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The Possibility of Nuclear War Should Inform Your Vote

George F. Will on what Annie Jacobsen's new book teaches us

(Newser) - George F. Will has read Annie Jacobsen's new book— Nuclear War: A Scenario —so you don't have to. But his top-level summary of it does leave you with an ask: Think carefully about who you vote to put in the White House this November. (You might also...

She's Democrats' Best Hope in 2020
Here's the Democrats'
Best Hope to Beat Trump

Here's the Democrats' Best Hope to Beat Trump

Sen. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota is the smart choice, writes George Will

(Newser) - Amy Klobuchar isn't among the early Democratic candidates for 2020, but George Will writes in the Washington Post that the Minnesota senator might be her party's smartest choice. "Klobuchar is the person perhaps best equipped to send the current president packing," Will writes in the op-ed....

Conservative George Will's Push: Vote Dems in Midterms

Columnist rips on Paul Ryan, 'louts' Stephen Miller and Corey Lewandowski

(Newser) - George Will quit the Republican Party two years ago due to Donald Trump's candidacy. Now the conservative columnist is pushing a new strategy: to topple the GOP in the midterms. In a Washington Post op-ed with the explicit title "Vote Against the GOP in November," Will cites...

George Will Quits GOP Over Trump

The conservative columnist says it's not 'his party' anymore

(Newser) - Longtime conservative columnist and commentator George Will announced Friday he's leaving the Republican Party over Donald Trump. “This is not my party," USA Today quotes Will as saying. The Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post columnist officially changed his Maryland registration to "unaffiliated." The Huffington Post reports...

Bob Corker Is 'Senator to Watch'
 Bob Corker 
 Is 'Senator 
 to Watch' 

Bob Corker Is 'Senator to Watch'

Tennessee Republican will play a big role in foreign policy decisions

(Newser) - With Republicans about to get to work in the Senate with their new majority, George Will of the Washington Post singles out Tennessee's Bob Corker as the perhaps the most important senator in the coming year. The reason has nothing to do with the 2016 presidential race: Will is...

Lie of the Year: Overblown Ebola Claims

Americans' concern about disease has wildly fluctuated

(Newser) - When Americans learned about the Ebola outbreak in March, they weren't too concerned; then, "from August to October, it was the apocalypse," a researcher tells Politifact . Now, they say it was "overhyped," he notes. Indeed, when a US health worker arrived for treatment in the...

Romney to Clinch Nomination Today

As Texas votes, Mitt heads for Trump fundraiser

(Newser) - A year to the week after launching his campaign, Mitt Romney is poised to make history by securing his place as the first major-party Mormon presidential nominee, reports the Washington Post . Unless Ron Paul pulls off an incredible upset in his home state, Texas will push Romney over the 1,...

Gingrich: 'CNN Is Less Biased Than Fox'

Newt claims Fox News has been shilling for Romney all along

(Newser) - Newt Gingrich is not happy with his former employer , Fox News, which he accused yesterday of backing Mitt Romney since the beginning of the Republican nomination race. "Callista and I both believe CNN is less biased than Fox this year," he said at a private meeting of Delaware...

George Will: Obama Is Probably Going to Win

Republicans should focus on controlling Congress, he writes

(Newser) - Conservative columnist George Will sizes up Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum's chances of winning the presidency and offers this up to Republicans: Hey, there's always 2016. Politico got a sneak peek at Will's Sunday column, in which he argues that Republicans are probably going to lose the...

George Will Really Doesn't Like Mitt Romney

Conservatism has sunk to this? he asks

(Newser) - George Will's Sunday column in the Washington Post isn't out yet, but Politico's Playbook has an early snippet that makes clear it won't be welcome reading in the Mitt Romney household. He calls Romney a "recidivist reviser of his principles who is not only becoming...

Rick Santorum Could Be GOP's Savior
 Rick Santorum 
 Could Be GOP's Savior 
George Will

Rick Santorum Could Be GOP's Savior

George Will: Nobody can energize social conservatives better

(Newser) - Rick Santorum will probably run for president in 2012, and George Will sounds pretty happy about it. With his focus on social issues—he's "passionately right-to-life and dedicated to trying to reform today's abortion culture"—Santorum might be the perfect candidate to energize social conservatives (who are "...

