Newser) - So, did Loretta Lynn and Kid Rock really tie the knot over the weekend? Turns out ... no. The 88-year-old Lynn, who jokingly hinted on Facebook on Sunday that they'd done just that at her son and daughter-in-law's vow renewal ceremony, clarified on Monday that the pair of good...

Kid Rock Helped Off Stage After Tirade

The singer-songwriter insults Oprah Winfrey, Joy Behar, and Kathie Lee Gifford

(Newser) - Warning: This story includes words uttered by Kid Rock. The singer-songwriter has yet again spewed vitriol at female celebrities, this time onstage at Kid Rock’s Big Ass Honky Tonk Rock N' Roll Steakhouse in Nashville. "F--k Oprah!" he shouted earlier this week while "clearly intoxicated,"...

Kid Rock Accuses Taylor Swift of 'Oldest Move in the Book'

Makes crude reference in online political attack against Swift, who he says 'wants to be a Democrat'

(Newser) - Kid Rock is picking a fight with Taylor Swift, and it's political, with a "twisted oral sex remark" thrown in for good measure, TMZ reports. On Friday, the 48-year-old singer posted a tweet that was immediately called misogynistic and abusive . "Taylor Swift wants to be a democrat...

Borat Claims New Victim: Pam Anderson, Kid Rock's Marriage

Sacha Baron Cohen says his movie, which Anderson co-starred in, did the couple in

(Newser) - The reasons why couples split up are often a complicated mixture of daily irritations and larger issues, but for Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock, there was one main impetus: Borat, USA Today reports. That's according to Sacha Baron Cohen, who appeared on an installment of the Daily Beast's...

Kid Rock Pays Off Strangers' Layaway Balances

Musician follows Tyler Perry's lead in generosity

(Newser) - Tyler Perry may have started a celebrity trend, and it's a pretty good one. After Perry paid off the layaway balances of Walmart customers in Atlanta, Kid Rock decided he'd do the same in Nashville. The musician gave $81,000 to his local store, enough to wipe out...

Nashville Mayor: It's Either Kid Rock or Me

The mayor may skip the city's Christmas parade

(Newser) - A Kid Rock interview on Fox & Friends has roiled Nashville's Christmas parade. The city's mayor might be a no-show at the parade if the singer serves as grand marshal, the AP reports. A spokesman for Mayor David Briley says Kid Rock's comments about The View host...

Kid Rock Shoots Down Senate Rumors With Lots of Profanity

'F--- no, I'm not running'

(Newser) - He hinted at it for months , even causing some Democrats to worry ... but it turns out Kid Rock is not, in fact, running for Senate. Or, to be more specific, "F--- no, I'm not running for Senate," as the rocker put it himself on Howard Stern's...

Kid Rock: If I Run, It's 'Game On'
Kid Rock: If I Run, It's 'Game On'

Kid Rock: If I Run, It's 'Game On'

But at the moment he's more concerned with voter registration

(Newser) - "It's game on mthrfkers." Not the likeliest slogan for a political campaign, but there you have it. No, Kid Rock isn't saying he's actually running for the US Senate ... but he is saying that, were he to run, it would be a campaign like none...

Democrats Not Taking Kid Rock Senate Run Lightly

Schumer: 'We can't afford to take this tweet as a joke'

(Newser) - Kid Rock has announced on Twitter that he’ll be throwing his fedora in the ring for Michigan’s 2018 senate seat. While some find his bid to be “ pimp of the nation ” humorous, Democrats are not discounting the rocker. CNN reports that Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Minority...

Kid Rock Hints at 'Major Announcement'

Suggests he may be planning Senate run

(Newser) - Is America ready for Senator Rock? Kid Rock strongly hinted Wednesday that he's planning a run for the US Senate from his home state of Michigan for the 2018 election, reports USA Today . The rocker—whose real name is Robert Ritchie— tweeted that the website is real...

Trump's Dinner Companions: Nugent, Kid Rock, Palin

Ted Nugent says he met with Trump to 'make America great again'

(Newser) - President Trump assembled a motley crew (though surprisingly no members of Mötley Crüe) for dinner on Wednesday. Time reports the president was visited by a trio of famous supporters: Ted Nugent, Kid Rock, and Sarah Palin, who posed with Trump in the Oval Office and mugged in front...

Kid Rock's Assistant Killed in Crash at Singer's House

He was driving an ATV

(Newser) - Kid Rock's assistant was killed in an ATV accident at a suburban Nashville property belonging to the singer, reports the AP . The Tennessean reports that 30-year-old Michael Sacha was found lying face down on the side of a driveway of Rock's White Creek house early Monda. Nashville Fire...

Azealia Banks, Kid Rock, Adele All Talk Trump

One of the above actually supports him

(Newser) - Three celebrities have weighed in on the 2016 presidential candidates ... well, mostly Donald Trump:
  • Azealia Banks went on quite a rant Sunday night on Twitter , and though the rapper started off by saying she'd be voting Trump, the whole thing ended up being satire, Salon reports. Sample tweets : "

Group Pressures GM to Drop Kid Rock Over Confederate Flag

Automaker will meet with his critics this week

(Newser) - General Motors said today it will continue to sponsor Kid Rock's summer concert tour, despite concerns raised by a civil rights group over his support of the Confederate flag. Members of the National Action Network and its Detroit chapter president will meet Thursday with representatives from GM's Chevrolet...

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