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40 Years After Stampede, 'Healing' for The Who

Band will return to Cincinnati in April

(Newser) - The Who is returning to perform in Cincinnati for the first time since 11 fans were crushed to death during a concert in 1979. "We need to go back to Cincinnati … as soon as we can," Pete Townshend announced in a WCPO documentary aired Tuesday, the 40th...

Pot Smokers at NYC Concert Ignite Wrath of Who's Daltrey

Roger Daltrey's message to attendees at Madison Square Garden on Monday: 'F--- you!'

(Newser) - The kids were not all right at The Who's Monday night concert in New York City. At least not according to singer Roger Daltrey, who ripped into fans at Madison Square Garden who decided to toke up while the band was performing, Page Six reports. In what some treated...

5 Concert Tours That Went Tragically Wrong

All of them ended with a band member's death

(Newser) - A couple canceled shows are nothing compared to the tragedies that befell these concert tours rounded up by Listverse . A sampling:
  • Blind Melon: Frontman Shannon Hoon checked into rehab for drugs after the band's second album was recorded, and doctors warned he wasn't ready to tour. But the

Stars Rock '12-12-12,' Raise $30M for Sandy

Springsteen, McCartney, Bon Jovi come together for storm relief

(Newser) - Bruce Springsteen, Jon Bon Jovi, Paul McCartney, and Kanye West were just a few of the music and screen legends who raised millions for Sandy relief last night. Appearing on TV, radio, the Web, and in movie theaters, the 12-12-12 concert had a potential audience of some 2 billion, USA ...

Who Tickets From 1979 Still Usable

Venue makes up for canceled Rhode Island show

(Newser) - If you're still fuming about a canceled Who gig in 1979, you're in luck: Your tickets to the Providence show will still work. The band is coming to the Rhode Island city for the first time in 33 years next February, and the venue—now known as the...

'Tommy' Director Ken Russell Dead at 84

 Tommy Director 
 Dead at 84 

Tommy Director Dead at 84

Ken Russell's wild films stirred 1970s controversy

(Newser) - The Oscar-nominated director of Women in Love and the Who’s Tommy has died at 84. Ken Russell’s often outrageous films provoked controversy into the 1970s; the former film, for instance, featured two male actors wrestling nude. Russell “pushed the barriers completely and got away with it sometimes...

Your Guide to the Big Game
 Your Guide to the Big Game 

Your Guide to the Big Game

From why everyone feels disrespected to who wins

(Newser) - If you’re just getting up to speed on Sunday’s Super Bowl between the New Orleans Saints and Indianapolis Colts, Jason Gay has the insider’s guide to America’s “overcooked spectacle” of an homage to ancient Rome:
  • The overarching theme is disrespect. The Saints feel it because

Worst (and Best) Super Bowl Halftime Shows

Maybe you're not excited for The Who, but it's better than Elvis Presto

(Newser) - Whether or not you're excited about the Who's Super Bowl halftime show, you know it will surely be better than some stinkers from years gone by. View some of the worst—and, for good measure, a couple of the best—in the gallery, or take a look at Peter Hartlaub's...

11 Weird Super Bowl Bets
 11 Weird Super Bowl Bets 

11 Weird Super Bowl Bets

From Kim Kardashian's booty to Pete Townshend's moves

(Newser) - The Super Bowl is about a lot more than just football, beer, and funny commercials—it also offers a chance to make some of the weirdest prop bets ever. Sam Greenspan lists 11 especially crazy ones—all of which he bet on—on 11 Points :
  • National anthem: How long will

Sorry, Super Bowl, The Who's Super Old
 Sorry, Super Bowl, 
 The Who's Super Old 

Sorry, Super Bowl, The Who's Super Old

Could CBS have picked a safer, whiter halftime act?

(Newser) - It was hard not to cringe when CBS announced that The Who would be playing the Super Bowl halftime show. “Could CBS have picked a more dated (and less diverse) act?” asks Don Hazen of AlterNet . Hazen was a big Who fan back in the day. “But that...

Who's Pete Townshend On Sex-Offender Flyers in Miami

They're mailed ahead of Super Bowl show

(Newser) - The Who will play a halftime show at the Super Bowl—a fact that residents around Sun Life Stadium in Miami know because of guitarist Pete Townshend's status as a sex offender. A child advocacy group has mailed an advisory to 1,500 homes and schools warning of Townshend's arrival....

The Who Bound for Super Bowl: Source
 The Who Bound for 
 Super Bowl: Source 
paging janet jackson

The Who Bound for Super Bowl: Source

British band will rock halftime show, says source, but NFL won't confirm

(Newser) - The Who may be joining the ranks of recent Super Bowl performers Bruce Springsteen, Paul McCartney, and Prince. A source tells Sports Illustrated the British rockers will play the Feb. 7 halftime show, but an NFL rep says only, “When we have something to announce, we’ll announce it....

8 Infamous Hotel Rooms
 8 Infamous Hotel Rooms 

8 Infamous Hotel Rooms

(Newser) - Eliot Spitzer put Washington’s Renaissance Mayflower Hotel on the map with his Ashley Dupre tryst—and before Spitzer, televangelist Jim Bakker did a similar service for Florida’s Sheraton Sand Key Resort with Jessica Hahn. Travel + Leisure takes a look at a few other famous—or infamous—hotels:...

Kennedy Center Salutes Freeman, Streisand

DC meets LA in annual cultural celebration

(Newser) - Entertainment’s elite descended on Washington last night for the 31st annual Kennedy Center Honors, this year saluting Morgan Freeman, Twyla Tharp, George Jones, Roger Daltrey, Pete Townshend, and Barbra Streisand, the Washington Post reports. They were honored by performances and speeches by a no-less star-studded roster. “It's like...

Rock on! EU May Extend Song Copyrights

Ditties from Beatles, Who, Stones at play

(Newser) - Early hits from the Beatles and the Stones are only a few years away from falling out of copyright and into the public domain, but the European Commission wants to change that and keep royalties flowing to rock stars in their golden years, reports the Times of London. Plans to...

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