Mike Pence in 2012? Conservatives Love It
Mike Pence in 2012?
Conservatives Love It
George Will

Mike Pence in 2012? Conservatives Love It

George Will: The Indiana congressman deserves a serious look

(Newser) - George Will gives a glowing recap today of Mike Pence's conservative bona fides and suggests the Indiana congressman would make a fine candidate for the Oval Office in 2012. Throughout his six terms, Pence has opposed big-government initiatives such as TARP and the stimulus bill and all manners of "...

Populism Never Wins the White House

 Wins the 
 White House 

Populism Never Wins the White House

It's not Palin's fault she's just a media spectacle: George F. Will

(Newser) - Once upon a time, George F. Will writes, a maverick Arizona senator ran for president with “a running mate most Americans had never heard of and who had negligible experience pertinent to the presidency.” That was 1964, the candidate was Barry Goldwater, and his VP choice was Bill...

Stop Lefty Thugs Bullying Gay Marriage Opponents
Stop Lefty Thugs Bullying Gay Marriage Opponents

Stop Lefty Thugs Bullying Gay Marriage Opponents

Supreme Court must step in to keep chill off participation

(Newser) - A movement in Washington state to force the disclosure of the names of those who supported a referendum on same-sex marriage has George Will up in arms over “thuggish liberalism” and its chilling effect on political participation. Signing one’s name in support of such a measure is akin...

Drug Czar Needs to Look Beyond Worthless Laws
 Drug Czar Needs 
 to Look Beyond 
 Worthless Laws  


Drug Czar Needs to Look Beyond Worthless Laws

Enforcement doesn't work, but there is hope elsewhere

(Newser) - In a chat with new czar Gil Kerlikowske, George Will notes that the war on drugs, as it has been waged, is an utter failure. Harsh drug laws have done nothing to reduce drug-taking, he writes, and incarcerating drug users is looking more and more wasteful to strapped states. “...

Logical, Ethical Lapses Beset Washington Post
Logical, Ethical Lapses Beset Washington Post
media rare

Logical, Ethical Lapses Beset Washington Post

Op-ed page woes spread to editorial on Nobel Peace Prize

(Newser) - The next-to-last straw was the Washington Post editorial saying Neda Agha Soltan should have won the Nobel Peace Prize, which isn't awarded posthumously. The last straw was today's op-ed raising—but not bothering to answer—the question of whether President Obama can even accept the honor without violating the Constitution....

Newt: Obama School Speech 'Good for America'
 Newt: Obama 
 School Speech 
 'Good for America' 


Newt: Obama School Speech 'Good for America'

Dean: green jobs czar 'brought down'; CDC chief warns of swine flu challenges

(Newser) - Who says bipartisanship in Washington is dead? Today, top Republicans sided with President Obama on both his planned speech to schoolchildren and his strategy in Afghanistan, Politico reports. On Fox News Sunday, Newt Gingrich called Obama’s Tuesday speech “good for America.” On Afghanistan, Tim Pawlenty rejected calls...

Kristol: George Will Is Wrong on Afghanistan

(Newser) - George Will’s call today to pull US troops out of Afghanistan is tantamount to “urging retreat and accepting defeat,” fellow conservative William Kristol blogs in the Washington Post. Will’s idea to focus mostly on offshore operations and airstrikes "doesn't sound much more engaged than US...

Climate 'Urgency' Takes a Backseat to Progress: Will

(Newser) - At their recent summit, the G8 nations vowed to cut emissions 80% ... within 41 years. That seems like a pretty lethargic response to a so-called “emergency,” but as Italy’s Silvio Berlusconi said, the effort is virtually futile while “5 billion people continue to behave as they...

Obama Shares McNamara's Fatal Flaw
 Obama Shares 
 McNamara's Fatal Flaw 

Obama Shares McNamara's Fatal Flaw

(Newser) - For some the death of Robert McNamara was the last chapter of a bygone disaster, but as George Will writes, Barack Obama and his team have more in common with the architect of Vietnam than they realize. McNamara's "eerie assuredness pervades the Washington in which he died," writes...

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